Katahane no Riku


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 23. For the future

Riku Barusak is a hard-working child. Despite possessing an innate superior physical strength and having withstood harsh training she fails to unlock her talent as a spiritualist. The failure results in her being thrown away by her family.

Abandoned, the only ones that extended a hand to her were the demons, the greatest enemies of the human race. Serving under them as a soldier she becomes a weapon of human slaughter, a fiend that should never have existed.

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Chapter 1.The day the gears have broken up
Chapter 2.Contract
Chapter 3.The demon boy
Chapter 4.The hidden village of the Dragon Demon Battalion
Chapter 5.The sharpened sword and the thrown away sword
Chapter 6.If only it was a dream
Chapter 7.The assault
Chapter 8.The reunion at full moon
Chapter 9.Ten years later…
Chapter 10.Tranfer order
Chapter 11.Delivery of goods and the smell of blood
Chapter 12.The secret strategic meeting at Myuuz castle
Chapter 13.The offensive against the fort
Chapter 14.Approaching fireball
Chapter 15.The beauty and the beast
Chapter 16.The red haired demon
Chapter 17.Waltz of the traitor and the general
Chapter 18.Rook Barusak
Chapter 19.Suspicion
Chapter 20.The festival at Derufoi
Chapter 21.Sweet coffee
Chapter 22.The encounter
Chapter 24.Have your mouth shut for eternity
Chapter 25.A world of red
Chapter 26.Shibira
Chapter 27.An idealistic future
Chapter 28.Losing the grip
Chapter 29.The army at the back street
Chapter 30.Reinforcements
Chapter 31.Whispers of the woman in white coat
Chapter 32.Starry freezing sky
Chapter 33.Fattened pig
Chapter 34.The anxiety of an elder sister
Chapter 34.The anxiety of an elder sister(part 2)
Chapter 35.The battle at Karkata plains
Chapter 36.Where the responsibility goes to…?
Chapter 37.Raku´s secret plan
Chapter 38.The rebellion deep at night
Chapter 39.Scaredy rabbits
Chapter 40.Nostalgic memories
Chapter 41.Tightrope walking negotiation
Chapter 42.Ninety nine blessings and a single thorn
Chapter 43.The sneering and the cries of the gulls
Chapter 44.The other face of Sherr island
Chapter 45.Should we fight back? Should we surrender?
Chapter 46.Thus flags fluttering
Chapter 47.Connected sound
Chapter 48. The blue sea and the white light
Chapter 49.War council of the color of sunset
Chapter 50.Cutting through the night wind
Chapter 51.Choosing a different future
Chapter 52.The main character
Chapter 53. Refunding before withdrawing
Chapter 54.The bunch that want to improve their power
Chapter 55.Smile
Chapter 56.Roasted pig and the little red hood
Chapter 57.Hatred
Chapter 58.The man that was the origin of all this
Chapter 59.The circle dance of father and daughter
Chapter 60.Unexpected reality
Chapter 61.10年越しの言葉
Chapter 62.Sister and brother
Chapter 63.Repeat
Chapter 64.Frozen world
Chapter 65.Ghost
Chapter 66.Fissure
Chapter 67.Eight days before the start of the war
Chapter 68.A normal day that is like any
Chapter 69.The timing to defeat the enemy
Chapter 70.New chess piece
Chapter 71.Secret talk
Chapter 72.Stupidity
Chapter 73.Responsibility
Chapter 74.The glory of the provisional demon lord Charlotte
Chapter 75.The day of the execution
Chapter 76.The season of red leaves
Chapter 77.The destination of the fugitive
Chapter 78.Why did it have to be like this?
Chapter 79.The boy that have destroyed futures
Chapter 80.Derufoi, once again
Chapter 81.The turning point
Chapter 82.The cycle of revenge
Chapter 83.The sin for putting your hand on someone´s toy
Chapter 84.The time for the judgement and the premonition of a storm
Chapter 85.A certain cloudy day
Chapter 86.Duty as a soldier
Chapter 87.Sacrificial lamb
Chapter 88.The Barusak´s dearest wish
Chapter 89.The discussion deciding truth and falsehood
Chapter 90.The pride of the stray dog
Chapter 91.Game time
Chapter 92.Rook’s decision, dread of red hair
Chapter 93.The silver flash
Chapter 94.Running through the darkness of night
Chapter 95.Vrusto’s all or nothing charge
Chapter 96.The assault
Chapter 97.The obstinacy of the old general
Chapter 98.The land of the seal
Chapter 99.Forward!
Chapter 100.Riku, the right wing
Chapter 23. For the future