Dual Cultivation


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 149 Rumors

What is the point of wealth and status if there’s nobody to share it with? Dual Cultivation explores the sensual side of the Cultivation world that is often filled with solitude!

Su Yang was sentenced to life in prison within the Eternal Retribution Cliff, where only the universe’s most violent and evil criminals dwell.

His crime?

He seduced the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s sister, and even touched the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter.

He later meets a mysterious old man who would help him escape prison by reincarnating him.

In his new life, Su Yang swears to reunite with his lovers and hold them in his embrace once again, all the while finding new ones along the way.

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Dual Cultivation Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1 Su Yang
Chapter 2 Suffering to Find a Single Partner
Chapter 3 Waste of a Handsome Face
Chapter 4 White Pearl Treasury
Chapter 5 Pleading for More
Chapter 6 Three Seasons Snake
Chapter 7 Extracting the Poison
Chapter 8 This Is Why You Are Still Single
Chapter 9 Wetting the Bed
Chapter 10 Beauty Waiting by the Door
Chapter 11 Stick Your Butt Towards My Way
Chapter 12 Overwhelmed by Pleasure
Chapter 13 Feeling Ashamed
Chapter 14 A Group of Beauties
Chapter 15 Senior Sister Spectating Her Junior Sister
Chapter 16 Touch Me More, Daddy!
Chapter 17 Horrifying, yet Tempting
Chapter 18 Lingering Fragrance
Chapter 19 The Only and True Path to Heaven
Chapter 20 Pure Yang Flower
Chapter 21 And You Call Yourselves a Man?
Chapter 22 Deathmatch
Chapter 23 Sword Inten
Chapter 24 His First Love
Chapter 25 Inner Court Disciple
Chapter 26 Acting Like a Dog in Hea
Chapter 27 The Jade Slip Beside the Pillow
Chapter 28 Five Cultivation Stages
Chapter 29 Cripple
Chapter 30 Searching for a Partner
Chapter 31 I Want Your Yin Essence
Chapter 32 How Are You Going to Be Responsible?
Chapter 33 Awakening of a Dragon
Chapter 34 Their Dual Cultivation
Chapter 35 I Want to Try Putting It in My Mouth...
Chapter 36 Mission Hall
Chapter 37 Sword and Gold
Chapter 38 Swift Feather City
Chapter 39 A Lively Restauran
Chapter 40 The Four Great Families
Chapter 41 You Heard Me
Chapter 42 Golden Carriage
Chapter 43 Shadowy Figure
Chapter 44 Heavenly Constitution
Chapter 45 Hundred Poisons Body
Chapter 46 I Want to Look at Your Heavenly Constitution
Chapter 47 Priceless Technique
Chapter 48 Nine Astral Steps
Chapter 49 Have Eyes But...
Chapter 50 Extreme Yin Flower
Chapter 51 Unfortunate
Chapter 52 What If I Refuse?
Chapter 53 Burning Lotus Auction House
Chapter 54 Madam Wang
Chapter 55 Offer
Chapter 56 I Want You
Chapter 57 Profound Advancement Pill
Chapter 58 A Gift from the Heavens
Chapter 59 Behind the Glass Wall
Chapter 60 Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 61 The Struggles of the Weak
Chapter 62 A Wealthy Gues
Chapter 63 Storage Ring
Chapter 64 Zhang Xiu Ying
Chapter 65 Who Did It?
Chapter 66 Returning to the Sec
Chapter 67 Seemingly Distressed
Chapter 68 Comforting Her Worries
Chapter 69 A Goddess Descends End of Vol.1
Chapter 70 How Are You Still Alive?
Chapter 71 Do You Blame Me?
Chapter 72 Treating Her Things as If They Were His Own
Chapter 73 Emperor-grade Heavenly Constitution
Chapter 74 Inner Court Disciple Assessmen
Chapter 75 I Want You to Touch Me Here...
Chapter 76 What Else Are You Hiding from Me?
Chapter 77 What If I Become Your Partner Instead?
Chapter 78 Depraved Techniques
Chapter 79 Worse Than Expected
Chapter 80 Relieving Her Pain
Chapter 81 Don’t Worry, I Will Be Gentle
Chapter 82 Everlasting Sacred Fire
Chapter 83 Inheritance
Chapter 84 Appearance Reforming Pill
Chapter 85 You Can’t Give Me What Is Already Mine!
Chapter 86 Little Girl Matriarch
Chapter 87 Bedtime Story
Chapter 88 Do You Still Remember Me?
Chapter 89 I Will See You Soon!
Chapter 90 Terrorizing the Sec
Chapter 91 Reunion Between Master and Slave
Chapter 92 Are You Regretting Your Actions Now?
Chapter 93 This is Not Prostitution!
Chapter 94 Root of Vitality
Chapter 95 Chamber of Embrace 1
Chapter 96 Chamber of Embrace 2
Chapter 97 Chamber of Embrace 3
Chapter 98 Chamber of Embrace 4
Chapter 99 Lick It More!
Chapter 100 Are You Even a Man?
Chapter 101 You’d Only Be Met with Disappointmen
Chapter 102 Get Him!
Chapter 103 Disciplinary Squad
Chapter 104 Celestial Qi
Chapter 105 Legend of an Immortal
Chapter 106 An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 107 He Said Get Lost!
Chapter 108 Lecture
Chapter 109 Overflowing Yang Qi
Chapter 110 Towards the Northern Region End of Vol. 2
Chapter 111 Moonlight Festival
Chapter 112 Asura God Clan
Chapter 113 Recognition
Chapter 114 Entering the Immortal's Treasury
Chapter 115 A Treasure Has Appeared!
Chapter 116 Barely at Home, Always Disappearing for Days
Chapter 117 Silver King Armor
Chapter 118 Entering the Third Floor
Chapter 119 What a Poor Fellow
Chapter 120 How Is He so Big at Such a Young Age?
Chapter 121 Impossible to Obtain
Chapter 122 Are You Really Human?
Chapter 123 Like a Punching Bag
Chapter 124 I Have Been Looking Everywhere for You!
Chapter 125 Treasure Room
Chapter 126 Filled with Guil
Chapter 127 The Su Family
Chapter 128 Spirit's Vengeance
Chapter 129 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 130 Forced Contrac
Chapter 131 Even Now My Heart Is Filled with Uneasiness
Chapter 132 I Am Just a Nobody with Amnesia!
Chapter 133 Returning Home
Chapter 134 You Clearly Remember Everything!
Chapter 135 Sudden Ambush
Chapter 136 Only If You Have the Balls!
Chapter 137 Soul Divination Pill
Chapter 138 I Am Here to See My Fiance!
Chapter 139 Hong Yu'er
Chapter 140 Clear Visions
Chapter 141 Four Seasons Academy
Chapter 142 If You Are Not Careful, I Might End up Also Consuming You!
Chapter 143 Nine Spring Hall
Chapter 144 Three Ancient Academy
Chapter 145 Even If I Request for You to Warm My Bed?
Chapter 146 Let’s Start by Removing Your Dirty Clothes
Chapter 147 Can I Bear Your Child? 18+
Chapter 148 Impregnate Me! 18+
Chapter 149 Rumors