Chapter 50: He Knew Her Well Enough

In the hall, Chu Wuyou held the glass of Coke and gradually lifted it to her mouth…

Within a split second, changes could be observed in the expressions of a few people.

The waitress was guilty and afraid; Chu Ninger waited anxiously; He Yufei was caught in a struggle.

Ye Lanchen’s expression remained unchanged, but his gaze was fixed upon Chu Wuyou. Nevertheless, since the incident at the parking lot, he looked at her without the usual sharpness and intimidation in his gaze so that she would not notice him.

“Third Elder Brother, the Coke is obviously spiked. I’m worried that if she drinks it…” Fifth Young Master Shen was worried.

However, Chu Wuyou did not drink it. At the following moment, she moved the drink away from her mouth.

Chu Ninger met Chu Wuyou’s gaze and her heart skipped a beat. Chu Wuyou was clearly smiling, but her smile sent a shiver down her younger sister’s spine.

Ye Lanchen’s lips parted into a grin. Indeed, Chu Wuyou did not let him down.

“Has she noticed it?” Fifth Young Master Shen was a bit puzzled when he saw Chu Wuyou’s reaction. Then, he got excited again. “Since she has noticed it, what will she do? Will she force the Coke down Chu Ninger’s throat?”

“No.” This time, Ye Lanchen actually answered Fifth Young Master Shen’s nosy question.

“No? How do you know, Third Elder Brother?” Fifth Young Master was unsatisfied. “Do you know what she’ll do, then?”

Ye Lanchen did not answer him this time. Yet, his eyes seemed to exude delight.

All the while, Elder Chu wanted to organize a matchmaking banquet for Chu Wuyou. He was worried that his presence would make the young ones feel awkward, thus he went to a private room with a few of his old friends.

There was a bar in the middle of the hall, with Manager Li giving some instructions.

Chu Wuyou held the glass of Coke and walked towards the bar.

Chu Ninger’s eyes went wide with shock. She had no idea what Chu Wuyou was about to do.

Chu Wuyou stopped right in front of Manager Li, still holding the glass of Coke in her hand. She said something to Manager Li, causing him to turn and look at Chu Ninger’s direction.

That glance made Chu Ninger’s heart beat frantically.

At the same time, Chu Wuyou glanced at Chu Ninger too. There was still pleasure in her eyes, but Chu Ninger’s body was already stiff with fear.

Next, Chu Wuyou placed the glass of Coke on the bar and said a few words to Manager Li. After that, she took a pen and wrote something on the table.

As she was doing so, Chu Wuyou intentionally glanced at Chu Ninger a few times. Her gaze was cautious, serving as a warning.

Manager Li looked at Chu Ninger’s direction from time to time as well.

Chu Ninger scrutinized Chu Wuyou, watching every action she made.

Finally, she began to feel afraid. Had Chu Wuyou found out about everything? Now that Chu Wuyou had told Manager Li, he would tell Grandpa, and then…

“Is she telling everything to the manager?” Fifth Young Master Shen frowned. “An appropriate solution, but the manager can’t do anything in this situation. Sigh, it’s a dilemma.”

A dilemma?! Ye Lanchen smirked and his lips curled upwards. If she was really the woman from five years ago, she would not let Chu Ninger off the hook that easily.

Therefore, he waited eagerly for the upcoming show.

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