My MCV and Doomsday

Author:Dark Litch

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Lastest Update:2022-10-12 14:38:30

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 350: You Don’t Have the Chance

Doomsday was approaching…

An ancient virus was released upon the world and from then on nothing was the same…

Zombies, mutant wild animals and people with mutant powers…

Jiang Liushi , one day woke up and found the Starseed in his mind, a Black Technology which could assist him in various ways.

Its most important function? Refitting and upgrading vehicles!

[What? You thought it was a regular rundown minibus? Wrong! It was a Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) capable of massacring zombies, and everything that stood in its way, with its awesome weapons!] Follow Jiang and his MCV on their road to survival.

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My MCV and Doomsday Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: The End of the World Is Approaching
Chapter 2: Finding Money
Chapter 3: Scanning and Refitting
Chapter 4: Refitting
Chapter 5: The Final Preparations
Chapter 6: Doomsday
Chapter 7: To Be Line Jumpers Requires Capabilities
Chapter 8: Driving Against the Traffic
Chapter 9: The Minibus Was Surrounded by Zombies
Chapter 10: Escape!
Chapter 11: The Freeway Entrance
Chapter 12: The Day of Parting
Chapter 13: Leaving the Freeway
Chapter 14: A Road Leading up the Mountain
Chapter 15: The Mobile Hotel
Chapter 16: A Roaring at Night
Chapter 17: The MCV Has Broken Down
Chapter 18: Weapon
Chapter 19: Air Cannon
Chapter 20: The MCV’s Evolution
Chapter 21: Waste Is the Biggest Crime
Chapter 22: Bumping All the Way
Chapter 23: Upgrading the Fuel Tank
Chapter 24: This Is Not a Minibus, It Is a Sports Car
Chapter 25: The Wild Guys
Chapter 26: The Crazy Minibus
Chapter 27: Big Mess
Chapter 28: Are You Kidding?
Chapter 29: She Was Overwhelmed by Curiosity
Chapter 30: The Future Is Unknown
Chapter 31: The Mysterious Leader
Chapter 32: Get off Immediately!
Chapter 33: Be Tormented!
Chapter 34: 'Brother Yu'
Chapter 35: Punish Evil on the Spot
Chapter 36: Keep Him Alive
Chapter 37: Drifting?
Chapter 38: The Enraged Jiang Liushi
Chapter 39: Heavy Truck
Chapter 40: Mutant Energy
Chapter 41: Everything Is Ready
Chapter 42: Humiliation and Bitterness
Chapter 43: Inexplicable Actions
Chapter 44: Two Choices
Chapter 45: Departure
Chapter 46: Railway Station
Chapter 47: Nanjing City
Chapter 48: Xiao Ying, I’m Coming!
Chapter 49: Wait for Me
Chapter 50: Are You The Boss?
Chapter 51: Am I like Pikachu?
Chapter 52: It’s Time to Go
Chapter 53: Jiang Zhuying’s Base
Chapter 54: Giving Special Favor
Chapter 55: Picking up Mutant Meat
Chapter 56: Going to Satellite Town
Chapter 57: Battle Prowess
Chapter 58: Zhang Hai’s Ability
Chapter 59: Predicament
Chapter 60: The Mutant Dog
Chapter 61: Perfect Cooperation
Chapter 62: Two Mutant Nuclei
Chapter 63: Rare Materials
Chapter 64: Iridium’s Location
Chapter 65: Special Metals Company
Chapter 66: Special Longsword
Chapter 67: The General Situation
Chapter 68: Jiang Liushi’s Expectations
Chapter 69: Destination: Jinling University!
Chapter 70: Stirring up Trouble
Chapter 71: The New Weapon’s Power
Chapter 72: I Want to Take a Bath
Chapter 73: Killing Jiang Liushi
Chapter 74: Iridium Crucible
Chapter 75: Somebody Is Coming
Chapter 76: Bleeding Wolves
Chapter 77: Devouring Ability
Chapter 78: Building the Lab
Chapter 79: Biological Laboratory
Chapter 80: Jiang Liushi’s Choice
Chapter 81: Do You Have a Gun?
Chapter 82: Sharpshooting Lessons
Chapter 83: Are You a Professional Shooter?
Chapter 84: Rushing Out of the Warehouse
Chapter 85: He Was Observant and Alert
Chapter 86: Retreat!
Chapter 87: Blood Wolf’s Extraordinary Ability
Chapter 88: Blood Wolf’s Counterattack
Chapter 89: Nowhere to Go
Chapter 90: Blind spot
Chapter 91: Second Evolution
Chapter 92: Humanoid Forklift
Chapter 93: Blood Wolf’s Base
Chapter 94: Simplicity
Chapter 95: New Functions
Chapter 96: Harvest
Chapter 97: Reselling
Chapter 98: Humanoid Charger
Chapter 99: Mechanical Refitting
Chapter 100: Critical Materials
Chapter 101: What Are You Looking For?
Chapter 102: Reaping What You Sow
Chapter 103: Practice
Chapter 104: Black Market
Chapter 105: Assistant
Chapter 106: Final Form
Chapter 107: Arrival at the Black Market
Chapter 108: Ying
Chapter 109: Enter Into the Black Market
Chapter 110: Shameless Merchant
Chapter 111: Top Paranormal
Chapter 112: Drive Here
Chapter 113: At loggerheads
Chapter 114: What do you have?
Chapter 115: Eye-opener
Chapter 116: Type 95 Family of Weapons
Chapter 117: Bargaining
Chapter 118: Unexpected
Chapter 119: Ran Xiyu
Chapter 120: Leopard House
Chapter 121: Extra-heavy Truck
Chapter 122: Asking Jiang Liushi for Help
Chapter 123: Removing Ill Fortune
Chapter 124: Humanoid Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 125: Running Away?
Chapter 126: To Pursue, or Not to Pursue?
Chapter 127: Personalized Refitting
Chapter 128: Moving Fortress
Chapter 129: Mining Truck’s Whereabouts
Chapter 130: Going Back?
Chapter 131: Bai Pinghai
Chapter 132: Flushing the Rabbit
Chapter 133: Heaven-daring
Chapter 134: The Death
Chapter 135: Mechanical Monster
Chapter 136: Losing Face Altogether
Chapter 137: Upside Down
Chapter 138: Get out!
Chapter 139: Evolutionary Crystal
Chapter 140: No Corpse!
Chapter 141: Struggle!
Chapter 142: Unexpected Gross Profit
Chapter 143: Upgrading the Storing Space
Chapter 144: Blood Vessel
Chapter 145: Configuring the Gene Evolution Liquid
Chapter 146: Hard to Choose
Chapter 147: Leaving for Jinling
Chapter 148: Intangibly Dangerous
Chapter 149: Advancing Bravely
Chapter 150: Was It the Same Mutant Boa?
Chapter 151: No Discord, No Concord
Chapter 152: Farewell, My Dear Compatriot
Chapter 153: Level-2 Mutant Nucleus
Chapter 154: Rise in Price
Chapter 155: The Key to Evolution
Chapter 156: Breaking a World Record
Chapter 157: Jinling Port
Chapter 158: Scanning the Mining Truck
Chapter 159: Leaving for Shenhai Island
Chapter 160: Launching the MCV’s Second Form
Chapter 161: Falling Ill
Chapter 162: Give It A Try?
Chapter 163: Spiritual Special Ability
Chapter 164: Cry for Help
Chapter 165: What Do You Want to Do?
Chapter 166: Arrival at the First District of Shenhai Island
Chapter 167: Check-In the First District of Shenhai Island
Chapter 168: Humanoid Telephone
Chapter 169: Luxurious Coffee House
Chapter 170: Long Time No See
Chapter 171: Invitation
Chapter 172: Trading Hall
Chapter 173: Diesel
Chapter 174: No Interest
Chapter 175: Privilege
Chapter 176: The World Is Small
Chapter 177: Say It Again!
Chapter 178: Get Out by Yourselves or Not?
Chapter 179: For Some Extra Gains
Chapter 180: Local Tyrant
Chapter 181: Cheating!
Chapter 182: Shouldn't Provoke
Chapter 183: ‘Viper’
Chapter 184: Mutant Zombies
Chapter 185: One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy
Chapter 186: Leaving the City
Chapter 187: It Was Just an Accident
Chapter 188: The Approaching Zombies
Chapter 189: Fight With Each Other
Chapter 190: Borrowing a Gun
Chapter 191: Commiting Suicide?
Chapter 192: Zombies Were Defeated
Chapter 193: Every Shot Tells
Chapter 194: Level-1 Mutant Zombie
Chapter 195: Was It A Zombie?
Chapter 196: Regenerating a Severed Body Part
Chapter 197: Blood Nucleus
Chapter 198: Using ‘Borrow’ As a Pretext?
Chapter 199: Murdering a Person with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 200: The Mantis Stalking the Cicada
Chapter 201: Have Dim Eyesight
Chapter 202: Dreadful Opponent
Chapter 203: Tongnan City
Chapter 204: Struck by Zombies
Chapter 205: Converging Attack
Chapter 206: Strike Back
Chapter 207: Unconditional Surrender
Chapter 208: Last Warning
Chapter 209: Don’t Offend Jiang
Chapter 210: Returning To Shenhai Island
Chapter 211: Tide of Zombies
Chapter 212: Pickets
Chapter 213: Drumstick Gun
Chapter 214: Offending Chu Chongshan
Chapter 215: Visitor
Chapter 216: The Old General
Chapter 217: Exorbitant Price
Chapter 218: Eagle
Chapter 219: Ready! Set! Go!
Chapter 220: Directing a Battle
Chapter 221: Vision and Feeling
Chapter 222: Ran Xiyu’s Special Ability
Chapter 223: Surrounded by Zombies
Chapter 224: Driving into the Distance
Chapter 225: A Female Zombie
Chapter 226: Approaching Danger
Chapter 227: Mysterious Ability
Chapter 228: Getting Through the Siege
Chapter 229: Men Cannot Be Judged By Their Looks
Chapter 230: Radical Zone
Chapter 231: Abandoned Nuclear Power Station
Chapter 232: Rescue Team!
Chapter 233: Rescue
Chapter 234: Meeting Again
Chapter 235: Accident
Chapter 236: Psychic Monster
Chapter 237: Hypnosis
Chapter 238: Wake Up
Chapter 239: Li Yuxin’s Change
Chapter 240: Dream and Reality
Chapter 241: Don’t Disturb Her
Chapter 242: Great Change
Chapter 243: In Imminent Danger
Chapter 244: Request
Chapter 245: Upgrade Program
Chapter 246: Urgent Task
Chapter 247: Leaving Shenhai Island
Chapter 248: Special Paranormal
Chapter 249: Scream At Night
Chapter 250: Who Are You?
Chapter 251: Fending for Herself
Chapter 252: Hidden Danger
Chapter 253: Returning to Jiangbei
Chapter 254: Accident
Chapter 255: Opening A Path
Chapter 256: Not An Ordinary Excavator
Chapter 257: Ye County
Chapter 258: Who Are You!?
Chapter 259: Looking For Someone
Chapter 260: Uninvited Guests
Chapter 261: Going Home
Chapter 262: It's a Pity
Chapter 263: I Was Forced
Chapter 264: Enlightenment
Chapter 265: Encounter
Chapter 266: Driving Thousands of Miles
Chapter 267: Pulling the Trigger
Chapter 268: Wormhole
Chapter 269: Military Order
Chapter 270: Slipping Into the Enemy Lines
Chapter 271: Iron Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 272: Meeting Again
Chapter 273: How Will You Leave?
Chapter 274: Digging His Own Grave
Chapter 275: Suffer Severely From Jiang Liushi
Chapter 276: Trouble
Chapter 277: On The Way
Chapter 278: Did You Get On Well With Each Other
Chapter 279: What Can You Do?
Chapter 280: Star City
Chapter 281: Blind-Shooting
Chapter 282: Stand Still
Chapter 283: Deliver to Home
Chapter 284: Star City Base
Chapter 285: Riding on Someone’s Coattails
Chapter 286: You Can Try
Chapter 287: Don’t Bother
Chapter 288: Deliberate Provocation
Chapter 289: Seckill
Chapter 290: Go Beyond Their Depth
Chapter 291: A Stranger
Chapter 292: Why Don’t You Change the World?
Chapter 293: Starseed Fluctuation
Chapter 294: Fallen City
Chapter 295: In The Dark World
Chapter 296: Pay Back the Money
Chapter 297: Jiang Can’t Avoid His Enemy
Chapter 298: Lei She (1)
Chapter 299: Lei She (2)
Chapter 300: Diamond Cut Diamond
Chapter 301: Great Jiang Liushi
Chapter 302: A Slight Error in Thought
Chapter 303: Hong Yue
Chapter 304: Disappearing Special Energy
Chapter 305: Chance Encounter
Chapter 306: Killing Intent
Chapter 307: Eyeballs
Chapter 308: "Restaurant"
Chapter 309: Fate
Chapter 310: Mental Confrontation
Chapter 311: Hand Tearing Living People
Chapter 312: A Special Zombie
Chapter 313: People in Cages
Chapter 314: Ling
Chapter 315: I Can’t Say It Anymore
Chapter 316: Unexpected News
Chapter 317: Yes, You are Right
Chapter 318: Tank
Chapter 319: Her Soul Was Damned
Chapter 320: Like A Moth To The Flame
Chapter 321: Mutual Destruction? Wrong!
Chapter 322: Leakage of Electricity?
Chapter 323: Inconceivable
Chapter 324: Invitation
Chapter 325: Not Necessary
Chapter 326: You, Get Out
Chapter 327: Salute!
Chapter 328: Coincidence
Chapter 329: Imminent Death
Chapter 330: Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 331: Is This Your Special Ability?
Chapter 332: Setting Off
Chapter 333: Small Town
Chapter 334: Survivors
Chapter 335: Just Driving
Chapter 336: Cutting Off Your Escape Route!
Chapter 337: Approaching Zombies
Chapter 338: Vain Hope
Chapter 339: Rushing into The Zombies
Chapter 340: Come After Me!
Chapter 341: Perfect Evasion
Chapter 342: Hang On To Your Hat
Chapter 343: Special Hobby
Chapter 344: Northern Area of Jiangsu
Chapter 345: Business
Chapter 346: Entering the County
Chapter 347: Xiang Xuehai
Chapter 348: This Is Help?
Chapter 349: Afraid They Would Not Come
Chapter 350: You Don’t Have the Chance