Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Author:Qin Shuang

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Lastest Update:2022-03-18 14:07:25

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 320: Just Leave

No one wants to marry a cruel and bloodthirsty person, even if he is the master of a country.

A marriage, the well-known idiot Liu Xiangfu third lady married the noble princess.

Ordinary appearance is actually a peerless appearance, seemingly ordinary is actually the master of the killer.

Since then, entangled by the tyrant, embarked on a dangerous journey.

She: Become a demon and fight against the sky! Him: Spoil her if you steal away!

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Chapter 1: The Royal Decree of a Political Marriage
Chapter 2: The Problem With Etiquette
Chapter 3: Little Miss Two-Faced
Chapter 4: Goodbye, Birth Mother
Chapter 5: An Eye for an Eye
Chapter 6: Making You Faint From Anger
Chapter 7: The Last Time
Chapter 8: The Minister’s Manor is About to Fall
Chapter 9: Just Who In the World Is She?
Chapter 10: The Phoenix’s Flames Flare Up
Chapter 11: The Cold Water Evaporated
Chapter 12: Are You Satisfied Now?
Chapter 13: Profound Inner Breath
Chapter 14: Ice and Fire Collide
Chapter 15: A Temporary Promise
Chapter 16: Wildy Arrogant
Chapter 17: You Marry Me and I’ll Marry You
Chapter 18: Who Dares Offend You
Chapter 19: To Everyone’s Dislike
Chapter 20: As Handsome as a God
Chapter 21: The Emperors of Two Nations
Chapter 22: Personally Selecting a Bride
Chapter 23: Reporting Her Own Family
Chapter 24: None to His Liking
Chapter 25: Unbelievable
Chapter 26: I Have Made a Decision
Chapter 27: Beautiful and Noble
Chapter 28: Burning Gaze
Chapter 29: Only Just Alright
Chapter 30: Exquisite Peonies
Chapter 31: Only Just Satisfactory
Chapter 32: Give Us a Little Dance
Chapter 33: She’s Beautiful
Chapter 34: My Empress
Chapter 35: Flying out of the Imperial Palace
Chapter 36: Blood Lust and Assassination
Chapter 37: The Difference In Strength
Chapter 38: Obscenities
Chapter 39: Extremely Beautiful
Chapter 40: The Tyrant Poison Expert
Chapter 41: A Despicable Forced Kiss
Chapter 42: Getting Married Nonchalantly
Chapter 43: No Joy, Nor Sorrow
Chapter 44: Seated Upon the Bridal Sedan
Chapter 45: The Supreme Tyrant
Chapter 46: A True Nemesis
Chapter 47: Onward to the Massacre
Chapter 48: The Malevolent Madam
Chapter 49: The God of Death Arrives
Chapter 50: Continue to Get Revenge
Chapter 51: Fleeing Mid-route
Chapter 52: Majestic Grandeur
Chapter 53: The Master Fainted
Chapter 54: I’ll Say It Just This Once
Chapter 55: Leaving Carefreely
Chapter 56: Investigating Inconspicuously
Chapter 57: Unruly and Bossy
Chapter 58: Blood Feast Canyon
Chapter 59: To Kill Without Hesitation
Chapter 60: Mincemeat
Chapter 61: The Four Clan Masters
Chapter 62: Failed Attempt at Defiance
Chapter 63: The Cost of Losing
Chapter 64: The Master of Assassins
Chapter 65: Accidentally Wounded
Chapter 66: Bandage the Wounds
Chapter 67: Recalling Past Events
Chapter 68: Continue Onward
Chapter 69: Returning On Her Own Accord
Chapter 70: Blood Feast Dining Together
Chapter 71: Make People Hate You and Get Mad At You
Chapter 72: It’s Hard To Be The Clan Leader
Chapter 73: The Guards Retaliate
Chapter 74: The Princess Who Seeked Death
Chapter 75: Harassment In the Firewood Storage Shed
Chapter 76: Never Failed
Chapter 77: Who Is More Inferior?
Chapter 78: Training In The Deep Valley
Chapter 79: Easy Peasy
Chapter 80: Back In The Capital
Chapter 81: Bathing In The Palace Chambers
Chapter 82: A Brotherly Spat
Chapter 83: The Imperial Concubines Request a Meeting
Chapter 84: Different Kinds of Beauty
Chapter 85: Naturally Gifted
Chapter 86: Leaving The Valley For Talks
Chapter 87: Gold And Nobility Beyond Compare
Chapter 88: Insufferably Arrogant
Chapter 89: Apologise, Then Leave
Chapter 90: The Intense Fight Begins
Chapter 91: Reaching Full Potential
Chapter 92: Fainted
Chapter 93: First Class Maid
Chapter 94: Soft-spoken And Submissive
Chapter 95: Out Shopping
Chapter 96: Two Groups Collide
Chapter 97: An Emotionless Facial Expression
Chapter 98: Listening to Live Music at the Teahouse
Chapter 99: Red Dance Asura
Chapter 100: Royal Banquet the Day Before Yesterday
Chapter 101: The Royal Banquet Begins
Chapter 102: Forcing You to Reveal Yourself
Chapter 103: Determined To Win
Chapter 104: Competing In Guqin Skills
Chapter 105: Smooth and Melodic
Chapter 106: So What If You’ve Got The Skills?!
Chapter 107: Benefit From Their Fight
Chapter 108: A Verdict Made
Chapter 109: Unfair Advantage
Chapter 110: Ruthless Beyond Compare
Chapter 111: Overbearing Beyond Compare
Chapter 112: Defeated
Chapter 113: The Vulgar Tyrant
Chapter 114: The Tyrant Combs Hair
Chapter 115: Marital Matters
Chapter 116: Feeding Each Other Food
Chapter 117: The Cruel Princess
Chapter 118: The Three Concubines Request A Meeting
Chapter 119: Who Do You Like?
Chapter 120: The Day of The Spring Hunt
Chapter 121: Coming Across An Ambush
Chapter 122: The Princess Defiled
Chapter 123: Finding Someone With A Sketch
Chapter 124: Seizing The Opportunity To Slander
Chapter 125: Ruining Your Face
Chapter 126: Failing To Appreciate Kindness
Chapter 127: You Don’t Understand Love
Chapter 128: Who’ll Admit Defeat First
Chapter 129: How To Break It In
Chapter 130: Viciously Bite You
Chapter 131: Not Done With You
Chapter 132: The Angel and The Devil
Chapter 133: Respecting Elders
Chapter 134: Scowling At Each Other
Chapter 135: Love To Hurt People
Chapter 136: What Is Love?
Chapter 137: The Feeling of Missing Someone
Chapter 138: The Day Before The Big Wedding
Chapter 139: Put A Lot of Thought Into It
Chapter 140: That’s Reasonable
Chapter 141: Holding The Big Wedding
Chapter 142: The Tyrant Beat His Mother
Chapter 143: Who’s Fault Was It?
Chapter 144: The Imperial Banquet Begins
Chapter 145: Every Country Came to Congratulate
Chapter 146: Cute Pet Tiger
Chapter 147: Yaoyi’s Death
Chapter 148: Savage Empress Dowager
Chapter 149: Qing’Er Crippled
Chapter 150: She Ought To Have Been Emotionless
Chapter 151: Pursuing the Runaway Empress
Chapter 152: Awake At Last
Chapter 153: A Sudden Unforeseen Accident
Chapter 154: Pretending To Be Severely Sick
Chapter 155: Bad Tyrant
Chapter 156: Personal Servant
Chapter 157: Courteous
Chapter 158: Viewing The Scenery With You
Chapter 159: Encountering Pythons
Chapter 160: Gutsy Opponent
Chapter 161: Ice Room
Chapter 162: The Fierce, Tough Woman
Chapter 163: Riding Snakes to Defeat Enemies
Chapter 164: Threaten You!
Chapter 165: Assassinate the Tyrant
Chapter 166: Secretly Catching Feelings
Chapter 167: Struck After Being Poisoned
Chapter 168: Failed At Every Attempt
Chapter 169: Ruhua Reveals A Secret
Chapter 170: Completely Betrayed
Chapter 171: Harming Herself As Proof
Chapter 172: The Cruel Resolution
Chapter 173: A Plan To Grab Someone
Chapter 174: Walking Right Into The Trap
Chapter 175: Dispute Over Tea
Chapter 176: The Empress Disappeared
Chapter 177: Unable To Escape
Chapter 178: The Tyrant Was The Worst
Chapter 179: Stabbed In The Back By Consort Rou
Chapter 180: Almost Drowned To Death
Chapter 181: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 182: Beaten To Death By Planks
Chapter 183: Two Words: Divorce Papers
Chapter 184: Just You All Wait
Chapter 185: The Demon Empress Who Brought Calamity To The Nation
Chapter 186: Retiring Back To Their Hometown
Chapter 187: A Brother Wed
Chapter 188: How Many Children Would You Like?
Chapter 189: Selection By Imperial Examination
Chapter 190: Greenhouse Flower
Chapter 191: Off to The Valley of The Medicine King
Chapter 192: Su Die’s Secret Crush
Chapter 193: Afraid To Lose You
Chapter 194: Slowly Settling The Dispute
Chapter 195: Only Have One Wife
Chapter 196: Why Not Let Go?
Chapter 197: Senior Brother’s Confession of Love
Chapter 198: Ziling’s Marriage Proposal
Chapter 199: You Like Me
Chapter 200: On Considerably Good Terms
Chapter 201: Stay Indoors and Think About What You’ve Done
Chapter 202: Reconcile Once Again
Chapter 203: Just Call Me ‘Ze’
Chapter 204: Visiting Ziling
Chapter 205: Out On A Trip
Chapter 206: Even More Gentle
Chapter 207: A Hundred Flowers Festival
Chapter 208: One Day Outing
Chapter 209: Revert To Her Real Complexion
Chapter 210: Fractured Soul
Chapter 211: Undoubtedly Finding Them
Chapter 212: Day to Bid Farewell
Chapter 213: Confession of Love
Chapter 214: The Twist and Turns
Chapter 215: Out On An Excursion
Chapter 216: Chance Meeting On The Road Led To Their Fortune Told
Chapter 217: Running Into Bandits
Chapter 218: Running Into A Pack of Wild Wolves
Chapter 219: Running Into A Boy
Chapter 220: Running Into A Thief
Chapter 221: The White Haired Witch
Chapter 222: Choosing A Wife By One’s Beauty
Chapter 223: Running Into A Fight
Chapter 224: Finally Arrived
Chapter 225: Impressive Beauty
Chapter 226: No Use In Holding Grudges
Chapter 227: A Doomed Relationship In The Past Life
Chapter 228: Encountering Ghoul
Chapter 229: Flames of The Scorned Age
Chapter 230: The Male Lead Saves The Beauty
Chapter 231: The Two Fight
Chapter 232: To Hate Who You Love
Chapter 233: A Contract With The Devil
Chapter 234: The Day Before the Beauty Contest
Chapter 235: To Subdue and Suppress
Chapter 236: A Bet Of Life Or Death
Chapter 237: Day Of The Big Contest
Chapter 238: Public Execution
Chapter 239: Taking Revenge
Chapter 240: Lin San Wiped Out
Chapter 241: Bloody Interrogation
Chapter 242: Determined To Fall
Chapter 243: The Beauty Contest Begins
Chapter 244: Comparing Luck
Chapter 245: Laughable Love
Chapter 246: The Subtle Tidal Wave
Chapter 247: Injustice Enroute
Chapter 248: Running Into A Dragon Snake
Chapter 249: For Real?
Chapter 250: At Incredible Speeds
Chapter 251: Extremely Stimulated
Chapter 252: War of Snakes
Chapter 253: Death of the Three-Headed Snake
Chapter 254: Boring!
Chapter 255: Sightseeing the Ocean Floor
Chapter 256: An Attack of Thunder And Lightning
Chapter 257: Struck By Lightning And Split In Two
Chapter 258: Clap of Thunder and Lightning
Chapter 259: The Gold Dragon Flies
Chapter 260: A Contract Between Master and Servant
Chapter 261: Parting Ways For Now
Chapter 262: Another Unforseen Accident
Chapter 263: Densely Foggy Canyon
Chapter 264: Meeting A Ghost
Chapter 265: A Visit From Chong’er
Chapter 266: He Lives
Chapter 267: The Demon Master Appears
Chapter 268: Reanimated In a Different Body
Chapter 269: Nowhere to Run
Chapter 270: Easily Defeated
Chapter 271: It’s Best To Be Careful
Chapter 272: Dangers In Every Direction
Chapter 273: Another Victory
Chapter 274: The War of Four Nations
Chapter 275: The Planning and Preparing Stage
Chapter 276: Before the Great War
Chapter 277: The Great War Begins
Chapter 278: The Infatuated Demon Master
Chapter 279: My Woman
Chapter 280: Junxie Has Changed
Chapter 281: Loss of Love and Memory
Chapter 282: Head For The Demon Palace
Chapter 283: Barging Into The Demon Palace
Chapter 284: To Completely Let Go
Chapter 285: Memories Recovered
Chapter 286: One Against Ten Thousand
Chapter 287: End of the War
Chapter 288: Blood Feast In Danger
Chapter 289: Fairy Tale
Chapter 290: Black Demon Cat
Chapter 291: To be Ungrateful
Chapter 292: The Seal is There
Chapter 293: Located the Assassins
Chapter 294: Man-Eating Mosquitoes
Chapter 295: Failed the Second Time
Chapter 296: Getting Ready to Head Back to the Capital
Chapter 297: The Blue Spider Released
Chapter 298: A Good-For-Nothing
Chapter 299: To Come to an End
Chapter 300: Danger in Qingyuan
Chapter 301: To Set Off and Reach the Destination
Chapter 302: Powerful Indeed
Chapter 303: My Husband Looks So Cool
Chapter 304: Gold Silk
Chapter 305: Scatter Away
Chapter 306: Another Chance To Live
Chapter 307: Going to the Banquet
Chapter 308: Heading Back Once Again
Chapter 309: Love in the Carriage
Chapter 310: The Hunter’s Plan
Chapter 311: Desert Rain
Chapter 312: Black Cat Demon Technique
Chapter 313: The Demonic Power to Ressurect
Chapter 314: Wise Up to Win
Chapter 315: The Pure Hearted Empress
Chapter 316: Black Cat, The Supporting Female Character
Chapter 317: Struck by the Charm Technique
Chapter 318: Crazy with Lust
Chapter 319: This Level of Crazy
Chapter 320: Just Leave