Chapter 50: Mo… Jing Shen? Wasn’t He Out of the Country?

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She tolerated the burning heat inside of her body. In her mind, countless heat waves were overlapping.

She wanted to walk forward, but she could hardly stand straight. Earlier on, she had used up almost all of her strength to pushed Zhou Yanyan into the room, protecting herself. Right now, she barely had any strength left.

Ji Nuan raised her red eyes. She could not continue like this!

Her phone was broken, so there was no way to contact the police. She had to rush toward the first floor and think of a way to escape.

From the room behind her came the shrieks of Zhou Yanyan—she sounded like a pig being slaughtered,—the sound of something being slammed over and over, and the unrestrained laughter of several men.

Ji Nuan could not muster up any sympathy for what was happening inside. Step by step, she stumbled toward the elevator.

Someone like Zhou Yanyan deserved this karma.

The room was filled with men who had all lost their rationality after being drugged. Who would still care about whether she was Zhou Yanyan or someone else?

Ji Nuan’s lips coldly curved. Without turning back, she entered the elevator.

The elevator reached the first floor. The ball was still going on as per normal. Ji Nuan headed in the opposite direction of the ballroom, attempting to search for another exit along the corridor.

Her legs felt soft, her steps were unstable, and her eyes could no longer see clearly. She did not know how much longer she could hold on to her consciousness.

Suddenly, one of the private room doors along the corridor opened.

Ji Nuan did not expect that the door behind her would suddenly open. Her vision had already become blurry. She lost control of her strength and fell backward into the room.

She could not maintain her consciousness and could barely feel that someone had roughly thrown her onto a couch inside the room.

By her side, two men who smelled strongly like alcohol approached her. One of them asked with a hoarse voice, “Where did this woman come from? So pretty.”

“Who knows where she came from. I was just about to go to the bathroom, but the moment I opened the door, I picked up this little beauty. Look at the way she’s dressed up. She most likely came from the hotel connected to this hallway.”

“Shit! High-quality goods, ah! She’s so soft. This little thing is so frail and charming! If we do her, we most likely will die from how good it is!”

“You say, did she drink too much? Or did someone add something to her drink? Quick, lock the door, don’t let anyone in!”

“Lock the door to do what?”

“Rubbish! To do her, ah! She’s already soft! If we don’t take her, we are as good as trash! Quickly go!”

Ji Nuan heard their voices and tried her best to open her eyes. She could only see two strangers’ faces. Their expressions were indecent and filled with a desire that made one feel disgusted.

She became wary instantly. She tried to struggle but discovered that she could not muster up any energy. Just as she was about to attempt sitting up, one of the men forcefully grabbed her—


Inside the ballroom, music accompanied a perfect image of wine glasses and gambling chips intertwined.

Han Tianyuan rushed out of the ballroom, feeling somewhat anxious.

Earlier on, when he saw from a corner that Ji Nuan and Zhou Yanyan’s figure had disappeared, his palms had begun sweating nonstop. Was helping Zhou Yanyan with this scheme tonight going too far?

Two days ago, if Zhou Yanyan who had planned this scheme had not pushed him until he could not help but join her in this evil game, he would not have dared to take such a significant risk and dig a hole for Ji Nuan.

He heard that Mo Jingshen was out of the country right now. Hopefully, Zhou Yanyan could act fast. When the media came to take pictures of the room tomorrow, the threat of the largest scandal among all the noble families would become the most powerful protective amulet against Mo Jingshen.

Yet, why were his eyelids twitching so much?

Han Tianyuan walked toward the marble staircase in front of the hotel entrance with a heavy heart. He was leaving this place to prevent from being implicated.

All of a sudden, his eyes were blinded by a flash of light.

A black Ghost sped over like a cheetah moving in the dark. Behind it, two black Maybach followed, appearing on the evening streets of Hai Cheng.

Mo Jingshen got out of the car, slamming the door. His dark eyes were ice-cold; his cruel intentions clear.

Mo… Jing Shen?

Was he not out of the country?

He came back?!

The moment he saw Mo Jingshen, Han Tianyuan’s feet became rooted to the ground. A harsh gush of cold air swept past his back. He quickly moved his gaze away, acting as though saw nothing. He raised his hands to his lips and coughed once, turning his face away and walking in a different direction.

However, Mo Jingshen did not give him an opportunity to escape. Ignoring Shen Mu and others who were quickly gathering behind him, he walked over with a freezing cold gaze.

He paused right before the marble staircase, both his voice and gaze heavy and cold to the point of seeping into one’s bones. “Whichever family’s dog dares to bite my people will experience the separation of blood and flesh. An existence worse than death, this is the consequence.”

Han Tianyuan secretly tightened his grip around his phone, but also knew that in such a situation, he could not make any careless movement.

They were all part of the higher society of Hai Cheng. Among them, no one was easy to deal with. However, this Mo Jingshen’s threat level was high enough that no one dared to challenge him carelessly.

No matter if it was the Mo family or the influence and wealth Mo Jingshen had single-handedly come to control in the past few years, they could not be underestimated.

To face him head-on, there was no doubt that death would come.

Han Tianyuan forced himself to calm down, pasting on a careless and relaxed smile. “CEO Mo, what is the meaning of your words?”

Mo Jingshen’s gaze had already moved inside the hotel. He calmly and icily ordered, “Hand Ji Nuan over.”

Han Tianyuan appeared bewildered, stuffing one hand into his pocket as he stepped back with a relaxed demeanor. He maintained a safe distance and laughed. “Your woman disappeared, why come to me in the middle of the night to ask for her? Could it be that CEO Mo also thinks I’m too attractive and your woman has been desiring me for too long, taking the opportunity while you were away to come to me in the middle of the night?”

All of a sudden, Mo Jingshen threw a glance towards him.

Those eyes did not seem to be looking at a person. Rather, they seemed to be focused on a corpse.

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