Absolute Choice

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 200: A Crush from a Single Sword Strike

A world filled with heroes with superpowers. A world attacked by calamity fiends. A modern world filled with wonders and dangers.

Shi Xiaobai, a child from normal Earth, walked into such a world, proclaiming to be its king. But at the first signs of danger, he is forced to make a choice, one which he cannot refuse for time would repeat, making him face the choice again.

He is not humble nor is he modest, but neither is he delusional. Yet, the Absolute Choice seems to make fun of him. Will the joke be on him or will he laugh at his opponents? There will be many watching his escapades, and there will be some joining him in his adventures.

To see through the world and to grasp its truth, that is the destiny of the King.

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Chapter 1: Make Your Choice, Youth
Chapter 2: If Despair had a Color
Chapter 3: Have you experienced Despair?
Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!
Chapter 5: Can I call you Big Brother?
Chapter 6: Hurry Up and Sign a Contract with This King
Chapter 7: Girl, Your King is here
Chapter 8: I Can Only Rely on You
Chapter 9: Owning the Entire World
Chapter 10: People are born Unequal
Chapter 11: This King takes back everything he just said
Chapter 12: So we were overthinking the situation!
Chapter 13: Shi Xiaobai’s Confidence is Shaken
Chapter 14: Why did I agree
Chapter 15: Perception of God
Chapter 16: You Are This King’s Person
Chapter 17: Riko’s Choice
Chapter 18: Return me my Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 19: Riko’s Superpower
Chapter 20: Inverse Sourced World
Chapter 21: Shi Xiaobai, you need to keep a low profile
Chapter 22: This King has Something to Ask You
Chapter 23: The Great Figure Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 24: Shi Xiaobai is not the Hope of Team Red
Chapter 25: The Targeted Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 26: This King, Tu Dahei
Chapter 27: O’ My Beloved Little Toy
Chapter 28: Shi Xiaobai’s Intuition
Chapter 29: Do you need to go this extent just because of the Bathroom?
Chapter 30: Another Game?
Chapter 31: You are actually a Demon, right?
Chapter 32: The Weakest Rookie
Chapter 33: True Weakness
Chapter 34: Please shatter it!
Chapter 35: The Game has just Begun
Chapter 36: Ye Jiaquan’s Ye Family Punch
Chapter 37: The Absolute Choice that forcefully changes the Outcome
Chapter 38: Quick hand over your underwear
Chapter 39: That Poker Card
Chapter 40: Why are you dealing your cards so erratically!?
Chapter 41: At that moment, he crumbled!
Chapter 42: The precursor before one person takes all
Chapter 43: Naagin’s Devotees!
Chapter 44: She comes from the Darkness, bringing the Light!
Chapter 45: Kali
Chapter 46: Meteors and Hero
Chapter 47: One-Pun man
Chapter 48: Watching the meteor rain fall onto Earth with you
Chapter 49: The Kind Dan Liang
Chapter 50: Kinder than Kind
Chapter 51: My Hands Are Stained with Sin
Chapter 52: Holmes.Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 53: The Sudden Upset
Chapter 54: Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Girlfriends!
Chapter 55: This Sacrifice is too Great!
Chapter 56: The Strongest Attack in History!
Chapter 57: It Isn’t Easy for Any One of Us
Chapter 58: Laziness and Diligence
Chapter 59: The Promotion of Anything really relies on Lying!
Chapter 60: Two Fancy Schlocks
Chapter 61: Playing games can even be done in such a grand manner?
Chapter 62: Thanking Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 63: Abusing Elementary School Students like Dogs
Chapter 64: OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation
Chapter 65: The Answer From the Very Beginning
Chapter 66: You should become such a Crab!
Chapter 67: Your name
Chapter 68: Yea-habitant of the Yea Planet
Chapter 69: There is really such a madman in this world?
Chapter 70: Yang Weiwei’s Soul of Deception
Chapter 71: Devil’s Footwork
Chapter 72: Battle of the Sacred Cup
Chapter 73: God DogLeading
Chapter 74: Xiao Xiao’s Rules
Chapter 75: Take you flying into awesomeness
Chapter 76: The Brave Pig Slaughtering Knife
Chapter 77: Unexpected Opening
Chapter 78: Princess Xiao Xiao
Chapter 79: Doomed Sooner or Later
Chapter 80: Giving you Full Marks for Customer Service
Chapter 81: Let me do it!
Chapter 82: The color of the wind is green
Chapter 83: You know nothing about your ex-wife
Chapter 84: This is not a drill
Chapter 85: Holding Power
Chapter 86: That one Knife
Chapter 87: The Great Demon Lord Xiao Xiao
Chapter 88: I hope you would last longer
Chapter 89: To be Killed to the Ends of Time
Chapter 90: If you can do it then you should go up and do it
Chapter 91: Terrifying knife strike
Chapter 92: The Benevolent Butcher
Chapter 93: Time is a pig slaughtering knife
Chapter 94: Anymore?
Chapter 95: Don’t kill them all
Chapter 96: I want to know you
Chapter 97: Door of Darkness
Chapter 98: Go on First
Chapter 99: Stabbed Into My Heart
Chapter 100: This is such a bonus
Chapter 101: This problem is problematic!
Chapter 102: Eyes have changed
Chapter 103: You sure were naughty
Chapter 104: You might not believe it if I told you
Chapter 105: Let us go home
Chapter 106: I’m back
Chapter 107: Where the King’s Blade Tip Points
Chapter 108: This is a monster
Chapter 109: A teammate that accidentally harms you
Chapter 110: Strength comes from Oppai
Chapter 111: Oppai is also justice
Chapter 112: Whiteology Appearance
Chapter 113: Why are you this skilled
Chapter 114: Lovers’ Pact 2.0
Chapter 115: Hisith wants some quietness
Chapter 116: Where did the gentle reminder go
Chapter 117: All Tu Dahei’s fault
Chapter 118: This Turtle Is Hardest
Chapter 119: Imbalanced Broken Character in the World
Chapter 120: This King is wrong
Chapter 121: Peeling Memories
Chapter 122: Do not scream in pain even when balls shatter
Chapter 123: Filthy Turtle Divine Technique Combo!
Chapter 124: Who is Chen Lingcun
Chapter 125: Refreshing your world view
Chapter 126: The adorable you
Chapter 127: This is the reason why you are enduring?
Chapter 128: Very cute, very naive
Chapter 129: Upright person despite Being tough on words
Chapter 130: Intoxicated Moan
Chapter 131: Can you be a bit faster
Chapter 132: Quick stick it back
Chapter 133: Are you kidding me
Chapter 134: Can you give This King a knife
Chapter 135: Being able to see you before my death
Chapter 136: You have successfully infuriated me
Chapter 137: A Very Silly Story
Chapter 138: A Sorrow that should be Drowned
Chapter 139: Wait, you must wait!
Chapter 140: This King needs you
Chapter 141: Hold it in even if you can’t accept it
Chapter 142: Is your face hurting badly?
Chapter 143: Beat O’ unyielding heart!
Chapter 144: Golden-white holy dragon shows its prowess
Chapter 145: What you said makes a lot of sense
Chapter 146: Invincibility is such Loneliness
Chapter 147: Able to posture even while not being awesome
Chapter 148: Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 149: Don’t stick it back
Chapter 150: An honest person does not “play with swords”
Chapter 151: Coach, I want to learn swords
Chapter 152: This tests skill
Chapter 153: Massage Technique of God
Chapter 154: Will you feel regret
Chapter 155: Let’s celebrate by getting a room
Chapter 156: Plans of a King
Chapter 157: Big Perv Shi
Chapter 158: Fragrance and Odor
Chapter 159: Mozzie
Chapter 160: Truly Heh heh
Chapter 161: The Girl who doesn’t drink Chicken Soup.
Chapter 162: Who is messing with who
Chapter 163: A person should be more like Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 164: Come, let’s have a good battle
Chapter 165: Be faster for This King
Chapter 166: Still able to do another few hundred rounds
Chapter 167: The Choice of Courting Death
Chapter 168: Knocking on the Wrong Door
Chapter 169: How can you be such a hooligan
Chapter 170: A Hooligan Unfortunately
Chapter 171: The kick at the threshold
Chapter 172: Have you never seen safety shorts
Chapter 173: Given up for chicks
Chapter 174: Lord God’s Advice
Chapter 175: Not even given a ‘Nice Guy Card’
Chapter 176: Fat chance
Chapter 177: How can this be
Chapter 178: Flirting Expert Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 179: This is the reason for you to break public property?
Chapter 180: Double Speed Mirage
Chapter 181: In This King’s eyes, all of you are already dead
Chapter 182: The vengeful [Zeus]
Chapter 183: This King wants to fight one against all
Chapter 184: The darn godlike collapse of tear ducts
Chapter 185: A super, super flirting expert
Chapter 186: Can I borrow your hand to smack faces
Chapter 187: Come on out, the extremely cute little loli
Chapter 188: King of Lolicons
Chapter 189: Ye Siblings
Chapter 190: Back in the day, against the headwinds, thirty feet I could pee, but today, my shoes are soused despite tailwinds
Chapter 191: Looks Competition MVP
Chapter 192: Take Ten Million to Feed the Pigs!
Chapter 193: If Shi Xiaobai were here
Chapter 194: Who should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor
Chapter 195: Why must a Fatso make things difficult for a former Fatso
Chapter 196: King’s Beginner Sword
Chapter 197: The King’s Fury
Chapter 198: Since the Heavens made the Moon, why did They make the Sun too
Chapter 199: The Former Child Prodigy
Chapter 200: A Crush from a Single Sword Strike