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The Yanhuang Ancient Domain, vast without end, gave birth to many Celestials and Demons of antiquity tore Heaven and Earth apart and surpassed the control of the 3 Realms and 5 Elements over the endless years it has existed. Numerous Gods, more than ten thousand races, and humans born with a God class body have also come out from the Domain, traveling through the nether, warping Yin and Yang, omnipotent.

In this current age, Celestial Daoism is in prosperity, tens of thousands of Divine techniques shake the Heavens, numerous mortals strive to become Celestials, and millions of sinners walk the Earth. The Prince Heir of the kingdom East Yue Wu Wu Yu, obtains the legacy of the Battle Celestial of the East in the direst of situations to sweep across the Earth and rebel against the Heavens!

In the eyes of the hundreds of millions of Mortals, he is the Sovereign Emperor Celestial, overcoming a plethora of tribulations to reach his current height.

In the eyes of the Celestials and Buddhas of Heaven, he is a peerless Heaven devouring Demon!

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Chapter 1: Heaven’s Eyes
Chapter 2: Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms
Chapter 3: Jindan Immortal
Chapter 4: Wu Yu’s Death
Chapter 5: Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure
Chapter 6: Invincible Vajra Body
Chapter 7: Murder in the Dark Night
Chapter 8: Heavenly Palace
Chapter 9: Immortal’s Path, Immortal Promotion Plateau
Chapter 10: Your Life Be At Stake!
Chapter 11: Devil Ape’s Demon Transformation
Chapter 12: Spirit Concentration Pill, Demon Banishing Blade
Chapter 13: Immortal Promotion Plateau Showdown
Chapter 14: The East Sea Severs the Giant Whale
Chapter 15: Worthy to Live On
Chapter 16: Battling on Heaven’s Lament
Chapter 17: Nirvanic Rebirth
Chapter 18: Seven Days and Seven Nights
Chapter 19: Dong Yue Wu Ancestral Celebrations
Chapter 20: Golden Meridians and Inner Ape
Chapter 21: Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art
Chapter 22: Drunk Over the Sword Dao
Chapter 23: Stained Glass Palace
Chapter 24: Sweeping Golden Inferno
Chapter 25: Immortal Kingdom Supervisor
Chapter 26: Zhongyuan Dao Sect
Chapter 27: Immortal Ape Transformation
Chapter 28: Demonic Blood
Chapter 29: Mo Shishu
Chapter 30: Art of Lightning Control
Chapter 31: Lightning Demon Metamorphosis
Chapter 32: Indomitable Immortal Ape
Chapter 33: Wu Yu Pays Respects to Master
Chapter 34: Demon Subduing Golden Staff
Chapter 35: 10,000 Sword Stone Door
Chapter 36: Sumeru Pouch
Chapter 37: Prince Yuan Chen
Chapter 38: My Name is Sun Wudao.
Chapter 39: Jiang Junlin
Chapter 40: The Ghostly God Arrives
Chapter 41: Bone-Adhering Fire
Chapter 42: Demon Slaying in Capital Wu
Chapter 43: Brother Sister Alliance
Chapter 44: Spectral Concubine
Chapter 45: Subterfuge in Tian Wu Hall
Chapter 46: Wave of Darkness
Chapter 47: The Ghost of Capital Wu
Chapter 48: Life on a Thread
Chapter 49: The Next Life
Chapter 50: Soul Summoning Banner
Chapter 51: The Golden Dao
Chapter 52: Scarlet Sea’s Seven Ghosts
Chapter 53: 10 Tiers of Condensing Qi
Chapter 54: The Sternum’s Spiritual Source
Chapter 55: Firestorm Horsetail Whisk
Chapter 56: Eastern Suppression Army
Chapter 57: Jade-based Fire
Chapter 58: Fight in the Palace
Chapter 59: Spiritual Marks and Lifegiving Fruit
Chapter 60: Condensing Qi in the Forest
Chapter 61: Return to Capital Wu
Chapter 62: Burning Boiling Blood!
Chapter 63: Truth
Chapter 64: Tornado of Anger and Fire
Chapter 65: Explosion of Qi and Blood!
Chapter 66: Wu You Disappears
Chapter 67: Five Day Horror
Chapter 68: Almighty Demon
Chapter 69: Chaos of Ming Long
Chapter 70: Great Way of Immortality Art
Chapter 71: Gathering Qi in Heaven’s Hall
Chapter 72: Ground Demon Transformation Art
Chapter 73: Fixed Body Art
Chapter 74: Gilded Ruler
Chapter 75: Supreme Godkiller Art
Chapter 76: The Empress of Dong Yue Wu
Chapter 77: Godly Movement Bodyguard Talisman
Chapter 78: Spiritual Qi Spring
Chapter 79: Dao Querying Pagoda, Scripture Holding Depository
Chapter 80: Gold and Jade Sword Core
Chapter 81: Flying Wooden Tiger
Chapter 82: Five Affinities Swordsmen
Chapter 83: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
Chapter 84: Lan Shuiyue
Chapter 85: Zhao Changtian, Yi Qingfeng
Chapter 86: Nine Dragons Ascension Column
Chapter 87: Golden Taiyi Constellation Blade
Chapter 88: Aquacore Reflection
Chapter 89: Valley of Immortal Fate
Chapter 90: 100-year Adult Demons
Chapter 91: Beacon of Flame
Chapter 92: Tang Batian
Chapter 93: Reunion at the Lake of Jade
Chapter 94: Martial Cultivation is Plunder
Chapter 95: Demons Roam
Chapter 96: Femme Fatale
Chapter 97: Vengeance at the Lake of Jade
Chapter 98: Sect’s Trial
Chapter 99: Inner Vajra Buddha
Chapter 100: Gathering Qi in Heaven’s Gate
Chapter 101: Ghost-Faced Ape
Chapter 102: Heavenly Sword Sect Disciples
Chapter 103: Four Dragons Ascension Column
Chapter 104: Ambush From All Sides
Chapter 105: A Fatal Trap
Chapter 106: Viridescent Ivy, Lost Heart Design
Chapter 107: Death
Chapter 108: New Life
Chapter 109: Staking Lives
Chapter 110: Ninth Spirit
Chapter 111: 120,000 Years Ago
Chapter 112: Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike
Chapter 113: Dao Sect Comes to Visit
Chapter 114: Supernova Golden Body
Chapter 115: 300 Rays of Dawn Light
Chapter 116: Hot Blooded Youth
Chapter 117: Fight for Glory!
Chapter 118: Mysterious Immortal Root
Chapter 119: Fight to the Death
Chapter 120: Gathering Qi at High Rush
Chapter 121: Affection
Chapter 122: Tian Yijun
Chapter 123: Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword
Chapter 124: Jiu Er
Chapter 125: Granite Golem
Chapter 126: Thunder Seabird
Chapter 127: Hundred Ghost Devouring Talisman
Chapter 128: The Ninth Spirit is Looking for You
Chapter 129: The Will of the Sword
Chapter 130: Executing Jiang Ding
Chapter 131: Stone Tablet from the Sky
Chapter 132: Ninth Spirit’s Heart
Chapter 133: Two Zhang Golden Body
Chapter 134: Yin Yang Sword Wheel
Chapter 135: Battle on the Plains
Chapter 136: Sky’s Pillar Demon Imprisonments
Chapter 137: Mo Xiudao
Chapter 138: Dual Purposes, Sword to the Skies
Chapter 139: A Lover from a Past Life
Chapter 140: Fox Demons’ Treasure
Chapter 141: Swords of Stone
Chapter 142: We, the Sword Cultivators!
Chapter 143: Fight with the First Disciple
Chapter 144: Great Dao of the Golden Sword
Chapter 145: Qinghua of the East
Chapter 146: Dark Entropic Lord
Chapter 147: Die With No Regrets
Chapter 148: A Showdown with Jiang Ji
Chapter 149: I’ll Kill One Hundred Thousand a Day!
Chapter 150: Formless Execution
Chapter 151: Homecoming
Chapter 152: Eve
Chapter 153: Heaven Against Hell
Chapter 154: Ghost Insects in the Body
Chapter 155: To Ride the Winds and Crest the Waves
Chapter 156: Great Dao’s Killing Power
Chapter 157: The Army of Evil Ghosts and Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 158: Go Hard
Chapter 159: An Internal Dilemma
Chapter 160: Heroic Heart, Slaughtering Demons!
Chapter 161: Hunting Grounds
Chapter 162: Showdown with the Venomous Snake
Chapter 163: Attacking the Heart
Chapter 164: Ninth Spirit’s Motives
Chapter 165: Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens
Chapter 166: Life on a String
Chapter 167: Nervousness Hidden Beneath the Flesh
Chapter 168: The Final Battle
Chapter 169: Carnage on the Bipo Mountain Range
Chapter 170: Sea of Supernatural Souls Body
Chapter 171: Four-way Carnage
Chapter 172: Paranormal Pillar of Blood
Chapter 173: Showdown with Tian Yijun
Chapter 174: Swansong
Chapter 175: Jiang Xie’s Death
Chapter 176: Scare at Fox Branch Mountain
Chapter 177: Sky Fox Forging Jindan
Chapter 178: Race to the Finish
Chapter 179: Wu Yu and Jiu Er
Chapter 180: Ghosts and the Argenti Chain
Chapter 181: Mad Demon Strikes and Triple Kill of the Heavens
Chapter 182: Clear Sky of Shushan
Chapter 183: The Way Forward
Chapter 184: Shushan Comes
Chapter 185: Sword Saint Zhang
Chapter 186: Frog in the Well
Chapter 187: Slaughter Calabash
Chapter 188: Stealing Love at Knife Point
Chapter 189: Complete Domination
Chapter 190: Homing Soul-Shocker Talisman
Chapter 191: Sword of the Mystic Eye and the Blazing Rainbow Sword
Chapter 192: Blood Bonding Dual Swords
Chapter 193: Your Technique or your Life
Chapter 194: Four Major Sword Ranks
Chapter 195: Futu Hall
Chapter 196: Green Glass Sword Palace
Chapter 197: Shushan disciple Wu Yu
Chapter 198: Rules for the New
Chapter 199: Disciple Amulet
Chapter 200: Primordial Spirit, Dao Contemplation
Chapter 201 - Yan Huang Imperial City
Chapter 202: Shushan Jindan Cave
Chapter 203: Nangong Wei
Chapter 204: Dan-Drawing Lines
Chapter 205: Demons’ Abyss
Chapter 206: Vajra Sword Talisman
Chapter 207: Vampiric Rat
Chapter 208: Sword of Nine Chops, Golden Bell Armor
Chapter 209: Lavender Sword
Chapter 210: The Second Transformation
Chapter 211: Green-Eyed Demon Wolf
Chapter 212: In Memoriam
Chapter 213: Natural Mystique
Chapter 214: Nine Heavens, Land of Women
Chapter 215: Qing Chuanxue, Yu Huasheng
Chapter 216: Atavistic Bloodline
Chapter 217: Abyss Guard
Chapter 218: Leaving Shushan
Chapter 219: Soul Controller Pill, Skeleton’s Cuff
Chapter 220: Ancient Battlefield at Southeast Thoroughfare
Chapter 221: Black Talisman
Chapter 222: Soul Devourer
Chapter 223: Corpse Flower
Chapter 224 - Deadly Poison
Chapter 225: If I Could Live My Life in the Moment We Met
Chapter 226: Cloud Banisher
Chapter 227: Mountain of Swords and Immortals
Chapter 228: Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals
Chapter 229: Galaxy Sword Sage
Chapter 230: Sea Summoning Bauble
Chapter 231: Soaring to new horizons
Chapter 232: Sister Shen
Chapter 233: Achievement Hall
Chapter 234: Yin Yang Dao Sword
Chapter 235: Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column
Chapter 236: Spiritual Sword Palace
Chapter 237 First Time Refining Immortal Medicine
Chapter 238: A Vortex of Humanity
Chapter 239: Isle-Splitter Claymore Art
Chapter 240: Pure Yang Voidbreaker and Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal
Chapter 241: Celestial Palace
Chapter 242: Soul Hall
Chapter 243: The Sin of Killing your Master
Chapter 244: Punishment Hall’s Heaven Surpassing Sword
Chapter 245: Warring Immortals Hall
Chapter 246: Baili Feihong
Chapter 247: Yin Yang Dao Palace
Chapter 248: Zhao Xuanxian, He Taiyao
Chapter 249: Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow
Chapter 250: Killing God Void Sword
Chapter 251: Sword of Bloody Rivers
Chapter 252: Victors’ History
Chapter 253: Transformative Daoist
Chapter 254: Core Sword Cell
Chapter 255: A Gift
Chapter 256: Dao Enlightenment
Chapter 257: Nine Palace Dragon Design
Chapter 258: Important Mission
Chapter 259: Demon’s Massacre
Chapter 260: Buried Soul of Qingsang
Chapter 261: Young Demon
Chapter 262: Jiu Ying
Chapter 263: Great Dao Destruction Strike
Chapter 264: Core-Tail Talisman
Chapter 265: The Tragedy Of the Lan Ling Sect
Chapter 266: Out Of Your Expectations
Chapter 267: True Culprit
Chapter 268: Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain
Chapter 269: Spiral of Disaster
Chapter 270: The Battle To Break Out
Chapter 271: Gates of Hell
Chapter 272: Luck That Soared Through the Skies
Chapter 273: Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body
Chapter 274: Human-shaped Monster
Chapter 275: I Want To Become An Immortal
Chapter 276: The Battle of Gigantic Beasts
Chapter 277: Horrifying Monster
Chapter 278: Supreme Hunting Ground
Chapter 279: The Missing Wu Yu
Chapter 280: Moon Chasing Hound
Chapter 281: The Second Option
Chapter 282: Strongest Demon On The Heavenly Continent
Chapter 283: Glossary of Spirit Design
Chapter 284: Longevity
Chapter 285: Chi Haiyin
Chapter 286: Sinner
Chapter 287: Soul and Body Disintegration
Chapter 288: Sixth Hunting Ground
Chapter 289: Sabretooth and Speothos
Chapter 290: Illusory Demon Reflector
Chapter 291: Yan Huang Immortal Army
Chapter 292: Demon of Yan Huang
Chapter 293: The Nightmare of the Demons
Chapter 294: Void Bird
Chapter 295: Void Lock
Chapter 296: Wu Yu Slays Six Demons
Chapter 297: Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey
Chapter 298: Metallic Stone Hell
Chapter 299: My Own Heart
Chapter 300: Zhu Huang
Chapter 301: Crimson Blood Demon
Chapter 302: Return
Chapter 303: Blood Dragon of Mount Wu
Chapter 304: Below
Chapter 305: The Demon Spy
Chapter 306: Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi
Chapter 307: Heaven Dao Mystique
Chapter 308: Unshackled Doppelganger
Chapter 309: Ten Strands of Hair
Chapter 310: Immortal Ascension Hall
Chapter 311: Li Yijun
Chapter 312: Chen Fuyou
Chapter 313: Shadow Doppelganger
Chapter 314: Crimson Shadow Sword Sage
Chapter 315: Shadowless Realm
Chapter 316: Huang Sword Domain Domain Master
Chapter 317: Heaven’s Equal Cave Abode
Chapter 318: Immortal Battleground
Chapter 319: Shen Xingyao
Chapter 320: Mizar Sword Immortal
Chapter 321: Eight Prison Mountain Godsword
Chapter 322: Supreme Immortal Treasures
Chapter 323: Sun and Moon
Chapter 324: Mu Lingche
Chapter 325: Hundred Flower Fantasy
Chapter 326: The Four Sword Sages
Chapter 327: The Phoenix Fairy
Chapter 328: Radiant Phoenix Wings
Chapter 329: The Rules of The Sword Sages
Chapter 330: Thoughts
Chapter 331: Unrivaled Sea of Swords
Chapter 332: Grand Architect Sword Sage
Chapter 333: War of Vengeance
Chapter 334: Accept Defeat After Losing a Bet
Chapter 335: Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique
Chapter 336: Beishan Mo
Chapter 337: Disciple of the Seven Immortals
Chapter 338: Dao Treasure
Chapter 339: Young Hearts
Chapter 340: Second Tier Mystique
Chapter 341: High Level Mission
Chapter 342: A Spirit-Petrifying Slash
Chapter 343: Yin Yang Mountain
Chapter 344: Housefly
Chapter 345: Danger Lurks on Every Side
Chapter 346: Uncertainty
Chapter 347: The Black Smoke God Descends
Chapter 348: An Old Friend
Chapter 349: Changing Circumstances
Chapter 350: Death
Chapter 351: Fracture
Chapter 352: A Slap on the Face
Chapter 353: On the Brink of Life and Death
Chapter 354: Heart of Dao
Chapter 355: Traitorous Disciple
Chapter 356: Yan Huang
Chapter 357: Reborn
Chapter 358: Sun
Chapter 359: Entering the City
Chapter 360: Black Gold
Chapter 361: Commander Luo
Chapter 362: City Lord
Chapter 363: Mystical Dragon!
Chapter 364: Hall of Clouds
Chapter 365: Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff
Chapter 366: Immortal Ascension Inn
Chapter 367: A Brutal Weapon
Chapter 368: Verve
Chapter 369: General Gu
Chapter 370: Ivory Bone Barb
Chapter 371: Heaven’s Equal Camp
Chapter 372: Qin Fuyao
Chapter 373: Wind God Dao Beauty
Chapter 374: Yunxi City
Chapter 375: Three-headed Demon
Chapter 376: Three Thousand Fierce Souls
Chapter 377: Seven Eyes Demon
Chapter 378: A Windfall
Chapter 379: Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique
Chapter 380: Million Swords Formation
Chapter 381: An Important Mission
Chapter 382: Yan Huang Warship
Chapter 383: Entering the East Sea
Chapter 384: First Forays
Chapter 385: Dog Fight
Chapter 386: The Might Of Heaven Imprisonment
Chapter 387: Slaying Ghosts
Chapter 388: Ninth Tier Great Dao
Chapter 389: Black White Double Ghosts
Chapter 390: Thousand Eyes
Chapter 391: Demon God
Chapter 392: Divided, We Rule
Chapter 393: Pursuit of a Thousand Miles!
Chapter 394: Cangxue Qingfeng
Chapter 395: Ravaging Ghost Volcano
Chapter 396: Thoroughly Refined
Chapter 397: The Emergence Of The Blazing Sun
Chapter 398: Return to Despair
Chapter 399: Violent Executions
Chapter 400: Peasants
Chapter 401: Three Years
Chapter 402: Mortal Dong Yue Wu
Chapter 403: A New Path
Chapter 404: Trial of Yan
Chapter 405: Yan Huang War Drum
Chapter 406: Leaderboard of Trial of Yan
Chapter 407: The Four Geniuses
Chapter 408: Battlefield of Old
Chapter 409: Grand Emperor, Chief Emperor
Chapter 410: Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel
Chapter 411: Trident
Chapter 412: Silver-Haired Maniac
Chapter 413: Blood Devouring Ivory Spear
Chapter 414: Empress
Chapter 415: Untitled
Chapter 416: Plan Within a Plan
Chapter 417: Battle of Water and Wood
Chapter 418: Mechanical Kirin Beast
Chapter 419: Yan Huang Imperial General
Chapter 420: When Nine Become One
Chapter 421: Direct Confrontation!
Chapter 422: The Promise From the Imperial General
Chapter 423: Golden Boy and Jade Maiden
Chapter 424: Mixed Thunder Sword Formation
Chapter 425: The Black Hell Lightning of Heaven’s Wrath
Chapter 426: The Dao That Never Dies
Chapter 427: Champion of the Trial of Yan
Chapter 428: Mega Shopping Spree
Chapter 429: Yan Huang Ancient Well
Chapter 430: Desolate Ancient World
Chapter 431: Yan Huang Ancient Soul
Chapter 432: Heaven’s Wrath Aftershock
Chapter 433: Underground Palace
Chapter 434: Damask of the Sea’s Heart
Chapter 435: Beautiful Girl
Chapter 436: Stone Key
Chapter 437: Heaven Devouring Evil Lord
Chapter 438: Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation
Chapter 439: The Spirits of the Universe!
Chapter 440: Fleeting Beauty
Chapter 441: Precursor Dragon Scale
Chapter 442: Doors to the Main Hall
Chapter 443: Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation
Chapter 444: Insatiable Greed
Chapter 445: Soul Shocking Object
Chapter 446: Precursor Dragon Scale
Chapter 447: Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas
Chapter 448: Immortal Breaking Art, Casting the Immortal Palace
Chapter 449: Strange Phenomena in the Immortal Palace
Chapter 450: Eyes of Fire and Gold
Chapter 451: Mystique Mastery
Chapter 452: Parting Gift
Chapter 453: Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon
Chapter 454: Turbulent Undercurrents
Chapter 455: Wind and Snow Immortal Domain
Chapter 456: A Dragon Of The Violet Kingdom Realm
Chapter 457: Eyes On His Back
Chapter 458: May Fate Bring Us Together
Chapter 459: The Promised Day
Chapter 460: A Core-Tail Talisman From Afar
Chapter 461: The Black Warship
Chapter 462: Return to Shushan!
Chapter 463: Betray Your Master And Destroy Your Tribe
Chapter 464: Green Depths Emperor Sword
Chapter 465: The Power of Purgatory Chains
Chapter 466: Severing All Ties
Chapter 467: Neptune’s Dark Fortress
Chapter 468: Black Dragons Overpowering All
Chapter 469: Lingering Affection
Chapter 470: The Arrival of the Seven Immortals
Chapter 471: East Sea Calls For Aid!
Chapter 472: Capital Wu, Capital Wu!
Chapter 473: Ghostly Emperor, Necro Lord
Chapter 474: The Daughter of the Eighth Emperor
Chapter 475: Extreme Pleasure Sect
Chapter 476: Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle
Chapter 477: An Ally Appears
Chapter 478: Sword Pointing to the East Sun
Chapter 479: Godly Sea Steadying Needle
Chapter 480: Devil Shen Kong
Chapter 481: The Four Souls Devil Lord
Chapter 482: Four Major Sects
Chapter 483: East King Island
Chapter 484: Three Fields Ghostly Sage
Chapter 485: Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture
Chapter 486: Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean
Chapter 487: Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage
Chapter 488: Crucible of the Underworld
Chapter 489: Sudden Changes
Chapter 490: Brothers Through Life And Death
Chapter 491: Shocking the Divine Continent
Chapter 492: A Bolt from the Blue
Chapter 493: Heroes From The World
Chapter 494: Necro Lord
Chapter 495: The most difficult choice
Chapter 496: The Great Dao Follows the Heart
Chapter 497: The Last Decision
Chapter 498: The Ultimate Battle
Chapter 499: The Major Battle Of The East Sea
Chapter 500: The Invincible Ghostly Emperor
Chapter 501: The Hatred In His Heart
Chapter 502: Ji Lingshuang
Chapter 503: Moment Of Frenzy
Chapter 504: Life and Death Encounter
Chapter 505: Another One Bites the Dust
Chapter 506: The Soul of the Hidden Sea
Chapter 507: The New World
Chapter 508: Great Karma
Chapter 509: Difficult Conquest of Dao Treasure
Chapter 510: Conversation in the Deep Sea
Chapter 511: Jambu Realm
Chapter 512: 19 Continents
Chapter 513: Martial Cultivation Kingdom
Chapter 514: Taigu Immortal Path
Chapter 515: Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial
Chapter 516: Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique
Chapter 517: The Missing Wind Chopping Camp
Chapter 518: Undercurrents
Chapter 519: Shangyuan Immortal Mountain
Chapter 520: Gusu Yudie
Chapter 521: The Two Demon Emperors
Chapter 522: First Battle
Chapter 523: Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal
Chapter 524: Nangong’s Transformation
Chapter 525: Phoenix Against Jiu Ying
Chapter 526: World Obliterating Furnace
Chapter 527: Demon Wind Locust
Chapter 528: Pagoda Tempest
Chapter 529: Come And Fight If You Aren’t Convinced
Chapter 530: Star Chasing Celestial Arrow
Chapter 531: Slaying The King
Chapter 532: Immortal Palace Painting
Chapter 533: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 534: Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword
Chapter 535: Bloodsucking Curse
Chapter 536: Shocking Change!
Chapter 537: The City Lord’s Message Talisman
Chapter 538: Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman
Chapter 539: Ares Battle Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 540: Until Fate Brings Us Together Again
Chapter 541: The Heart Devil of Life and Death
Chapter 542: Like the Arrival of a Lord
Chapter 543: Ink Immortal Palace Guard
Chapter 544: The Peak Of The Divine Continent
Chapter 545: Fourth Tier Violet Kingdom
Chapter 546: Battle God Guardian Formation
Chapter 547: The Gateway to the Taigu Immortal Path of Immortals
Chapter 548: Numerous Planets
Chapter 549: Sea Region Demon
Chapter 550: The Cloud Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 551: Seven Stars Soul Chasing Design
Chapter 552: The Way Out
Chapter 553: Prince Cloud
Chapter 554: Thunder Source Crystal Beast
Chapter 555: The Cardinal Behind
Chapter 556: The Third Kind of Spirit of the Universe
Chapter 557: Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body
Chapter 558: Moving Through The Pain
Chapter 559: Golden Robed Lady
Chapter 560: Strict Hierarchy
Chapter 561: Lightning Sea
Chapter 562: Heavy Coma
Chapter 563: Lan Tianyu
Chapter 564: Kings of the Spirits of the Universe
Chapter 565: Extremely Daring
Chapter 566: The King’s Awakening
Chapter 567: Ancient Emperor’s Demon Vanquishing Sword Talisman
Chapter 568: Incomparable Courage
Chapter 569: Speed of Life
Chapter 570: Astounding Change
Chapter 571: Cloud Sea of Time
Chapter 572: Black Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 573: Skysilver Protector
Chapter 574: Yu Xinghai
Chapter 575: Mechanical Skylark Beast
Chapter 576: White Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 577: Time Control
Chapter 578: Mysterious Door
Chapter 579: The Fifth Tier
Chapter 580: Prince Le
Chapter 581: Might of the Sun Vessel
Chapter 582: The Legendary Ancient Emperor
Chapter 583: Mystical Taia Flames Transformation
Chapter 584: Nine Stygian Purgatories Design
Chapter 585: The Path of Fear
Chapter 586: Strange Prince Le
Chapter 587: Panther General
Chapter 588: The Terrifying Third Mystique
Chapter 589: Companion
Chapter 590: Upper Qian Golden Rings
Chapter 591: Strange Developments
Chapter 592: Spiritual Trio General
Chapter 593: Blue Ringed Poison Devil
Chapter 594: Toxic Plague
Chapter 595: Old Mulberry Region Lord
Chapter 596: Dark North Kingdom
Chapter 597: Withering Blackfire Talisman
Chapter 598: One Hit KO
Chapter 599: The Huge Beast in the River of Time
Chapter 600: Floating Dreams Pagoda
Chapter 601: Lightning Blood General
Chapter 602: Gravel Path
Chapter 603: Advanced Dao Treasure
Chapter 604: Magical Golden Luan Transformation
Chapter 605: The Path of Pursuit
Chapter 606: Truncheon
Chapter 607: Supreme Speed
Chapter 608: Mysterious Tomb
Chapter 609: Inhibitor Spirit Design
Chapter 610: Sorry, My Heart Belongs to Another
Chapter 611: Fright in the Tomb
Chapter 612: Life and Death Fright!
Chapter 613: Qu Haoyan
Chapter 614: Great Brahma Nine Flames Warrior Body
Chapter 615: Perennial Shark
Chapter 616: Clash Of Physical Strength
Chapter 617: Phantom Corpse Puppet
Chapter 618: Muxu Kingdom
Chapter 619: Lethal Mechanism
Chapter 620: Single Handedly Challenging the Corpses!
Chapter 621: Coffins of Gold and Silver
Chapter 622: Princess You Xue
Chapter 623: Wu Yu, Save Me!
Chapter 624: Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill
Chapter 625: Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff
Chapter 626: Black Candle Light
Chapter 627: Hair-raising
Chapter 628: Against 10,000 Dragons
Chapter 629: Huge Infinity Beast
Chapter 630: Demonic Flame General
Chapter 631: Shocking Changes within the Tomb
Chapter 632: Mountain of Lightning
Chapter 633: Eastern Region Duke
Chapter 634: Change of Heart
Chapter 635: Sovereign Skyrending Dao Technique
Chapter 636: Mysterious Large Mountain
Chapter 657: Ravaging Lightning Serpents
Chapter 638: Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi
Chapter 639: Immortal’s Viewing Platform
Chapter 640: A New Panic