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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 736 - The Finalists...

"Bowzer, we’ll stop here for the night."

"But I can keep going!" Bowzer insisted. ’Don’t we need to--"

"Bowzer, we’ll need our rest before we reach the Fissured Mountains. You’ve never been there, so I’ll tell you about my past experiences there."

"Hey, Jack, how come you’ve been everywhere but you’re so low-leveled? Is it because you were an ancient hero before?" Bowzer tilted his head, anxious for an answer.

"Yeah, that’s why. I thought you knew that already?"

"I do. But weren’t you also really high-leveled back then? Why aren’t you that high-leveled like before?"

Jack pondered the question for a moment till he smiled. "I don’t know."


As an avid player of the world’s largest MMORPG, Jack was dubbed the "Achievement Junkie" by fellow players. After completing all possible achievements he earned an unlikely quest, a chance to escape reality and pull Jack into another world.

Now living in Kartonia, the world he had fallen in love with in-game, Jack must start from lv. 1 with a brand new class and subclass he’s never seen before. And though his gamer knowledge is still useful, he quickly discovers that the current time in Kartonia is more than 1000 years after anything he had witnessed in-game.

Armed with what the locals call ancient knowledge, Jack must work to level up and uncover the secrets of the apocalyptic Godly War that he missed and keep it from happening again. Or would he rather start such a war on his own terms?

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Chapter 10 Trodars Troubles
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Chapter 13 Special Rewards and New System Functions
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Chapter 18 Camping for the Nigh
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Chapter 23 The Crown Prince
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Chapter 25 An Ancient Bloodline
Chapter 26 Hell-flame Fox
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Chapter 29 Advancement and Search for the Truth
Chapter 30 Saving Slivia
Chapter 31 Slivias Story
Chapter 32 Talking with Bowser
Chapter 33 The Game Plan
Chapter 34 Ambush
Chapter 35 Maynards Discipline
Chapter 36 The Night Before the Storm
Chapter 37 Accepting an Inheritor
Chapter 38 Another Inheritor?
Chapter 39 Entering the Mine
Chapter 40 Abandoned Goblin Settlements
Chapter 41 A Hidden Tomb?
Chapter 42 Threat in the Darkness
Chapter 43 Light-tailed Lizard Hoard
Chapter 44 Bowsers Transformation
Chapter 45 Finding the Tomb
Chapter 46 G0blin_Sl4yer
Chapter 47 Creating Their Own Path
Chapter 48 The Third Level
Chapter 49 Bloodline Skill
Chapter 50 Discussion in Darkness
Chapter 51 Change of Plans
Chapter 52 Whats in the Pit?
Chapter 53 Nightmare Lilies
Chapter 54 Lying in Wai
Chapter 55 The Spy
Chapter 56 Slivia in Captivity
Chapter 57 Reaching the Goblin City
Chapter 58 Whats Phase Three?
Chapter 59 Discussing the Gods
Chapter 60 The Most Mysterious and Unpopular God
Chapter 61 Final Preparations
Chapter 62 Beginning Phase One
Chapter 63 Infiltration
Chapter 64 Assessing the Situation
Chapter 65 Jacks Signal
Chapter 66 The Desperate Queen
Chapter 67 Finding the Dungeon
Chapter 68 A Troll Enters the Battlefield
Chapter 69 Troll in the Dungeon
Chapter 70 A Raging Troll
Chapter 71 Head-on Collision
Chapter 72 A Wild Jack
Chapter 73 The Battle Ends
Chapter 74 What Happened to Jack?
Chapter 75 Finally Getting to Res
Chapter 76 Return to Baltwood
Chapter 77 Convincing the Balt Guild
Chapter 78 A Confused Bowser
Chapter 79 The Much Deserved Feas
Chapter 80 Leaving Baltwood
Chapter 81 Trouble on the Road
Chapter 82 Surprising the Ambush
Chapter 83 The King and Arnole
Chapter 84 Reunion in Reinolt City
Chapter 85 Waking Up
Chapter 86 Special Even
Chapter 87 Visiting Hours
Chapter 88 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 89 Dalieas Offer
Chapter 90 Finally Out of Bed
Chapter 91 Unplanned Meeting
Chapter 92 Private Conversation with the King
Chapter 93 Trial in the Royal Cour
Chapter 94 The Verdic
Chapter 95 Guilty without Punishmen
Chapter 96 Its a Date?
Chapter 97 Talking Over Some Drinks
Chapter 98 Looting the Tomb
Chapter 99 Asking the Right Question
Chapter 100 The Achievement System Explained
Chapter 101 Pledging to Daruun
Chapter 102 Peak-Tier Equipment for Slivia
Chapter 103 Sudden Storm
Chapter 104 Emergency at the Docks
Chapter 105 Rushing to the Docks
Chapter 106 Facing the Mysterious Cetuses
Chapter 107 Conflict of Interests
Chapter 108 No Time to Relax
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Chapter 111 Allies at any Cos
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Chapter 117 Wandering in Though
Chapter 118 Three Days Come to an End
Chapter 119 Life on the Line
Chapter 120 Exposed
Chapter 121 Jacks Weak Hear
Chapter 122 Turning the Tide of Battle
Chapter 123 Triumph in Tragedy and Tragedy in Triumph
Chapter 124 Looking for an Impossible Answer
Chapter 125 A Tough Decision
Chapter 126 Leaving Immediately
Chapter 127 Roc Beast Companion
Chapter 128 The Zuran Border
Chapter 129 All Headed for Ponlinne
Chapter 130 Inheritor Skills
Chapter 131 Truth About Ponlinne
Chapter 132 Nobles Arrive in Ponlinne
Chapter 133 Enter the Catacomb
Chapter 134 Dont Trust Anyone
Chapter 135 Conflict in the Catacomb
Chapter 136 Playing the Bully
Chapter 137 Making Friends with Hostages
Chapter 138 Finding a Tomb No One Knew Existed
Chapter 139 Strengthing Bonds of Friendship
Chapter 140 Keelas Desperate Plea
Chapter 141 The Escape
Chapter 142 Change of Plans
Chapter 143 Complications at the Border
Chapter 144 Seeing Slivia Again
Chapter 145 Patiently Waiting
Chapter 146 Regional Advisor Wain
Chapter 147 Slowly Warming Up
Chapter 148 Jacks New Treasures
Chapter 149 Goodbye
Chapter 150 Leaving Reinol
Chapter 151 Adventurers Association Headquarters
Chapter 152 Mysterious Founder
Chapter 153 Taking Jacks Things
Chapter 154 Night in Federal City
Chapter 155 Zuran Empires Summoned Hero
Chapter 156 Lilliths Literature
Chapter 157 Fat Goose Auction House
Chapter 158 Waiting for the Auction to Star
Chapter 159 The Auction Begins
Chapter 160 Throwing Money At Your Problems
Chapter 161 How Much Gold Can One Man Have?!
Chapter 162 Bringing About Their Own Misery
Chapter 163 The Final Item
Chapter 164 Bidding War
Chapter 165 End of the Auction
Chapter 166 Feast with the Owner
Chapter 167 Found Ou
Chapter 168 Blackmailed
Chapter 169 Wedding Annoucemen
Chapter 170 Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 171 An Old Friend
Chapter 172 Leaving Federal City
Chapter 173 Legend-Tier Spells at a Legendary Price
Chapter 174 Return to Reinol
Chapter 175 Altering the Pac
Chapter 176 Beast Companions for the Girls
Chapter 177 Deal with the Mysterious Protector of Reinol
Chapter 178 Leaving Reinol
Chapter 179 New Pact and EXP Pots
Chapter 180 Small Town Troubles
Chapter 181 Investigating the Stange Bears
Chapter 182 Frenzy!
Chapter 183 Facing the Bear Pridelord
Chapter 184 Recovery
Chapter 185 Entering Aazoon
Chapter 186 Frost Pearl
Chapter 187 Sparring with Willim
Chapter 188 Meeting the Little Sister
Chapter 189 Erinas Condition
Chapter 190 Icicle Mountains
Chapter 191 Depths of Glacier Peak
Chapter 192 Terrible Timing
Chapter 193 Discussion with Gods
Chapter 194 The Legend of Trodar
Chapter 195 Convincing Sterfen and Lunara
Chapter 196 Tough Conditions, Unique Reward
Chapter 197 Abusing Sterfens Vast Knowledge
Chapter 198 Adolescent Bowzer
Chapter 199 Little Lina
Chapter 200 Back in Frostburn City
Chapter 201 Helping the Royal Family
Chapter 202 King Wilheims Reques
Chapter 203 Planning the Next Move
Chapter 204 Bowzers Origins
Chapter 205 Enter Maltor
Chapter 206 Kidnapped?
Chapter 207 No Way Ou
Chapter 208 Hurry Back to Pol
Chapter 209 Obnoxious Princes
Chapter 210 Public Apology
Chapter 211 Surprise Visitor
Chapter 212 Gathering for the Auction
Chapter 213 Testing the Waters
Chapter 214 Jacks Most Anticipated Item
Chapter 215 Flexing on Kings
Chapter 216 End of First Day
Chapter 217 What Lina Wants, Lina Gets
Chapter 218 Taking Everyones Breath Away
Chapter 219 Infinite Wealth?
Chapter 220 I Cant Accept This!
Chapter 221 Day Three
Chapter 222 The First Mystery Items
Chapter 223 Old Friends in the Crowd
Chapter 224 Dominating the Auction
Chapter 225 After the Auction
Chapter 226 Another Surprise Visi
Chapter 227 Another Visitor???
Chapter 228 Search For a Stone
Chapter 229 A Hard Conversation
Chapter 230 The Neccesary Steps
Chapter 231 Drunk and Stressed
Chapter 232 Leaving Federal City
Chapter 233 Splitting Up
Chapter 234 Finding a Place in Zurden
Chapter 235 Rydels Origin
Chapter 236 Opening Up
Chapter 237 Alone Time
Chapter 238 Playing with Fire
Chapter 239 Finding the Army Camp
Chapter 240 Whats the Plan?
Chapter 241 Reaching a Compromise
Chapter 242 Just Following Orders
Chapter 243 Diversion of Fire
Chapter 244 Aftermath of the Surprise Attack
Chapter 245 Heart-to-Heart with Daruun
Chapter 246 Reinforcements???
Chapter 247 Calming Her Husbands Worries
Chapter 248 Nothing to Be Found
Chapter 249 Scouring Zurden
Chapter 250 The Lavish Lute
Chapter 251 Unavoidable Conflic
Chapter 252 Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
Chapter 253 Change of Plans
Chapter 254 Under Attack Yet Again
Chapter 255 Getaway
Chapter 256 Back into Hiding
Chapter 257 Whats Next?
Chapter 258 Zurden Up In Flames
Chapter 259 Just Follow Orders
Chapter 260 The Invaders Offer
Chapter 261 Charging Toward the Border
Chapter 262 The Third Strike
Chapter 263 Just Before the Border
Chapter 264 The Power of a Mythic-Tier Spell
Chapter 265 Escape?
Chapter 266 4-V-1
Chapter 267 The Death of a Party Member
Chapter 268 A Trade
Chapter 269 Resurrection or Death?
Chapter 270 Bitter Victory
Chapter 271 Discussion Before Breaking the News
Chapter 272 Back Together Again...
Chapter 273 Accepting a Tough Decision
Chapter 274 Visiting the Unconscious Jack
Chapter 275 Daruuns Origins
Chapter 276 A Bigger Picture
Chapter 277 Two and a Half Weeks Later
Chapter 278 The Unreasonable Ninja
Chapter 279 A Friendly Wager with the Ninja
Chapter 280 Chorons Convincing Offer
Chapter 281 New Friends, New Pacts
Chapter 282 Another Goodbye
Chapter 283 Splitting Up Again
Chapter 284 Party of One and a Fox
Chapter 285 Things Just Fall into Place
Chapter 286 Chorons Other Visitor
Chapter 287 Higher Powers Asking Even Higher Powers
Chapter 288 What am I Stealing?!
Chapter 289 Explaining Things So A Fox Could Understand
Chapter 290 Jacks Old Office
Chapter 291 Threatening a Council Member
Chapter 292 Spreading the News
Chapter 293 Alerting the Council Members
Chapter 294 Investigating the Third Man
Chapter 295 Conniving Council Members
Chapter 296 Failing To Stall Them
Chapter 297 Opening the Storehouse
Chapter 298 Layout of the Storehouse
Chapter 299 Extermination On The Third Floor
Chapter 300 Jack Remembers the Fourth Floor
Chapter 301 Chat With The Shadow Goblin Chief
Chapter 302 Proving His Identity
Chapter 303 Argyles Plans in Trodar
Chapter 304 Giant Spacial Rif
Chapter 305 How Could I Ever Thank You?
Chapter 306 New Discovery From a New System Feature
Chapter 307 The Guests Enter the Storehouse
Chapter 308 Waiting For Tralons Recovery
Chapter 309 Kaldor Arrives
Chapter 310 Change of Plans for the Councilmen
Chapter 311 Rushing the First and Second Floors
Chapter 312 Enter the Fifth Floor
Chapter 313 The Mini Boss
Chapter 314 Tricked by the Dungeon
Chapter 315 Falling for the Mimics
Chapter 316 Cofounders Descendant?
Chapter 317 Chance to Cha
Chapter 318 Finally Making Their Move
Chapter 319 Confronting Tralon
Chapter 320 Whats Your Motive?
Chapter 321 Councilmen Vs Councilmen
Chapter 322 The Sky Floor
Chapter 323 Persuading A Winged Serpen
Chapter 324 Meeting with the Minokawas
Chapter 325 Convincing the Minokawa Sovereign
Chapter 326 The Youthful Phoro
Chapter 327 Call From Hurmo
Chapter 328 Hurmots Counteroffer
Chapter 329 A Convincing Argumen
Chapter 330 Beast Inheritor?
Chapter 331 Truth Behind Kims
Chapter 332 Agony of the Blood Commitmen
Chapter 333 Ambush on the Ice Floor
Chapter 334 Convincing Dradich
Chapter 335 Skipping the Valley Floor
Chapter 336 Rushing the Magma Floor
Chapter 337 Beholders on the Tenth Floor
Chapter 338 Swaying Mooldra
Chapter 339 Enter the Boss Floor
Chapter 340 The Draconic Centipede and the Vaul
Chapter 341 Using Daruuns Cres
Chapter 342 Summoning Daruun
Chapter 343 Chatting While Jack Rests
Chapter 344 Gods React to the Summons
Chapter 345 Waking Up to Find Daruun
Chapter 346 Q&A With the God of Fate
Chapter 347 Daruun Broadens Their Horizons
Chapter 348 Testing the Updated Bloodline Skill
Chapter 349 Failed Transformation
Chapter 350 Reunion With the Party
Chapter 351 Finding Jins Shrine
Chapter 352 Jin, the God of Discipline
Chapter 353 Failing Jins Tes
Chapter 354 An Agreement With Uncle Jin
Chapter 355 Korten Border
Chapter 356 Meeting the Elven Chief
Chapter 357 Probing the Elven Chiefs Knowledge
Chapter 358 Negotiations Go South
Chapter 359 An Impasse of Terms
Chapter 360 Finding Lyrun
Chapter 361 Dark Clouds Looming
Chapter 362 Black Lightning Throughout Federal City
Chapter 363 Federal City Under Attack
Chapter 364 The True Battle Begins
Chapter 365 Fall of Golden Haven
Chapter 366 Association Guardians Vs. Syndicate Regents
Chapter 367 Clash of Champions
Chapter 368 Total Annihilation
Chapter 369 Adjusting the Gods Plans
Chapter 370 Safe at the Leisure Guild
Chapter 371 Two Guests in the Leisure Guild
Chapter 372 What Can You Offer Jack?
Chapter 373 Eedajs Home
Chapter 374 Leaving Korten Behind
Chapter 375 Choron Goes Off the Grid
Chapter 376 World Changing Announcemen
Chapter 377 Jack, The Legend of Trodar
Chapter 378 Catching Up On World Events
Chapter 379 Only One Path of Two
Chapter 380 Wedding Hosted By The Gods
Chapter 381 God-filled Reception
Chapter 382 Daruuns Departure
Chapter 383 Daruuns Words of Warning
Chapter 384 Tralons Opinion on Life or Death
Chapter 385 The Guilds Game Plan
Chapter 386 Kaldors Humility
Chapter 387 Kaldor Meets Hadur
Chapter 388 EXP In Exchange For Godhood
Chapter 389 Elizas Entomophobia
Chapter 390 The Girls Beast Companion Abilities
Chapter 391 Tomb in the Fissured Mountains
Chapter 392 An Enchantment Key?
Chapter 393 Struggling to Relax
Chapter 394 Finding Dragass Shrine
Chapter 395 Dragas, the Goddess of Seduction
Chapter 396 A Startling Proposal
Chapter 397 The Specialties of the Neutral Gods
Chapter 398 God-killing Gods?
Chapter 399 Truth of the Greis Elves
Chapter 400 Hurmots Offer
Chapter 401 Elven Messenger Arrives
Chapter 402 Elven Elders Meet the Leisure Guild
Chapter 403 Heart-to-Heart With Gwendon
Chapter 404 Trading Pact with Korten
Chapter 405 Search for a Crap Ring
Chapter 406 Option Three: Carving Your Own Path
Chapter 407 Why Is My Tomb There?!?!
Chapter 408 Pacts With Gods
Chapter 409 Lunara Learns Where Sterfen Is
Chapter 410 Sterfen, The Deadliest God??
Chapter 411 Bikkem and Quallace Exposed!
Chapter 412 Thyrons Request, Denied!
Chapter 413 Traveling to Drulgen
Chapter 414 Rikkos Outlandish Request...
Chapter 415 The Guilds Traitor Silencing Loose Ends
Chapter 416 Jack Vs Pestro
Chapter 417 Rikkos Dastardly Plan
Chapter 418 The Syndicates Response
Chapter 419 Attack on the Leisure Guild
Chapter 420 Jacks Instant Return
Chapter 421 The Guilds Unexpected Countermeasures
Chapter 422 The Battlefield Outside the Walls
Chapter 423 Demon God vs Mind God
Chapter 424 Summoning a Prehistoric Dragon
Chapter 425 Battles Within the Walls
Chapter 426 Thyron vs Tralon
Chapter 427 Holy Gods Spectating
Chapter 428 Sterfens Offer to Halmu
Chapter 429 Turning the Tide of Battle
Chapter 430 Western Battlefield Heats Up
Chapter 431 Tralboks Worries
Chapter 432 Kims vs Thyron
Chapter 433 Jack vs Vladdy
Chapter 434 Rikko Makes His Move!
Chapter 435 Tralbok Intervenes
Chapter 436 Halmuts Stubbornness
Chapter 437 Jack Realizes Their Desperate Situation
Chapter 438 Tralbok Targets Jack
Chapter 439 The Unstoppable Tralbok Claims His First Victim
Chapter 440 The Power of a Fully-Evolved Hell-Flame Fox
Chapter 441 Rushing to Jacks Aid
Chapter 442 Rikko vs Pestro
Chapter 443 Eedaj & Rikko vs Pestro
Chapter 444 Koris Terrifying Black Flames
Chapter 445 Halmuts Decisiveness
Chapter 446 Tralons Final Moments
Chapter 447 Witnessing Tralons Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 448 Achievement System Based on God System??
Chapter 449 Discussing the Guilds Next Steps
Chapter 450 Expansion of Trodar??
Chapter 451 Jack Forming a Godly Faction?!?
Chapter 452 Convincing Karronteel
Chapter 453 Jacks Speech at the Statue
Chapter 454 Pestros Public Execution
Chapter 455 Chaotic Gods Go Into Hiding
Chapter 456 Rushing to Save Moranti
Chapter 457 Jacks Surprise Attack Against Tralbok!?
Chapter 458 Moranti Freed!!!
Chapter 459 Morantis Freedom Changes Everything...
Chapter 460 Wanting Another Opinion
Chapter 461 Holy Conference Begins
Chapter 462 The Holy Gods Plan
Chapter 463 Enter Earthen Keep
Chapter 464 The War Conference
Chapter 465 Limneer Faces Judgmen
Chapter 466 Trodar United
Chapter 467 Splitting the Party on Two Fronts
Chapter 468 Reinolt vs Zuran
Chapter 469 Arriving in Aazoon
Chapter 470 Cause of Zurans Growth
Chapter 471 A Decisive Nigh
Chapter 472 Within Earthen Keep
Chapter 473 Naparns Insurance
Chapter 474 Flood Dragons Attack!!
Chapter 475 Jin Confronts Tyres
Chapter 476 All-Out War on the Zuran-Reinolt Border
Chapter 477 Rushing to the Desert Tundra
Chapter 478 Morantis 1-V-3
Chapter 479 Tyres vs Jin
Chapter 480 Hadurt Slays the Dragon
Chapter 481 Interrupting the Duel
Chapter 482 Unexpected Reinforcements
Chapter 483 Deadlock in the Desert Tundra
Chapter 484 Ambush of the Twin Mages
Chapter 485 Sterfen Hides No More
Chapter 486 Tipping the Scale of Battle
Chapter 487 Hadurt Holds Off Alcahain, The Brawler God
Chapter 488 Grixor Tests Jins Resolve
Chapter 489 Jin vs Grixor
Chapter 490 Jin Broken and Taken Away
Chapter 491 Withdrawal of the Holy Gods
Chapter 492 Rushing to Retrieve Jin
Chapter 493 Jins Decisive Actions
Chapter 494 Regrouping in Trodar
Chapter 495 Asking What Comes Nex
Chapter 496 Wilheims Humility
Chapter 497 Voices Fill Frostburn City
Chapter 498 Migration of a Capital
Chapter 499 Clear Winner and Grateful Loser
Chapter 500 Mini-Boss on Floor 20
Chapter 501 Jins Curiosity Unsatiated
Chapter 502 Above Federal City
Chapter 503 Halmuts Command Over the People
Chapter 504 Moranti Crashes the Holy Gods Public Return
Chapter 505 Halmut vs Moranti
Chapter 506 Eye-Catching Clash of Titans
Chapter 507 Sterfen Challenges Naparn
Chapter 508 Keeping Halmut Busy
Chapter 509 Sterfen vs Naparn
Chapter 510 Halmuts Victory
Chapter 511 Return With a Deitys Corpse
Chapter 512 Morantis Chat with Sterfen
Chapter 513 Jacks Newfound Speed
Chapter 514 Churstin Undecided
Chapter 515 Halmuts Cautiousness
Chapter 516 Churstin Conference Commences
Chapter 517 Benefits of Each Side
Chapter 518 Enter the 99th Floor
Chapter 519 Crypt Lord Duorda
Chapter 520 Battle on the 99th Floor
Chapter 521 Undead Dragons?!
Chapter 522 Duordas Endless Summons!
Chapter 523 Duordas Purpose?
Chapter 524 Duorda Getting Serious
Chapter 525 This Isnt Even My Final Form!!
Chapter 526 Finally Going All Out...
Chapter 527 Jacks On-The-Fly Strategy
Chapter 528 One Down And One To Go
Chapter 529 Thank You... Jack
Chapter 530 New Achievements and System Update?
Chapter 531 Daruuns... Office?
Chapter 532 Void?? Cosmicians???
Chapter 533 Halmut Defeated Skaryn... Impossible?!
Chapter 534 A Surreal Meal
Chapter 535 Shattered Perceptions of the Universe
Chapter 536 The Vastness of the Void
Chapter 537 Daruuns True Intentions
Chapter 538 Joining the Family
Chapter 539 Skaryns Origin in Slavery
Chapter 540 Skaryns Rebellion
Chapter 541 Skaryn, Creator of the Mutual Seal
Chapter 542 Interference of Jewel Enterprise and Gem Inc
Chapter 543 Halmuts Addiction and Skaryns Misfortune
Chapter 544 Halmut vs Skaryn
Chapter 545 Skaryns Weakness
Chapter 546 Halmut Unscathed?
Chapter 547 What Seal?
Chapter 548 Skaryns Final Push
Chapter 549 Kustram Wiped From the Map
Chapter 550 Adaptability of the Achievement System
Chapter 551 What Did I Miss?
Chapter 552 Duordas Immediate Ascension
Chapter 553 Your Will Must Be Undeniable!
Chapter 554 A Shocking Realization
Chapter 555 Jacks Reappearance in Kartonia
Chapter 556 Churstins Decision and Jacks Response
Chapter 557 Mystic Interference?
Chapter 558 Jack vs Halmu
Chapter 559 Stalling For the New Attack
Chapter 560 Jacks Loss?!
Chapter 561 Its Over???
Chapter 562 Jacks Long-Awaited Return
Chapter 563 Oosams Theory About Lyrun
Chapter 564 Joining Lyruns Plans
Chapter 565 Sterfen Supports Reviving Skaryn
Chapter 566 Jack Uncovered
Chapter 567 Medicinal Baths
Chapter 568 The Leisure Tavern
Chapter 569 An Apocalyptic Day
Chapter 570 Constant Nightmares
Chapter 571 Researching Kylons Pas
Chapter 572 Unforgivable
Chapter 573 Lunara and Kylon
Chapter 574 Visiting Grandpas House
Chapter 575 Daruun vs Jewel
Chapter 576 Difficulty of Predicting Fate
Chapter 577 Daruuns Next Move???
Chapter 578 Daruun, Spirit Scientis
Chapter 579 Wouldnt Mine... Be Dormant???
Chapter 580 Experienceing the Tomb of Jack_J.
Chapter 581 Growing as a Cosmician?
Chapter 582 Gaining Allies Among Enemy Ranks
Chapter 583 Gwendon vs Elven Elders
Chapter 584 Jacks Surprise Arrival in Estonya
Chapter 585 Kortens Decision
Chapter 586 Jack vs Lyrun
Chapter 587 Conference About the Void
Chapter 588 Who Wants to See the Void?
Chapter 589 Confronting Lyrun
Chapter 590 Jacks Unique Demigod Blessing
Chapter 591 Poison For Gods?
Chapter 592 Halmuts Questionable Fury
Chapter 593 Lyruns Warning
Chapter 594 The Dragon Invasion
Chapter 595 YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!
Chapter 596 A Challenge?
Chapter 597 The Challenge For Korten Begins
Chapter 598 Giving Up the Challenge...
Chapter 599 Chaotic Battle of Mortals and Immortals
Chapter 600 Halmuts Gone Crazy???
Chapter 601 Interrupting a Duel of Swordsmen
Chapter 602 Ascension of Two Gods
Chapter 603 Duorda’s Offer to Sybin and Kori’s Revenge
Chapter 604 Jack vs Torian
Chapter 605 Twin Mage Gods vs Yin-Yang Death Knigh
Chapter 606 Developments of Divine Duels
Chapter 607 Death Needs But A Moment To Strike
Chapter 608 Jacks Interference
Chapter 609 Change of Battles
Chapter 610 Opening the Sky
Chapter 611 Announcement to the World
Chapter 612 A Dungeon For Gods?
Chapter 613 Daruuns Warm Wishes To All
Chapter 614 Fleeing the Scene
Chapter 615 Casualties of All-Out War
Chapter 616 Halmut Finally Comes Ou
Chapter 617 Halmut Being Questioned
Chapter 618 Strengthening the Legendary Gods
Chapter 619 Halmuts Offered Reward
Chapter 620 Torian Was Poisoned?
Chapter 621 Perchets Chat With Kylon
Chapter 622 Why Dont I Know...
Chapter 623 Trodars Announcement to the World
Chapter 624 News Spreads of Trodars Victory
Chapter 625 Discussing Strategies for Glacier Keep
Chapter 626 Plan for Leveling Up
Chapter 627 Proposal?!
Chapter 628 Freefall into Shadow Gorge
Chapter 629 Where Are We Going?
Chapter 630 Dusk Dragon Mausoleum?!
Chapter 631 Do You Want to Know the Truth?
Chapter 632 WHAT HAPPENED?!?!
Chapter 633 Immediate Reaction and Preparation
Chapter 634 Cheering Up Zariff
Chapter 635 New Weaponsmith?
Chapter 636 Upgrading a Legendary Weapon?
Chapter 637 Halmuts Change of Plans
Chapter 638 Is the Poison Ready?
Chapter 639 First Day of Smithing
Chapter 640 Break for Dinner
Chapter 641 Discussing the Journey to Glacier Reef
Chapter 642 The Rubbish Masterpiece!
Chapter 643 Dive! Dive! Dive!
Chapter 644 Hungry on the Ocean Floor
Chapter 645 Saving Lina
Chapter 646 Mantis Leviathan, a Primordial Bloodline
Chapter 647 Stopped by Glacial Hydras
Chapter 648 Glacier Reef, the Most Beautiful Place in the World
Chapter 649 Biased Audience with a Hydra Elder
Chapter 650 Killing a Hydra Elder, Again and Again...
Chapter 651 Enter the Hydra Head
Chapter 652 Lunaras Announcement and Warning
Chapter 653 Consuls Questioning
Chapter 654 Head Raztols Command of the Crowd
Chapter 655 Revealing Jacks Level as Evidence
Chapter 656 End of the Meeting
Chapter 657 Raztols Humble Abode
Chapter 658 Why Lunara Ran Away
Chapter 659 Tender Family Momen
Chapter 660 Deciding on the Policy
Chapter 661 Jinbe vs Flood Dragon Gods
Chapter 662 Jack Intercepts Kylon
Chapter 663 Lunaras Stance Against the Elders
Chapter 664 Lunara vs the Hydra Elders
Chapter 665 Leaving No Doub
Chapter 666 Settling the Matter
Chapter 667 Arrival of the Flood Dragons
Chapter 668 True Purpose of Protecting Glacier Keep
Chapter 669 Sacred Fruits
Chapter 670 Kylons Misleading Repor
Chapter 671 Jack Got Caught...
Chapter 672 Are you sure you want to do that?
Chapter 673 Trying to Reach an Agreemen
Chapter 674 Ceasefire and Temporary Hostage
Chapter 675 Fruit Delivery?
Chapter 676 Getting to the Poin
Chapter 677 Zariffs Big, Drunk Mouth
Chapter 678 Who is Ryn?!
Chapter 679 Halmuts Descent into Insanity
Chapter 680 Sterfens Opportunity to Strike
Chapter 681 - 12-13
Chapter 682 - Trapped and Tortured
Chapter 683 - Daruun Opens Glacier Keep
Chapter 684 - Meet Oli
Chapter 685 - No Fighting in the Waiting Area
Chapter 686 - Enter More Cosmicians
Chapter 687 - Woltin and Wollice Sicabor
Chapter 688 - Cards and Keys
Chapter 689 - Glacier Keep
Chapter 690 - Adapting to Challenge
Chapter 691 - Siege on Glacier Reef
Chapter 692 - Turning Point for the Hydra Civilization
Chapter 693 - 12-13s Objective
Chapter 694 - The Third of Two Paths
Chapter 695 - Key to Glacier Keep?
Chapter 696 - Intel and Scheming
Chapter 697 - Enter the Maze
Chapter 698 - Unexpected Encounters
Chapter 699 - Finding the Legendary Gods
Chapter 700 - Running into Trouble
Chapter 701 - Olis Convincing Interrogation
Chapter 702 - Explosion in the Waiting Chamber?!
Chapter 703 - Moranti and Lunara vs Woltins Six-man Team
Chapter 704 - Mysterious Figure Scouts Olympic Chateau
Chapter 705 - Kylon Learned the Truth...
Chapter 706 - Kylon Joined Jacks Plan
Chapter 707 - All According to Plan?
Chapter 708 - More and More Surprises
Chapter 709 - Divided in the Treasure Chamber
Chapter 710 - Legendary vs Leisure
Chapter 711 - Jacks Signal for Revolt
Chapter 712 - Hell Unleashed
Chapter 713 - Jacks Final Challenge
Chapter 714 - Skaryn vs Halmut, the Rematch
Chapter 715 - 12-13 On the Run
Chapter 716 - Olis Secret Skill vs 12-13s Self-destruction
Chapter 717 - Halmuts Desperate Escape
Chapter 718 - Forced Two-star Ascension?!
Chapter 719 - Halmuts Torture and Jacks Suspicion
Chapter 720 - Testing the Limits of Nullification
Chapter 721 - Jacks Forceful Surrender
Chapter 722 - Winner of Glacier Keep
Chapter 723 - Futile and Hopeless Escape
Chapter 724 - All for One, None for All
Chapter 725 - Daruun Congratulates Jack
Chapter 726 - The Nexus
Chapter 727 - Jack and Oli Strike a Deal
Chapter 728 - Kartonias First-ever Foreign Guests
Chapter 729 - What Happens to Us Gods?
Chapter 730 - Figure Heads of the Resolute Enterprise
Chapter 731 - Jack Joins the Enterprise
Chapter 732 - Future Roles of the Kartonian Gods
Chapter 733 - Jacks Thoughts of the Future
Chapter 734 - End of Round Three
Chapter 735 - Exhibition Semifinals
Chapter 736 - The Finalists...