Chapter 50: Are You Trying to Murder Your Husband?

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Jin Qingyan looked down. “You still have no sense of security even though our house is rich enough.”

“But — our house’s money belongs to you and the whole of the Jin family, it’s not mine. Most people probably think that as Mrs. Jin, I should be used to having money, but they’re all wrong. Those who know me will know, regardless of the amount of money, it won’t be too much to me.”

Jin Qingyan’s fingers were in hers, gently rubbing at her smooth skin. An Xiaoning raised her head and the two passionately cuddled together.

As their bodies pressed closer, the atmosphere gradually became heated.

“Babylifewasgoodtomebutyoujustmadeitbetternull, Ilovethewayitstandbymethroughanykindofweathernull…” His handphone ringtone suddenly broke out at this untimely moment.

Jin Qingyan did not answer it. He allowed his phone to continue ringing, and the ringtone continued to chime over and over again.

After the fourth ring, he stopped whatever he was doing because the only person who had the patience to ring him for so long was Chi Rui’er. The people around him usually rang once or twice before giving up, including his parents and relatives.

His hand reached out and, taking a look at the phone screen, he saw that it was indeed Chi Rui’er calling.

He sat up and answered it. “Hello.”

On the other end came Chi Rui’er’s weak and feeble voice, “Qingyan, I’m having a fever.”

“I’ll give my family doctor a call so he could check on you.”

“Ahem, ahem… can you come over? If it’s too much trouble, then it’s fine.” Chi Rui’er coughed repeatedly. Her voice was hoarse and her breathing was heavy. It seemed like she was in terrible discomfort.

“I’ll go over right now.” His spirits immediately dampened, he pushed back the covers and got out.

An Xiaoning tightened her grip on the blanket. She looked over at him and said, “I’ll come with you.”

“No — you sleep first. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” He put on his coat last in an orderly manner. Maybe in consideration of her status, he turned and reached out to hold her face. Giving it a little peck, he said soothingly, “I’ll be back real quick.”

An Xiaoning grunted, “You better be back soon, or else…”

“Or else what?”

“I’ll use a different method to make you get it!”

“Alright…” He kept his smile and headed out.

He arrived at Wei Ni Estate. Just then, the doctor came out from Chi Rui’er’s room and reported, “Young Master, because the fever is quite high, I’ve put her on a drip.”

“Hmmm, alright, noted.”

He pushed the door open. Chi Rui’er was leaning on the bed to rest. She had one hand hanging onto a drip and the other held a cup of milk. Seeing him enter, she looked at him with a pitiful look and said, “Qingyan, I’m feeling so unwell.”

“Aren’t you on a drip? You’ll get better soon. Why did you get a fever?”

“I fell asleep while bathing.” She placed the glass of milk on the table and continued, “The bathroom temperature was too low — you should know, I have a weak constitution. Were you in bed already?”

“Ummm, I just lay down when your call came.”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have called you. But I’ve no one to speak to. I’m so lonely.” Chi Rui’er’s eyes were brimming with sadness. “Qingyan, how much longer may I live here?”

“If you think it’s not convenient living here, I’ve arranged for someone to get you another house. I’ll get people to protect and take care of you, okay?” His words were full of meaning. It wasn’t her own house, after all, and there had to be a limit to how long she could stay there. She couldn’t possibly stay there forever.

Chi Rui’er replied lightly, “I don’t think it’s inconvenient actually, it’s very safe living here. There are people everywhere, it’s just that I’m afraid… you and your wife may get into an argument, that won’t be good.”

Jin Qingyan did not know what to say at that moment, so he just responded, “She did mention it. Just stay here for now, I’ll look for other houses. If there’s a decent one, you can move in.”

Chi Rui’er felt uncomfortable inside. This was indeed not her house, and she wasn’t the lady of the house either. She had no right to say anything. She suddenly felt it was very important for a woman to have a status.

She originally thought she had Gu Beicheng within her grasp, but who’d have known it would all be futile.

She was so deeply devoted to him and loved him so extremely much, but he suddenly initiated a breakup with her.

As for this one, he suddenly got married too.

Chi Rui’er found it funnier the more she thought of it. She had nothing at all in the end.

She found her words stuck in her throat. Finally, she was able to mouth two words, “That’s fine.”

Jin Qingyan accompanied her until a full bottle of intravenous drip had been used up. Seeing that it was rather late already, he told her, “I’ll get the helper to accompany you while you have this second bottle of drip, you can sleep peacefully now. After the bottle is used up, I’ll get her to remove the needle for you.”

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“I’ll come over.”

Chi Rui’er could finally reply cheerfully, “Okay. I’ll wait for you, hurry back then.”

Jin Qingyan went forward to cover her with a blanket properly and dimmed the lights. He then got up and instructed the helpers to take care of her.

When he arrived home, An Xiaoning was already fast asleep.

After moving close to her warm figure, Jin Qingyan did not want to wake her so he slept quietly.

In the morning, when An Xiaoning woke up, he hugged her from behind. From his ears, he could hear the sound of her faint and regular breathing.

She pushed his hands away but her body was immediately pulled into his arms again and was not allowed to move an inch.

“I want to get out of bed.”

“You haven’t asked me if I agree to it.”

“Hmph,” she snorted softly. “I still have to get your permission to get out of bed?”

“Other times, no, but now, yes.” He turned over her body and her eyes met his — they were crinkled up in a grin. She had yet to see them clearly and was suddenly overwhelmed by his warm breath, which made the whole of An Xiaoning’s face numb.

Her head remained whirling because of the gentle treatment she was receiving. Her lips did not belong to her anymore. It was not a reckless and domineering conquest but the gentle pampering of a baby.

His legs slowly tangled up with hers, and his body gradually lost control.

Between the two of them, An Xiaoning was always in the inferior position.

When he changed and got out of bed, he said, “Come and do my tie for me.”

“I don’t know how to,” An Xiaoning confessed honestly. “I really don’t know.”

“If you don’t know, then learn,” he said in a soft tone. “I’ll teach you.”

An Xiaoning went forward and held onto the tie. His hand was on hers, going over the moves. However, she used too much strength at the end and almost strangled him to death.

“Ahem ahem ahem…” Jin Qingyan’s internal organs were about to bleed out. “Are you trying to murder your husband?”

“Sorry, my hand slipped — used too much strength — I’ll take note next time.”

He did it properly himself and went to wash up.

The two had the rare chance of brushing their teeth together. Doing the same action in the mirror and even having the same expression on, this scene oddly gave her an urge to laugh.

“A constipated look,” he mumbled as he rinsed his mouth.

“That’s because I was looking at you.”


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