Chapter 50: If you have the skills, kill me!

Ye Yu Xi coldly said, “I won’t pursue the matter of Huo Ling.”

“Master, help me beat him…..”  Huo Ling stood on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder while chirping.

“That’s great.  Miss you’re truly kind, may buddha bless you!”

When the fatty heard Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t pursue this matter, his stomach he had been holding stopped hurting.  He suddenly stood up and raised a hand, “Miss, I’ll be leaving first.”


“I didn’t move!”

The fatty’s figure suddenly stopped.  He knew that even with the speed he was most proud of, in front of Ye Yu Xi, he was just like a child.

“Did you steal those things!”  Ye Yu Xi asked in a cold voice.

The fatty stood there, not saying a thing.  The cave filled with a short silence.

After two seconds, the fatty’s mouth opened, “No!”  He suddenly ran at the cave entrance. He had been exposed, he would be a fool if he didn’t run!

The fatty suddenly speaking scared Qing’er.

Qing’er was frozen on the spot as Ye Yu Xi quickly shot out at the fatty.


The fatty’s close to two hundred pound body was slammed into the ground with a single kick from Ye Yu Xi.

“Miss, let’s talk it out, let’s talk.”  The fatty laid on the ground as his eyes quickly spun around.

Ye Yu Xi turned the dagger in her hand and tip was pointed at the fatty as she said, “Where are those things.”

“It really wasn’t me!”  The fatty revealed an aggrieved face and almost began crying.

“Master, master, it was him.  When I cam home, I saw him coming out of our home and he even stole my Spirit Grass.  I chased him here.” Huo Ling proudly stood on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder. He could finally help his master.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a smile and the killing intent around her slowly disappeared.  She winked at Qing’er beside her, “Tie this fellow up.”

“Alright young miss.  Hei, hei, little fatty.”  Qing’er evilly tied up the fatty in a large tree outside the cave.

The fatty always had Ye Yu Xi’s dagger pointed at him and he did not dare make a move.  He allowed Qing’er to tie him up into a ball.

Ye Yu Xi’s tone was cold, “I’ll give you one more chance.  As long as you tell me where those things are, you can feel a bit less pain.”

The fatty saw this and he put away the ugly look on his face.  He gave a snort, “If you have skills, kill this fat master. The items aren’t with me, you can kill me if you want.”

Ye Yu Xi found a flat rock and sat down, “Qing’er, I’ll give him to you.  Our materials are in his hands.”

Qing’er looked at the fatty tied in the tree and her stomach filled with naughty feelings, “Young miss, can I use any method I want?”

“As you wish, I just want results.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a calm voice as she turned the dagger in her palm.

“Alright.  Little fatty, elder sister will make you wish for death.”  After saying this, Qing’er squatted in front of the fatty and reached out to open the fatty’s clothes.

The fatty watched Qing’er’s movements and a sense of foreboding filled his heart.

Qing’er picked up a few blades of grass and took off the fatty’s shoes.

The grass in her hands swept over the fatty’s feet.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..Ha, ha, ha, ha, no, no more.  Ha, ha, stop, quickly stop.” The fatty could still endure in the beginning, but he couldn’t hold on after a minute.

Qing’er was having fun playing around.  She looked at the fatty that was panting with laughter, “Humph, humph, daring to steal my young miss’ things, you are really tired of living.  Today, grandmother will make you wish for death and see if you’ll still won’t talk.”

“No, no more.  Quickly stop, I, I can’t breathe.”  The fatty wanted to cry, but had no tears.  It had already been half an hour. After an entire half hour, was this girl not tired of squatting on the ground?

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