Dragon Prince Yuan


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The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings?

The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe.

Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise?

Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black.

Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.

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Dragon Prince Yuan Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1 Python and Sparrow Swallow the Dragon
Chapter 2 Genesis Runes
Chapter 3 Su Youwei
Chapter 4 The Power of Genesis Runes
Chapter 5 Qi Yue and Liu Xi
Chapter 6 The Ancestral Grounds Shrine
Chapter 7 A Mysterious Place
Chapter 8 Searching for the Eight Meridian Channels
Chapter 9 Emergence of the Eight Meridian Channels
Chapter 10 Tutelage of Destiny
Chapter 11 King Qi’s Appetite
Chapter 12 Genesis Food
Chapter 13 Unblocking the Meridian Channels
Chapter 14 Spiri
Chapter 15 Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method
Chapter 16 Digging at a Corner of the Wall
Chapter 17 Lin Feng
Chapter 18 Culture and Martial
Chapter 19 Channel Opening
Chapter 20 Genesis Technique
Chapter 21 Dragon Step, Dragon Tablet Hand
Chapter 22 Advent of the Newcomer Exam
Chapter 23 First Sign of the Excellence
Chapter 24 Show of Migh
Chapter 25 Battling Lin Feng
Chapter 26 Rise
Chapter 27 End of the Newcomer Exam
Chapter 28 The A Class
Chapter 29 Jade Spirit Waterfall
Chapter 30 Opening the Third Meridian Channel
Chapter 31 Establishment of Power
Chapter 32 Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune
Chapter 33 The Two Girls Mee
Chapter 34 Jade Spirit Waterfall Conspiracy
Chapter 35 Jade Spirit Waterfall Battle
Chapter 36 Underhanded Tactic
Chapter 37 Double Breakthrough
Chapter 38 Black Forest Mountain Range
Chapter 39 Enemy Encounter
Chapter 40 That’s All That’s Lef
Chapter 41 Auraflare Technique
Chapter 42 Thirty Six Beast Channel Opening Rune
Chapter 43 Learning the Auraflare Technique
Chapter 44 Su Youwei’s Progress
Chapter 45 Before the Class Ranking Exam
Chapter 46 Beginning of the Class Ranking Exam
Chapter 47 Strange
Chapter 48 Nex
Chapter 49 Battling Liu Xi
Chapter 50 Breathtaking
Chapter 51 Zhou Yuan VS Qi Yue
Chapter 52 True Power
Chapter 53 I Know This Too
Chapter 54 Triumph
Chapter 55 Wei Canglan
Chapter 56 Wu Huang
Chapter 57 Ancestral Dragon Scripture
Chapter 58 Genesis Resources
Chapter 59 Advance Illusory Stage
Chapter 60 Journey
Chapter 61 Yin Yang Qi Dwelling
Chapter 62 Canglan County, Wei Qingqing
Chapter 63 Awe in a Single Move
Chapter 64 Master Ying
Chapter 65 Getting Rid of the Poison
Chapter 66 Exposed
Chapter 67 Thousand Poison Eroding Rune
Chapter 68 Preparation
Chapter 69 Revelation of Skill
Chapter 70 Ge
Chapter 71 Roped In
Chapter 72 Black Venom King
Chapter 73 Into Blackwater
Chapter 74 The Black Jade Tile
Chapter 75 The Eighth Meridian Channel
Chapter 76 Opening the Qi Dwelling
Chapter 77 Jade Infant Frui
Chapter 78 Method to Reach the Island
Chapter 79 Fear
Chapter 80 Treasure Obtained
Chapter 81 Great Battle in the Valley
Chapter 82 Tuntun’s Show of Power
Chapter 83 Contes
Chapter 84 Tyrannical Dragon’s Resentment Poison
Chapter 85 Battling Qi Hao
Chapter 86 Erode
Chapter 87 Kill
Chapter 88 Fire Spirit Grain Obtained
Chapter 89 Surrender
Chapter 90 Left Behind Treasures
Chapter 91 Underground Palace
Chapter 92 Treasure
Chapter 93 Silver Shadow
Chapter 94 Qi Manor’s Rebellion
Chapter 95 Dispute
Chapter 96 Five
Chapter 97 Declaration of War
Chapter 98 Omni Python Qi
Chapter 99 King Qi Besieges the City
Chapter 100 Seven Alpha-Origins
Chapter 101 Arrival of War
Chapter 102 Besieged City
Chapter 103 Activate
Chapter 104 Silver Shadow’s Power
Chapter 105 The Feelings Behind that Strike
Chapter 106 Zhou Yuan Slays an Alpha-Origin
Chapter 107 It’s Over
Chapter 108 King Wu’s Imperial Decree
Chapter 109 Destroying the Shadow
Chapter 110 End of the War
Chapter 111 The Old Man in Gray Robes
Chapter 112 Su Youwei’s Destiny
Chapter 113 A Gif
Chapter 114 Saint Remains Domain
Chapter 115 Young Lady in Purple
Chapter 116 Gathering Clouds
Chapter 117 Magical Python Scales
Chapter 118 Gu Territory
Chapter 119 The Green Haired Girl
Chapter 120 Gu Lang
Chapter 121 Beast Heart Communicator
Chapter 122 Spirit Refining Tower?
Chapter 123 Small Fry
Chapter 124 Break the Sky
Chapter 125 Black Crystal Ball
Chapter 126 Escaping Unscathed
Chapter 127 Splitting the Treasure
Chapter 128 The Youth in Ash Robes
Chapter 129 Saint Remains City
Chapter 130 House of Geniuses
Chapter 131 Heavenly Luo Halberd
Chapter 132 Goods Ge
Chapter 133 Little Heaven Genesis Technique
Chapter 134 Gu Ling
Chapter 135 Zuoqiu Qingyu
Chapter 136 First Encounter with Wu Huang
Chapter 137 Advance Illusory Stage
Chapter 138 Barefoot Uncle
Chapter 139 Attack
Chapter 140 Saint Remains Domain
Chapter 141 Enemies Inevitably Mee
Chapter 142 Perilous Situation
Chapter 143 String of White Qi
Chapter 144 The Third Rune
Chapter 145 Grade 4 Genesis Beas
Chapter 146 Saint Remains Squad
Chapter 147 Mysterious Heavy Mud
Chapter 148 Watching Tigers Figh
Chapter 149 The Fisherman Waits and Reaps
Chapter 150 Little Heaven Genesis Technique, Great Wind and Thunder
Chapter 151 Saint Table
Chapter 152 Qi Dashing out of the Heaven Gate
Chapter 153 Measure
Chapter 154 Golden Magical Python Scales
Chapter 155 Zhou Yuan VS Xiao Tianxuan
Chapter 156 Python Swallows Devil Halo
Chapter 157 Haul
Chapter 158 Cooperation
Chapter 159 Encirclemen
Chapter 160 Wind and Thunder Mastered, Yaoyao Injured
Chapter 161 Chase
Chapter 162 Qingyu’s Aid
Chapter 163 Chance Encounter
Chapter 164 Luluo Seeks the Golden Pool
Chapter 165 Dongxuan Attacks
Chapter 166 Zhu Ying
Chapter 167 Battling Zhu Ying
Chapter 168 Meeting Once More
Chapter 169 Wu Huang’s Killing Inten
Chapter 170 Interception
Chapter 171 The Mysterious Beas
Chapter 172 Tuntun’s Rage
Chapter 173 Leaving One’s Name on the Saint Table
Chapter 174 The Golden Pool
Chapter 175 Saint Rune
Chapter 176 Leap in Strength
Chapter 177 Saint Tower
Chapter 178 Gathered
Chapter 179 Entering the Saint Tower
Chapter 180 Green Flood
Chapter 181 Each with One’s Own Method
Chapter 182 Chase
Chapter 183 Saving Each Other
Chapter 184 Saint Stairs Stone Stage
Chapter 185 Dragon Breath
Chapter 186 Green Wave Obstructs the Sacred Path
Chapter 187 Into the Clouds
Chapter 188 Two Dragons
Chapter 189 Python Devours Crow
Chapter 190 Risking One’s Life in Battle
Chapter 191 Heaven Genesis Technique
Chapter 192 Heavenly Tortoise Boundary
Chapter 193 The Saint Rune’s Power
Chapter 194 Dragon Transformation
Chapter 195 Scarlet Dragon Breath
Chapter 196 The Firs
Chapter 197 Battle Between the Two Dragons; Victory and Defea
Chapter 198 Splitting the Sacred Dragon Blessing
Chapter 199 Lost Country Blessing
Chapter 200 Difference in Treatmen
Chapter 201 Patriarch Cang Xuan
Chapter 202 Sacred Race
Chapter 203 Four Saint Runes
Chapter 204 A Step into Alpha-Origin
Chapter 205 End of the Saint Remains Domain Saga
Chapter 206 Entering a Sec
Chapter 207 A Single Palm Strike
Chapter 208 Before Leaving
Chapter 209 Cangxuan Blessings, Shengzhou 60%
Chapter 210 Third Class Disciple
Chapter 211 Shen Wanjin
Chapter 212 Entering Cangxuan
Chapter 213 Luo Song
Chapter 214 First Class
Chapter 215 Accommodation
Chapter 216 Forming Factions
Chapter 217 Genesis Mountain
Chapter 218 One Punch is Enough
Chapter 219 Establishing One’s Migh
Chapter 220 Alpha-Origin Heaven
Chapter 221 First Collection
Chapter 222 Genesis Qi Stars
Chapter 223 Importance of Genesis Jade
Chapter 224 Resolve
Chapter 225 Ethereal Form
Chapter 226 Zhu Yue
Chapter 227 Retribution
Chapter 228 Apertures
Chapter 229 Earning Genesis Jade
Chapter 230 Persuasion
Chapter 231 Ability
Chapter 232
Chapter 233 Unbreakable
Chapter 234 Beating Up a Group
Chapter 235 Zhou Yuan’s Counterattack
Chapter 236 Sensational
Chapter 237 Before Everyone’s Eyes
Chapter 238 An Excellent Harves
Chapter 239 The Elder in Gray
Chapter 240 Zhu Yue’s Methods
Chapter 241 Zong Ming
Chapter 242 Advent of the Match
Chapter 243 Ethereal Form Technique Match on the Green Mountain
Chapter 244 Fast as Lightning
Chapter 245 Corporeal Stage
Chapter 246 Obtaining Victory
Chapter 247 Nine Dragons Canon
Chapter 248 Conflict
Chapter 249 Allocation
Chapter 250 Dragon Type Genesis Beast Essence Blood
Chapter 251 Grade 5
Chapter 252 Collecting Blood
Chapter 253 Refining the Essence Blood
Chapter 254 Response
Chapter 255 Method
Chapter 256 Trouble Knocking at the Door
Chapter 257 Suppressed
Chapter 258
Chapter 259 Guidance
Chapter 260 Secre
Chapter 261 Lu Xuanyin
Chapter 262 What Are We Playing
Chapter 263 Yaoyao Takes Action
Chapter 264 Shock and Awe
Chapter 265 Arrival of the Ceremony
Chapter 266 The Six Hegemons
Chapter 267 The Ceremony Begins
Chapter 268 Fight for the Top
Chapter 269 Hongyi’s Aid
Chapter 270 Wind Sea Technique
Chapter 271 Card after Card
Chapter 272 Evolution of the Heavenly Yuan Brush
Chapter 273 Fourth Rune, Million Whale
Chapter 274 Might of the Nine Dragons Canon
Chapter 275 Breakthrough
Chapter 276 Champion of the Ceremony
Chapter 277 Choosing A Peak
Chapter 278 Reward
Chapter 279 End of the Ceremony
Chapter 280 Chosens Peak
Chapter 281 Caretaker of the Mountain
Chapter 282 The Sealed Main Peak
Chapter 283 Picking an Elder
Chapter 288 Gold Sash Disciple
Chapter 285 Purple Genesis Cave Dwelling
Chapter 286 Match for the Cave
Chapter 287 Cao Shi
Chapter 288 Gold Sash Third Sea
Chapter 289 Volunteer
Chapter 290 Match
Chapter 291 Chosens Challenge
Chapter 292 Alpha-Origin Wall
Chapter 293 All Time Number One
Chapter 294 Shocked by 6700 Breaths
Chapter 295 Reaction of the Two Factions
Chapter 296 Preparations
Chapter 297 The Match
Chapter 298 Sumptuous Feas
Chapter 299 Everyone Awed
Chapter 300 Stir
Chapter 301 Arrival of the Baptism
Chapter 302 Genesis Dragon Vein
Chapter 303 Dragon Genesis Marrow
Chapter 304 The Genesis Reservoir Opens
Chapter 305 Something’s Not Righ
Chapter 306 Chased
Chapter 307 Helper
Chapter 308 Perfect Teamwork
Chapter 309 Battle of the Chosens
Chapter 310 Out of the Water into Disaster
Chapter 311 Chased Again
Chapter 312 Face-off Between the Two Girls
Chapter 313 Mediation
Chapter 314 Cooperation
Chapter 315 The Two Girls Allied
Chapter 316 Occupied
Chapter 317 Two Girls VS Two Chosens
Chapter 318 A Way
Chapter 319 Modifying the Genesis Rune Boundary
Chapter 320 Success
Chapter 321 Offended
Chapter 322 Bai
Chapter 323 Ge
Chapter 324 Baptism Begin
Chapter 325 Eight Dragons Appear Once More
Chapter 326 Helping One Another
Chapter 327 Six Dragons Zhou Tai
Chapter 328 The Meaning of Shock
Chapter 329 Third Layer Alpha-Origin
Chapter 330 Evaluation
Chapter 331 Stirring up a Commotion in Saint Genesis Peak
Chapter 332 Commotion over the Cave Match
Chapter 333 Cave Match Begins
Chapter 334 Genesis Breaker Hand
Chapter 335 Sixth Layer
Chapter 336 Get Down Here
Chapter 337 A Single Punch
Chapter 338 Zhou Yuan’s Strength
Chapter 339 Magical Dragon Scales
Chapter 340 Great Black Devil
Chapter 341 Ninth Dragon
Chapter 342 Ninth Dragon Exterminates Black Devil
Chapter 343 The Four Greater Stages
Chapter 344 Creating a Stir
Chapter 345 Reward
Chapter 346 Purple Sash Selection
Chapter 347 Xu Yan’s Methods
Chapter 348 Genesis Star Pill
Chapter 349 In front of Spirit Rune Hall
Chapter 350 Challenging Spirit Rune Peak
Chapter 351 Entering the Boundary Together
Chapter 352 Two Guardians
Chapter 353 Jin Zhang and Xia Yu
Chapter 354 Genesis Rune Battle Part 1
Chapter 355 Genesis Rune Battle Part 2
Chapter 356 Yaoyao’s Tactic
Chapter 357 Spirit Suppressed
Chapter 358 Spirit Lifts Stamp
Chapter 359 Breakthrough, Mid Corporeal Stage!
Chapter 360 Breaking the Boundary
Chapter 361 Into the Hall
Chapter 362 Disadvantageous Praise
Chapter 363 Taoyao Wine
Chapter 364 Before the Selection
Chapter 365 It Begins
Chapter 366 Selection Battles
Chapter 367 One Punch
Chapter 368 Hunted
Chapter 369 Sword Cometh Peak Locks Down the Valley
Chapter 370 Turning Ethereal To Hide
Chapter 371 Boundary
Chapter 372 Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire Cover the Valley
Chapter 373 Might of the Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire
Chapter 374 Sword Cometh Peak Team Wiped Ou
Chapter 375 Beneath the Ten Peaks
Chapter 376 Top Ten
Chapter 377 The Championship Battle
Chapter 378 Strenuous Battle against Xu Yan
Chapter 379 Moonfall Technique
Chapter 380 Genesis Qi Clash
Chapter 381 Tyrannical Dragon’s Resent Poison
Chapter 382 Champion
Chapter 383 Sword Cometh Peak’s Punishmen
Chapter 384 Reward
Chapter 385 The Child From Back Then
Chapter 386 Picking a Treasure
Chapter 387 Taiyi Green Wood Mark
Chapter 388 Heaven Credi
Chapter 389 Absorbing the Genesis Star Pill
Chapter 390 Dragon’s Resentment Poison Erupts
Chapter 391 Suppressed
Chapter 392 The Two Captains
Chapter 393 Heaven Task
Chapter 394 Protes
Chapter 395 Dispute
Chapter 396 One Move
Chapter 397 Great Golden Bell
Chapter 398 Spot Secured
Chapter 399 Setting Off
Chapter 400 Yaoyao Takes A Trip
Chapter 401 An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 402 Meeting Qingyu Again
Chapter 403 Allocation of Tasks
Chapter 404 Flame Rock Gambling
Chapter 405 Incentive
Chapter 406 Cheating
Chapter 407 Fireworks
Chapter 408 Flawless Victory
Chapter 409 Secluded Cultivation
Chapter 410 First Signs of Taiyi’s Power
Chapter 411 Essence Flame Vein
Chapter 412 A Hint of Evolution
Chapter 413 Qingyu’s Warning
Chapter 414 Attack of the Beast Wave
Chapter 415 Evolution of the Heavenly Yuan Brush
Chapter 416 Might of the Heavenly Yuan Brush
Chapter 417 Fifth Rune: Genesis Breaker
Chapter 418 Sacred Palace Moves
Chapter 419 Yang Xuan
Chapter 420 One-sided
Chapter 421 Team Wiped?
Chapter 422 Want to Die?
Chapter 423 Zhou Yuan VS Yang Xuan
Chapter 424 Zhou Yuan’s Prowess
Chapter 425 The Tenaciously Troublesome Yang Xuan
Chapter 426 Eighth Layer?
Chapter 427 All Cards on the Table
Chapter 428 A Breath of Azure Fire Burns the Bone Armor
Chapter 429 Against All Odds
Chapter 430 Perfec
Chapter 431 Evaluation
Chapter 432 Returning to the Sec
Chapter 433 Commotion
Chapter 434 Participating in the Chief Disciple Selection
Chapter 435 Cashing in the Heaven Credi
Chapter 436 Little Mythic Saint Body
Chapter 437 Dragon Scale Chinese Scholar Tree
Chapter 438 Retrieving the Scales
Chapter 439 Yaoyao Returns
Chapter 440 Chu Qing
Chapter 441 Lively Cave Dwelling
Chapter 442 Confirmation
Chapter 443 Water and Fire Tempering Dragon Stage
Chapter 444 An Exchange of Words
Chapter 445 Discussions
Chapter 446 Discussion Hall
Chapter 447 Jade Skin Stage
Chapter 448 Conflic
Chapter 449 Wu Hai
Chapter 450 One Punch
Chapter 451 The Uncompromising Zhou Yuan
Chapter 452 Yuan Hong’s Strength
Chapter 453 Ripples
Chapter 454 Third Level
Chapter 455 Yaoyao’s Anger
Chapter 456 Cha
Chapter 457 Chief Disciple Peak
Chapter 458 The Ten Chosens
Chapter 459 Start of the Chief Disciple Selection
Chapter 460 One Strike
Chapter 461 One Punch
Chapter 462 First Victory
Chapter 463 Three Lef
Chapter 464 Gradually Turning the Tables
Chapter 465 Reversal
Chapter 466 Who is Finished?
Chapter 467 Tiger Obstructing the Path
Chapter 468 The Final Yuan Hong
Chapter 469
Chapter 470 Are You Done?
Chapter 471 Silver Bone Stage!
Chapter 472 Everyone Shocked
Chapter 473 Desperation
Chapter 474 Sword Feeding Technique
Chapter 475 Breakthrough!
Chapter 476 Fifth Layer!
Chapter 477 Aspiring for Firs
Chapter 478 It’s Over
Chapter 479 Chief Disciple Sea
Chapter 480 The Seven Great Chief Disciples
Chapter 481 Omega Saint Spirit Art
Chapter 482 Old Xuan Appears
Chapter 483 A Great Feas
Chapter 484 Subduing Zhao Zhu
Chapter 485 Sacred Palace’s Wu Huang
Chapter 486 Nine Divine Dwelling
Chapter 487 Challenging the Main Peak
Chapter 488 The Mountain Trial
Chapter 489 Strength of Hear
Chapter 490 The Tyrannical Divine Grindstone
Chapter 491 Golden Light Stream
Chapter 492 Heavenly Sun
Chapter 493 Third Trial Passed
Chapter 494 The Xuan Bell Rings
Chapter 495 The Green Jade Statue of the Patriarch
Chapter 496 Earth Saint Rune
Chapter 497 Genesis Reservoir Ceremony
Chapter 498 Search for the Stamp
Chapter 499 Master Faction
Chapter 500 Peak Meeting
Chapter 501 Discussion
Chapter 502 Conditions
Chapter 503 Appeal for Aid
Chapter 504 Saint Spirit Seed
Chapter 505 Name Lis
Chapter 506 Conditions
Chapter 507 Countermeasure
Chapter 508 Heaven Disorienting Boundary
Chapter 509 Initial Stage Seed
Chapter 510 Scheme
Chapter 511 Response
Chapter 512 Hearing about the Mythic Utopia
Chapter 513 Genesis Reservoir Opens Once More
Chapter 514 Run!
Chapter 515 Preparations
Chapter 516 Sword Cometh Peak Surrounds the Island
Chapter 517 Declaration of War
Chapter 518 Sword Cometh Peak’s Rage
Chapter 519 Sword Cometh Peak’s Army
Chapter 520 Sword Cometh Peak Besieges the Island
Chapter 521 Boundary Open
Chapter 522 Heaven Disorientating Boundary Displays its Power
Chapter 523 Can’t Escape
Chapter 524 General Against General
Chapter 525 Battle Between the Two Peaks
Chapter 526 Heaven Frost Sealing Technique
Chapter 527 Genesis Breaker Blood Ar
Chapter 528 Spirit Breaks Sealing Technique
Chapter 529 Devil Sweeping Sword Orb
Chapter 530 You have your Sword Orb, I have my Saint Spirit!
Chapter 531 Shattering the Sword Orb
Chapter 532 Victory and Defea
Chapter 533 Sword Cometh Peak at a Dead End
Chapter 534 Ten Thousand Fee
Chapter 535 Cooperation of the Seven Peaks
Chapter 536 Training
Chapter 537 Aquatic Beasts Attack the Island
Chapter 538 Chosens Battle the Ten Thousand Foot Aquatic Beas
Chapter 539 Dragon Saliva True Water
Chapter 540 Zhou Yuan Enters the Fray
Chapter 541 Neutralizing the Dragon Saliva True Water
Chapter 542 Collecting the Dragon Saliva True Water
Chapter 543 Destroying the Ten Thousand Foot Aquatic Beas
Chapter 544 Splitting the Genesis Essence
Chapter 545 Genesis Essence Light Pillar
Chapter 546 Nine Dragons Baptism
Chapter 547 Another Year, Another Peak Selection Ceremony
Chapter 548 Mu Xiaoman
Chapter 549 Genesis Qi Materializing into Stars
Chapter 550 Recruiting New Disciples
Chapter 551 Harshness of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture
Chapter 552 Utopia Opens
Chapter 553 Divine Establishing Treasure
Chapter 554 Task
Chapter 555 Setting Off
Chapter 556 Gathering Clouds
Chapter 557 Qin Ling
Chapter 558 Assignments
Chapter 559 Team
Chapter 560 Mythic Copper Worm Tree
Chapter 561 Gathering
Chapter 562 Lei Qinghai
Chapter 563 Swatted to Death in a Single Palm
Chapter 564 Thunder King Seal
Chapter 565 Steamrolled
Chapter 566 Six Color Treasure Location
Chapter 567 Urgent Assistance Token
Chapter 568 Besieged
Chapter 569 Ning Mo
Chapter 570 Blood for Blood
Chapter 571 Overwhelming
Chapter 572 Helpers
Chapter 573 Fan Yao
Chapter 574 Encountering Hundred Flowers
Chapter 575 Gathering of Three Factions
Chapter 576 Treacherous
Chapter 577 Probing
Chapter 578 Discussion
Chapter 579 Six Color Lake
Chapter 580 Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python
Chapter 581 Locking up the Python
Chapter 582 Treasure Tree
Chapter 583 Fan Yao’s Viciousness
Chapter 584 Chaos
Chapter 585 Battling Fan Yao
Chapter 586 Hard Figh
Chapter 587 Saint Spirit VS Blood Demon
Chapter 588 Unscrupulous
Chapter 589 Earth Saint Rune Reveals its Power
Chapter 590 Not Even Bones Remain
Chapter 591 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 592 Reward
Chapter 593 Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 594 Secretly Returning
Chapter 595 Luluo’s Ability
Chapter 596 Spatial Domain at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 597 Secret Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 598 Rushing Towards the Deeper Regions
Chapter 599 Golden Blood Stage
Chapter 600 Watched by All Parties