Reborn as My Love Rival's Wife

Author:Shu Huai,舒

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There once was a very popular question on the internet:

If one morning, you woke up and realized that your gender had changed, what would be your first reaction?

And someone on the internet had famously responded:

First, give your bros a good time!

Su Jian remembered that when he saw this reply, he had slapped the table to express his admiration. What a good bro! Such loyalty!

But now that he actually encountered this strange situation himself, he could only feel an extremely ball-breaking alarm, shocked grief, and frightened anger. **** your mom! Ah, ****! **** it!

Oh, a correction. The above is grammatically incorrect. After all, poor Classmate Su Jian doesn’t have balls anymore.

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Chapter 1: The Ball-Broken Classmate Su Jian Doesn’t Have Balls Anymore
Chapter 2: What’s Worse Than Your Love Rival Stealing Your Girl Is Becoming Their Girl
Chapter 3: I’m Dead? I, Your Father, Haven’t Even Married a Wife! I, Your Father, Am Still A Virgin!
Chapter 4: And So I Was Carried In A Dishonorable Princess Carry By My Damned Love Rival. Please Just Let Me Die Again!
Chapter 5: His ‘Hubby’s’ Stamina Wasn’t Bad!
Chapter 6: We Actually Didn’t Have Any Type of Relationship?
Chapter 7: From Today, He Could Only Live On As A Woman
Chapter 8: Since The Former Su Jian Did All The Cooking, He Couldn’t Change Too Much In Order To Not Reveal Himself
Chapter 9: In This Day And Age, A Man Who Can’t Cook Is Not A Good Man!
Chapter 10: You Mean… That Now… You Like Me?
Chapter 11: Even If You Were Indifferent To The Whole World, When Would You Ever Have Been Willing To Let Her Suffer Even The Tiniest Wrong?
Chapter 12: Holy Sh*t! Can This Be? This… Was This The Legendary——GREAT. AUNT?!
Chapter 13: This Was The Very Image Of Su Jian’s Former Ideal Goddess!
Chapter 14: An Yize Only Ate One Bowlful Instead Of His Usual Three Bowlfuls Of Food
Chapter 15: An Yize Was… Sick?
Chapter 16: Our Yize Is The Bravest!
Chapter 17: Young Mistress, Madam Requests You Make A Visit To The Main Residence
Chapter 18: Tell Me, How Much Would It Take For You To Leave My Son?
Chapter 19: Only Then Did Su Jian Discover That More Than Half Of The Soup That Was Originally Being Carried By Bai Ninxue Had Splashed Onto Him!
Chapter 20: Of Course I Fear Your Anger!
Chapter 21: Mom’s Balls! I Actually Have To Share A Bed With An Yize!
Chapter 22: The World Of The Wealthy, Turns Out He Still Doesn’t Get It…
Chapter 23: You Are The Type That My Dad Likes
Chapter 24: The First Kiss That I, Your Father, Had Saved For Twenty-Nine Years Was… By A Man Like An Yize…
Chapter 25: If You’ve Got No Skills, Don’t Copy Others!
Chapter 26: Su Jian Firmly Believes That An Yize Is Here To Apologize!
Chapter 27: Did An Yize Specifically Bring Him To Watch A Movie For Chinese Valentine’s Day?
Chapter 28: Though He Put Up A Righteous Front, He Actually Had A Reaction!
Chapter 29: Just What Is So Good About Su Jian? How Is She Better Than Me?
Chapter 30: In That Moment, An Yize Felt As If His Heart Stopped Then Jumped Again
Chapter 31: Cruel! This Is Too Cruel!
Chapter 32: Yize, I Don’t Discriminate Against Homosexuality
Chapter 33: President An Felt A Little Terrible
Chapter 34: Why Not Have Third Brother Choose One For Third Sister-In-Law?
Chapter 35: As An Upright Girl, How Could He Let A Male See His Chest!
Chapter 36: Ah Jie, You Are Finally Here!
Chapter 37: In My Life, I Only Have This One Brother
Chapter 38: I Like You The Most…
Chapter 39: An Yize Used To Like Someone
Chapter 40: At That Time, He Met Su Jian
Chapter 41: Life Will Always Gift You With New Joys, Removing The Poison From The Tarsal Bones
Chapter 42: Third Brother Is Still At Work, Why Not Send Him A Lunch Filled With Third Sister-In-Law’s Love!
Chapter 43: I Am Currently Your Spouse, Shouldn’t You Take Full Responsibility For Me?
Chapter 44: You Want To Teach Me How To Dance?
Chapter 45: You Really Don’t Have Much Experience Gifting A Birthday Present To A Man!
Chapter 46: I Can’t Keep Letting An Yize Kiss Me Repeatedly!
Chapter 47: Hubby, Where Is Your Phone? Help Me Take A Photo Of Queen Ji And I!
Chapter 48: When He Finally Chanced Upon Someone Bad Mouthing Him, He Had Become A Temptress Expert At Climbing Onto Someone!
Chapter 49: Third Sister-In-Law, Third Brother Just Confessed To You. Why Aren’t You Treating Him Better?
Chapter 50: Yize, Quick! Sister-In-Law Can’t Swim!
Chapter 51: I’ve Actually Prepared A Gift For You, But I Don’t Feel Like Giving It To You Now!
Chapter 52: Holy sh*t! An Yize, To Think You Can Actually Make A Move On Such A Face!
Chapter 53: “You Can’t Possibly Take Care Of Me Forever Could You?” “Why Not?”
Chapter 54: The Students in Class Two are Especially Famous For Their Liveliness In Our Department
Chapter 55: An Yize Turned His Head Around, Slowly Saying: “Someone Gifted You Roses?”
Chapter 56: “What Are You Doing?” “Fighting Aircrafts.”
Chapter 57: My Name Is Lu Chenghe
Chapter 58: Actually, I’m A Guy
Chapter 59: Jian Jian, I…
Chapter 60: Jian Jian, I Like You
Chapter 61: Yize, I’m Sorry
Chapter 62: Su Jian Realized That An Yize Does Not Seem To Care About Him Anymore
Chapter 63: If I Really Had To Choose A Man, I Would Rather Be With An Yize. At Least I’m Familiar With Him!
Chapter 64: Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Be Angry! My Love For You Can Be Testified By Heaven And Earth, You Must Believe In Me!
Chapter 65: Are You Willing To Experience The Endless Beauty In This Boundless World With Me?
Chapter 66: That Night, You Didn’t Reject Me! That Night, I Hurt You!
Chapter 67: After Separating, I Realized That The One I Truly Love Had Always Been You
Chapter 68: Ji Yan Specially Called And An Yize Rushed Over Specially. Who Knows What May Happen Between The Two Of Them?
Chapter 69: The One Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life Will Only Be Jian Jian And No One Else
Chapter 70: How Did Lu Chenghe Know That His Marriage With An Yize Was Fake?
Chapter 71: The Man Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life Will Only Be My Husband And No One Else
Chapter 72: Could It Be That I Really Have To Consider An Yize?
Chapter 73: Su Jian Felt Hot. Not Just Hot, He Felt That His Mouth Was Dry
Chapter 74: Your Mom! An Yize Was Still Taking His Own Sweet Time At This Moment, So Annoying!
Chapter 75: Then, He Suddenly Raised His Hand And Gave Ji Yan’s Face A Slap
Chapter 76: If This Goes On, Will I Just Press An Yize Down On The Bed And Do Him…
Chapter 77: An Yize’s Waist, An Yize’s Back, An Yize’s Shoulders, An Yize’s Legs
Chapter 78: Yize, I Think I Do Like You A Little
Chapter 79: Is This The Legendary Love?
Chapter 80: Su Jian Kind Of Missed An Yize All Of A Sudden
Chapter 81: The Sedan Driver Is Seriously Injured And Has Been Rushed To The Hospital For Treatment…
Chapter 82: “Jian Jian, I Love You.” “Yes, Me Too…”
Chapter 83: Dad, Mom, Are You All Willing To Hand Yize To Me?
Chapter 84: Congratulations! You’re Going To Be A Mother!
Chapter 85: The Final Chapter
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