Chapter 50: Which Hooligan Is She Fooling Around With?

Song Yaoyao walked past Song Jingwan and headed upstairs with her backpack.

Song Jingwan bit her lip and pleaded, “Mom, forgive Yaoyao this time. I’m sure she didn’t mean it!”

“She didn’t mean it?” Zhou Manli said sternly as she threw the television remote to the side. “She’s already misbehaving at her age. As a student, she’s fooling around rather than coming home after school. Who knows which hooligan she’s fooling around with.”

“Mom!” Song Wenchuan’s expression sunk. “How could you say something like that?”

His eyes were extremely cold as he stared at Zhou Manli like she was a stranger. He couldn’t understand. Just because of one’s fortune and just because the strange things around Song Jingwan made her appear like she was good luck, was that enough reason for Zhou Manli to say something like this about her own daughter?

Even from a stranger, these words were harsh and insulting, let alone from a mother.

“Brother…” Song Jingwan’s face turned pale.

Zhou Manli was shocked by Song Wenchuan’s criticism. When she finally reacted, she stood up fiercely and raised her voice. “If she had the guts to do it, then she shouldn’t be afraid of people talking about it!”

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Song Yaoyao paused slightly. She turned her head and surprisingly smiled, “If that’s what you believe, then so be it.”

Hooligan? I wonder how Gege will react when he hears this.

In Zhou Manli’s eyes, she was confessing and being smug about it.

She pointed at Song Yaoyao fiercely even though she was flustered on the inside. “Song Yaoyao, you’re beyond saving! If I knew I gave birth to an unlucky brat like you, I would have choked you to death the moment you were born!”

“Mom, don’t be angry. Yaoyao, stop talking!”

Song Jingwan immediately rushed forward and held onto Zhou Manli as she looked at Song Yaoyao, gesturing for her to apologize.

But Song Yaoyao also noticed the smugness in her eyes.

Without a word, she remained calm and walked upstairs, quickly disappearing from sight.

Song Wenchuan frowned and he looked at Song Jingwan questioningly.

“Jingwan, did you really not know who Yaoyao left with?”


Song Jingwan curled her fingers and leaned against Zhou Manli.

Forcing a smile, she looked at him innocently.

“Brother, what are you trying to say? How would I know where Yaoyao went?”

She tried to stare into Song Wenchuan’s eyes as though she had nothing to be guilty about.

After a while, Song Wenchuan furrowed his brows.

“Okay, I understand.”

After saying this, he turned around and returned to his room. Zhou Manli was furious. Seeing the situation, she sneered, “If you’re that great, you can cook food for her yourself; otherwise, if anyone else dares to cook for her, they can pack their things and leave!”

She was determined to teach Song Yaoyao a lesson.

Song Jingwan breathed out and finally relaxed.

Judging by his reaction, her brother believed her, right?

Song Wenchuan paused. As he turned his head, he looked at Zhou Manli with slight ridicule.

“Mom, is this necessary? If Jingwan had come home late, would you have done the same thing?”

Faced with this question, Zhou Manli patted Song Jingwan on the hand with amusement.

“My Wanwan is a good girl. She would never learn bad habits like that. Even if she’s late, it will be because of something serious.”

“Mom~” Song Jingwan stomped her feet in embarrassment. “Yaoyao’s actually really good too!”

“Don’t try to speak up for her!” Zhou Manli furrowed her brows.

Song Jingwan stuck out her tongue and looked at Song Wenchuan helplessly, gesturing that there was nothing she could do either.

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