Chapter 50 Breathtaking

“Seventh channel open!”

A clear shout resounded across the area as Genesis Qi surged towards Su Youwei. Meanwhile, a powerful aura exploded from within her body.

Su Youwei’s black hair seemed to dance in the wind as Genesis Qi light shuttled through her body. The light finally converged at her two fingers, making her fingertips sparkle prettily like jade while flickering with deadly power, vibrating the air around it.

“Jade-Breaker Finger!” Su Youwei gazed at the green wind blade that was shooting towards her. The green light was so sharp that it could split the ground but there was no fear on her face. Instead, she gracefully stepped forward as her two jade-like fingers powerfully stabbed at the wind blade.


Two forces crashed into each other as the sound of metal striking metal rang out. However, everyone saw the green wind blade begin to tremble violently at this moment before bursting apart with a bang, transforming into specks of green light.

Though Liu Xi had ultimately managed to display this low grade Black Genesis technique, she had just barely been able to pull it off. Hence, Su Youwei was able to use the abundant Genesis Qi of seven channels to forcibly disperse the former’s attack.

This scene caused Liu Xi’s face to warp as she shrieked in disbelief, “Impossible!”

She refused to believe that her Black Genesis technique had been scattered by Su Youwei’s mid grade Genesis technique.


However, Su Youwei did not give Liu Xi any time to be stunned and instantly rushed towards the latter. In response, Liu Xi hastily used Wind Spirit Step to retreat.

Previously, she had been able to use Wind Spirit Step to match Su Youwei’s speed, but the latter was now on a whole new level after opening her seventh channel. Thus, it only took Su Youwei several breaths to close in on Liu Xi.

Liu Xi’s expression changed when she saw Su Youwei rapidly near with an icy face and shouted, “Lowly wench, you dare to hurt me?!”

In response to Liu Xi’s question, Su Youwei’s jade fingers darted forward like lightning, tearing through the air before landing on Liu Xi’s shoulder. Fresh blood immediately spurted out as Liu Xi’s body was sent flying with a miserable shriek. She crashed into the ground, smearing a long scar on it before coming to a stop.

Su Youwei slowly walked forward and arrived at the now miserable figure of her defeated opponent. The former’s face was frosty as she lowered her gaze, the iciness flickering in her eyes inducing a shiver from Liu Xi.

Su Youwei stared at Liu Xi and said in an indifferent voice, “It is true that I am not from a powerful clan like you, but I will use all of my talent and effort to make up for every bit of this disparity. Thus, you are not that amazing in my eyes.”

Liu Xi tightly clenched her teeth.

“Besides this, there is something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time.”

The corners of Su Youwei’s tiny mouth lifted in a disdainful manner as she softly said, “You once said that his highness is a toad, but I’ve always wanted to tell you that compared to him, you are the true toad at the bottom of the well!”

“Because the self-important you can’t even match up to a girl he picked up from the streets.”

Liu Xi almost went crazy with anger. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that she would be called a toad and be unable to refute. Not only had she lost, her defeat at Su Youwei’s hands had been really pathetic.

It was really too much to bear for her and her eyes rolled, showing whites, as she fainted.

The approaching referee let out a bitter laugh when he saw this before his strong voice sounded, “A class, Su Youwei’s victory!”


The entire field exploded and countless cries were heard as stunned gazes shot towards the valiant yet elegant girl standing on the stone stage.

No one had expected that she would actually be able to reverse the situation and defeat Liu Xi who knew so many high tier Genesis techniques.

Every member of the A class stood up and clapped as they cheered. The gazes that looked towards Su Youwei were filled with even more adoration than before. Such a girl! She did not have an amazing family background, but she was as tenacious as a swaying hibiscus in a storm, unafraid of the wind and rain as it fearlessly blossomed.

“This young lady is not bad at all.” On the central viewing platform, Zhou Qing could not help but praise her. He could naturally tell that Su Youwei had forcibly opened her channel earlier, an extremely risky move in a fight. However, that valour and decisiveness really made one raise one’s eyebrows.

He lamented as he thought how given Su Youwei’s talent and character, she would have likely long become a pride of the heavens if she had been born in a good clan, making countless geniuses bow to her.

The cheers that flooded the field had not ended.

Su Youwei paid no attention to those cheers as her gaze swept towards Zhou Yuan, only to see the latter giving her a thumbs-up. Her lips curled slightly as a certain resolution surfaced in her eyes.

Under the attention of countless gazes, she turned her head and look straight at Qi Yue as her clear voice sounded, “A class’ Su Youwei challenges B class’ Qi Yue!”


The cheers that filled the sky came to an abrupt halt, everyone stupefied as they watched. They clearly never imagined that Su Youwei would continue on to challenge Qi Yue!

Zhou Yuan was likewise stunned by Su Youwei’s action and immediately muttered under his breath, “This girl is too reckless!”

By his side, Yang Zai and Song Qiushui also looked at each other but did not know what to say.

On the class leader platform, Qi Yue’s expression looked rather dark. He stared at Su Youwei and stood up as he said in a flat voice, “You are not my match. Excuse yourself from the stage.”

“We’ll only know once we try.” Su Youwei did not budge, cold light emerging in her eyes as she stared at Qi Yue. Since you planned on tiring out Zhou Yuan, I will do the same to you. Even If I cannot beat you, I can exhaust some of your energy.

She knew that this class ranking exam was very important to Zhou Yuan and intended to do all she could to increase their chances.

Qi Yue’s expression was stormy. He naturally understood Su Youwei’s intentions and could not help but feel somewhat angered. The tactic that he had originally planned to use on Zhou Yuan was now being used by Su Youwei on himself.

Qi Yue frostily said, “Stubborn girl, you’re too reckless!”

Soon after, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground as his figure flew onto the stone stage.

“I will show you the true power of seven channels!”

With a stomp, Genesis Qi poured into his body. Light swirled around him as the stone floor beneath his feet was shattered. An astonishing aura pulsed, an aura even stronger than Su Youwei’s.

After all, Qi Yue had opened his seventh channel quite some time ago, while Su Youwei had only just made her breakthrough. The gap between the two was naturally not small.

“If you can receive a single punch of mine, we’ll take it as your victory!” Qi Yue proudly sneered. A split second later, he had already lunged forward, his five fingers tightly clenching into a fist as the Genesis Qi within his body surged like a wave, gushing through his channels and into his fist. His fist immediately lighted up as if an explosive power was contained within.

“Low grade Black Genesis technique, Galloping Thunder Fist!”

A punch was thrown with an icy cry from Qi Yue. Rumbling thunder immediately emerged as a fist-shaped-seal whizzed forth, like a bolt of lightning as it ferociously blasted towards Su Youwei.

Qi Yue had begun the fight with a Black tier Genesis technique, evidently planning to finish the fight in a flash and regain all of the face their B class had lost earlier.

Su Youwei’s pretty face turned extremely grave at this moment as all the Genesis Qi in her body began to circulate. She observed the rapidly approaching glowing Genesis fist-seal, and in the next instant, her body swiftly retreated.

From the momentum of the punch, she knew that she could not receive it head-on. Hence, she immediately changed her strategy, intending to use footwork to gain a little more time.

“Can you escape?” Qi Yue merely let out a cold chuckle when he saw this. His eyes flashed and the speed of the fist-seal suddenly rose. Like a thunderbolt, it appeared in front of Su Youwei in a flash and slammed into her.


The air seemed to explode at this moment while cracks grew on the stone stage.

All Su Youwei could feel was an unstoppable domineering power surge at her. Her body was flung backwards, blood appearing at the corner of her mouth as she let out a groan.

Sighs of pity could be heard. Qi Yue was truly the overlord of the Great Zhou Institute. Su Youwei was unable to compete even after opening her seventh channel.

As Su Youwei’s figure was thrown off the stage, another figure rose into the air, reaching out his arms and catching the girl before gently landing.

Su Youwei gazed at the familiar face that had appeared before her eyes. She chuckled softly and said in a slightly embarrassed manner, “I couldn’t beat him. Looks like I tried to show off too much.”

The one who had caught Su Youwei was naturally Zhou Yuan. Murder flashed in his eyes when he looked at the glaring red at the corner of Su Youwei’s mouth as he replied in a gentle voice, “You’ve already done some pretty amazing things so just leave everything else to me. Don’t worry, we will not lose.”

There was no longer any strength left in Su Youwei’s body, so she lay in Zhou Yuan’s arms with slightly narrowed eyes like a languid cat. The valiance from before was now nowhere to be seen.

Zhou Yuan landed and handed the feeble Su Youwei to Song Qiushui. Only then did he raise his head as his blade-like gaze shot towards the proudly standing Qi Yue.

With a stomp of his foot, his figure soared into the air under countless watching eyes and landed on the stage like a great Peng.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan’s chilling voice rang out.

“A class’ Zhou Yuan challenges B class’ Qi Yue.”

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