"We meet again, Miss Andrea"

Andrea and Sarah exchanged pleasantries as they shook each other's hands.

"How was it then, your first dungeon?", Sarah then looked at Van as she let go of Andrea's hand.

Although Van was still looking at the people that were trying to avoid their gazes ever since Sarah arrived, and trying to figure out what kind of identity Sarah actually has, he still answered.

"It was bountiful", he nonchalantly said as he turned his eyes to Sarah. It was bountiful, alright. In more ways than one, "But I almost died", he then said as he released a slight sigh.

Hearing Van's words, Sarah could not help but chuckle.

"Honestly, any other normal student would have already died", she placed her hand on her chin, "What are you doing back here, anyway?", she then said as she looked around the Relic Graveyard.

"...I came here to invite Andrea to live with me in the city", Van bluntly said, "It is... too big for me alone"

"If… if only it is alright with you!", Andrea quickly interrupted the conversation.

Hearing Andrea's anxious tone, Sarah quickly shook her head, "Why wouldn't it be?", she sighed, "It would be better if a woman is there. If only Evans was there, then it would soon turn into a pig pen", Sarah suddenly chuckled.

Andrea also let out a chuckle in response, "You might be right about that"

Van, however, could not help but twitch his eyes. Just what exactly do they think of him, he thought.

"Then let me drive the both of you there", she said as she started to walk back towards her car, "I have some things I need to talk to about with Evans anyway"

"Where... are your things?", Sarah then stopped walking as she looked around.

"That…", Andrea could not help but let out a sigh of sorrow. All of her things were flown away by the gryphon during the panic. Who knows where it could be right now.

Sarah also sighed as she heard Andrea's story. "Well… just let Mr. Rich Boy here to buy you some new stuff", Sarah teasingly said as she opened the door of her car, "He is loaded now"

"...Oh?", Andrea let out a hum. She was hesitant to enter the car at first, but after seeing Sarah get inside, she sat on the rear seat.

Van, however, could not help but twitch his eyes once more. Why were they talking like he wasn't here? He thought as he also got inside the car, beside Sarah.

All of the people watched as they drove away, finally letting out their breaths as Sarah was finally gone. The standby unit leader could only shake his head. He was going to ask some questions from the boy, but alas, Sarah took him away before he could do so.

"Why did you stop me!? I was trying to recruit the kid to our guild!", Nisha could not help but flung her guildmate's hand away.

"Don't you know who that woman is!?", Scott shouted as he also waved his hand.

"W… what?", Nisha furrowed her eyebrows, "Just because she's a rich woman, it doesn't mean any--"

"She's the granddaughter of the chairman of the Explorer Association!"

"...Sorry?", Nisha could not help but blink her eyes a couple of times as she looked Scott straight in the eyes.

"Do you want our guild's permit to be revoked?", Scott let out a deep sigh.

"That…", Nisha could not help but take a nervous gulp. But still…

...She still really wanted the boy in their guild.


Andrea was a bit nervous at first when the black box that they were in started to move, but after a few seconds, she was already smiling as she watched the scenery from the window.

Van could not help but be in awe of Andrea's resilience. When he first rode Sarah's car, he almost puked all over it. Even now, if he slightly moved, he would somewhat get dizzy. He thought that since he has been using his System a lot, he would get used to the feeling of something moving him fast, but alas, nothing seems to go his way.

"How are you adapting to the academy?", Sarah suddenly asked, quickly removing Van from his thoughts.

"I… have met a lot of interesting people", he quickly answered. Besides his new-found friends, there were the people from the Unique Class-1, and also Gemma. Truly interesting people, he thought.

"I see. That's good", Sarah nodded her head. And then, it was silent for a few minutes.

"So…", until Van's voice echoed through the tiny space, "What did you really want to talk about? Surely, it can't be that"

Hearing Van's words, Sarah could not help but slightly smile, "It is actually just about that", she breathed, "I am quite curious if you are causing trouble. I hope not, I am the one who put you there, after all", she then chuckled.

"No", Van slightly squinted his eyes, "Of course not"

Andrea also wanted to listen in on the conversation, but sadly, she spent too much energy worrying about Van while he was inside the Yellow Portal. Her vision started to darken as she let herself fall asleep.

"Did you already… pick an extracurricular class?", Sarah continued, "It's been more than a week so you should have one now"

"Yes", Van nodded as he rested his cheek on his fist and looked out the window, "Unique-type"

"As expected", Sarah let out a sigh, "Is Miss Angela still the instructor?"

"Angela?", Van tilted his head.

"Angela Elton"

"Ah, yes", Van raised his eyebrows, "You know of her?"

"Everyone in the association knows her", Sarah said, her tone somewhat excited, "She was a Gold Rank Explorer"

"What?", Van could not help but slightly widen his eyes, "I can't even begin to imagine her as an explorer"

"She kept her identity hidden after retiring as an explorer", Sarah tapped the steering wheel with her fingers, "She was famous even before my time. Despite what she looks like, she's already a grandmother"

"W… what?", Van once again could not help but widen his eyes. Sure, Ms. Elton had huge bags below her eyes, but nothing to signify that she was actually that old.

Once again, their conversation suddenly stopped as they awkwardly stared at the road. And the two remained in silence until they reached the house.

"W… we're here?", Andrea woke up from her deep sleep as soon as she heard the door of the car open. She then also got out of the car and quickly stretched her body. She wasn't really used to sitting for more than one hour.

And then, she was about to yawn but she noticed the big house in front of her, "Is… this your house?", her eyes were wide as she looked towards Van.

"Technically, it's Miss Sarah's", Van shrugged, "But it's ours until I graduate"

"W… wow"

"It's yours"

"Hm?", hearing Sarah's words, Van could not help but tilt his head.

"Here", Sarah then handed him a piece of parchment,

"Just sign here and the house is yours"

"W… what?"

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