Endless Journey: Infinite Realms


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 793 - The Heavens always dictates

After all the things that he had done in his life, Alex realized that it was already his time to die.

But a sudden encounter with a weird person will turn his whole life around.

And his life just became weirder after that.

"You are an Esper? Then come and taste my saber!"

"You are a Daoist? Then come and taste my fist!"

"You are a Genie? Well, can you grant me infinite wishes?"

Everyone shall witness Alex’s rise on his endless journey!

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Chapter 1 Its a Cold, Snowy Night.
Chapter 2 One Near Death Experience Equates to One Beauty
Chapter 3 Why have a System when you have a Guide?
Chapter 4 Lets Shake it All Off!
Chapter 5 Trash in my Palace
Chapter 6 Can we call that Serendipity?
Chapter 7 Gamblers Fallacy
Chapter 8 Im a Mad Scientist, Sunnavabich!
Chapter 9 The Big 4
Chapter 10 Is Honey supposed to act that way?
Chapter 11 World Diagram
Chapter 12 Of course, it will always be a Small World
Chapter 13 Why so Serious, Comrade?
Chapter 14 So you also have a Fetish
Chapter 15 The way through a womans heart is though her stomach
Chapter 16 Star-Crusted Dagger
Chapter 17 Now thats Ho
Chapter 18 Having a Fairy is sometimes Unfair
Chapter 19 I doubt that you can blink them properly
Chapter 20 Its time to Cook
Chapter 21 Congratulations, Traveler
Chapter 22 Now, whos the dominant one, huh?
Chapter 23 An abrupt change
Chapter 24 Wassup!
Chapter 25 Its time for Afro Cu
Chapter 26 By the Power of Vibration
Chapter 27 This is so sad. Victoria, please play D***acito
Chapter 28 100
Chapter 29 What you see is what you usually ge
Chapter 30 All-Seeing Eyes
Chapter 31 Virtual Reality
Chapter 32 A fitting name and title
Chapter 33 Slow, Ticking Time
Chapter 34 Bad Hoomans
Chapter 35 Beginning of the End
Chapter 36 Is this the Real Life?
Chapter 37 An early bird always gets the thick, juicy worms
Chapter 38 Companion
Chapter 39 The Wheel of Journey
Chapter 40 Dear Traveler,
Chapter 41 Hi, my name is Alex
Chapter 42 Bold claims and plans
Chapter 43 Thank You
Chapter 44 Its all Character Descriptions
Chapter 45 A Reunion should always be this Fun
Chapter 46 630 Trillion
Chapter 47 How painful can a bite be?
Chapter 48 The Synthesizer
Chapter 49 More Scientific Mumbo-Jumbo
Chapter 50 mOtIvaTIonaL sPEakeR
Chapter 51 The Trolley Problem
Chapter 52 The First Supper
Chapter 53 Volume 1 Epilogue
Chapter 54 Volume 2 Prologue
Chapter 55 Thats a lot of Fores
Chapter 56 Law-Ability Interaction
Chapter 57 The Queen and the Weird Censorhip
Chapter 58 5 Little Monsters
Chapter 59 The Real and the Fake
Chapter 60 Monster Birth Program
Chapter 61 Golden Knigh
Chapter 62 Something Warm
Chapter 63 An exposed wound will always hurt, no matter wha
Chapter 64 The Knight is Coming
Chapter 65 Abyss Tomes
Chapter 66 Envy
Chapter 67 Empath
Chapter 68 Fusion Impossible: Mysterious Intruder
Chapter 69 Pew pew pew!
Chapter 70 Deal or No Deal?
Chapter 71 Abyss Runes
Chapter 72 Yeoowww!!!
Chapter 73 Deconstruction and Combination
Chapter 74 Fire and Shadow
Chapter 75 Another Shee
Chapter 76 Danger is in the Eye of the Beholder
Chapter 77 Saber!
Chapter 78 Cold Reading
Chapter 79 Shake Shake Shake!
Chapter 80 Well, at least he tried...
Chapter 81 The Unwanted Meeting
Chapter 82 Use your request righ
Chapter 83 Yum yum yum!
Chapter 84 Pillage
Chapter 85 Mouth
Chapter 86 Five Minds are Better Worse than One
Chapter 87 Different Degrees of Conflic
Chapter 88 More and More Meetings
Chapter 89 Imago
Chapter 90 Rawr!
Chapter 91 Freeze!
Chapter 92 Wow, its so Big!
Chapter 93 Release that Seed
Chapter 94 Disruption!
Chapter 95 Golden Apple
Chapter 96 Wrath
Chapter 97 Minor Destruction Aura
Chapter 98 Volume 3 Ideas
Chapter 99 The Parallel View
Chapter 100 Radical and Heavy
Chapter 101 The Worst Day of my Life
Chapter 102 Footsteps on the Mountains
Chapter 103 Exodus Initiative
Chapter 104 Attention!
Chapter 105 Volume 2 Epilogue
Chapter 106 Superhumans Online Discussion Thread
Chapter 107 Debu
Chapter 108 A Pair of Lilies
Chapter 109 Slash, Boom, Crunch
Chapter 110 Identities
Chapter 111 Private Message
Chapter 112 All the Ships have Sailed
Chapter 113 Stupid PC
Chapter 114 Online Shopping
Chapter 115 Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Chapter 116 The Septissential Septuplets
Chapter 117 Foresigh
Chapter 118 Evolution Path
Chapter 119 Sudden Complications
Chapter 120 Tailor~
Chapter 121 Division Director
Chapter 122 Skill Lis
Chapter 123 Primary and Complementary?
Chapter 124 Presentation and Analysis
Chapter 125 Flight Simulator 2018
Chapter 126 Meeting and Presen
Chapter 127 SHA REPORTS
Chapter 128 Deal, or No Deal?
Chapter 129 Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 130 The Obligatory Confrontation
Chapter 131 Apartment Break
Chapter 132 Pantheon
Chapter 133 Superhumans Online Discussion Thread 2
Chapter 134 Yay, Interruptions!
Chapter 135 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions
Chapter 136 Escalation!
Chapter 137 Field Trip!
Chapter 138 Free and Random are Better than Nothing
Chapter 139 Duplicator!
Chapter 140 Who Wants to Collect the Shells?
Chapter 141 Waves and Waves
Chapter 142 F or F?
Chapter 143 What did just Happen?
Chapter 144 Settling Down?
Chapter 145 Dead Ends Everywhere
Chapter 146 NIRVANA
Chapter 147 Thats all that you have?
Chapter 148 To Forgive is To Forget?
Chapter 149 Special Chapter: Council of the Mini Bois and Gals.
Chapter 150 Dimensions are Fun
Chapter 151 Apologies
Chapter 152 Press X to Spray
Chapter 153 Womans Intuition
Chapter 154 Q & A
Chapter 155 Triple the Trouble!
Chapter 156 When you tried to Help, but you ended up Scaring them all
Chapter 157 Well, Well, Well
Chapter 158 Whatever It Takes
Chapter 159 A Blast from the Pas
Chapter 160 Im the Victim here!
Chapter 161 Its Time!
Chapter 162 Just go and explode!
Chapter 163 Rampage!!!
Chapter 164 Nocturnal Bliss
Chapter 165 Colliseum
Chapter 166 Countless Realizations
Chapter 167 Complain or Comply?
Chapter 168 A Ball, a Helmet, and another Ball
Chapter 169 Low Grade?
Chapter 170 Body Pain
Chapter 171 Acceptance?
Chapter 172 Discoveries and Responsibilities
Chapter 173 Carving a New Chapter
Chapter 174 Volume 3 Epilogue
Chapter 175 Volume 4 Prologue Part 1: The Start of the Calamity
Chapter 176 Volume 4 Prologue Part 2: The Three Factions
Chapter 177 AFC
Chapter 178 Fragran
Chapter 179 Blacksun
Chapter 180 The Inquiries
Chapter 181 Knowledge is Power!
Chapter 182 Drills!!!
Chapter 183 What an Original Plan!
Chapter 184 Under my Umbrella
Chapter 185 Synergy of Minds
Chapter 186 Now, this is a Real Conversation
Chapter 187 Turtel
Chapter 188 Soil, Liquid, and Corpse
Chapter 189 The Gathering
Chapter 190 Please dont say that!
Chapter 191 That name sounds familiar...
Chapter 192 No Pain, No Gain!
Chapter 193 Are you Hungry?
Chapter 194 Its time to D-d-d-d-d-d-
Chapter 195 Conference
Chapter 196 The One Who Hoards and the One Who Learns
Chapter 197 Hear no Evil
Chapter 198 Light Beams are not cool!
Chapter 199 Symbol Matrix
Chapter 200 Interlude: Alina, the S-Tier Babysitter
Chapter 201 Trinity Theory
Chapter 202 LA BOMBA!
Chapter 203 Its Slomo Time!
Chapter 204 Glyph
Chapter 205 Lenten Break
Chapter 206 Breaking Mad
Chapter 207 Alchemists Tale Part 1
Chapter 208 Alchemists Tale Part 2
Chapter 209 B.E.
Chapter 210 Squishy Little Worms
Chapter 211 Price of Freedom
Chapter 212 This is just the Beginning!
Chapter 213 Waves!
Chapter 214 Interlude: Asteria and the Brain Eaters
Chapter 215 Divine Sensory Organs
Chapter 216 Keys and Essences
Chapter 217 Wheres my Superpower?
Chapter 218 Receive this ball of mine if you can!
Chapter 219 Take me to your leader!
Chapter 220 Ah s**t, here we go again
Chapter 221 Surveying
Chapter 222 Welp, that escalated quickly
Chapter 223 See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Smell No Evil
Chapter 224 I Give you power in the name of the Facemask!
Chapter 225 Long Live the Peace between Us!
Chapter 226 Am I a joke to you?
Chapter 227 Interlude: The calamitous tea party
Chapter 228 Communication is the Key for Promotion
Chapter 229 787898
Chapter 230 Swoogity swooty...
Chapter 231 You know, Im something of a code-breaker myself
Chapter 232 Yum yum yum!
Chapter 233 Lets get cooking!
Chapter 234 Did I do something wrong?
Chapter 235 Lets go the the Promised Land!
Chapter 236 Volume 4 Epilogue
Chapter 237 Volume 5 Prologue
Chapter 238 Yellow and Black
Chapter 239 More Inquiries
Chapter 240 We are the Newcomers!
Chapter 241 First is Aladdins Genie, then followed by Sonic. What could be next?
Chapter 242 Cling Clang!
Chapter 243 Sage
Chapter 244 Hey! Lets create some stuff!
Chapter 245 Interlude: Blood-Red Alex and the Seven Sprites
Chapter 246 I want a great storyteller!
Chapter 247 Lingo
Chapter 248 Im Hungry...
Chapter 249 Highly Specialized Girls Talk
Chapter 250 Shameless!
Chapter 251 I will bless you with this Seed
Chapter 252 Rero rero rero
Chapter 253 Can you see it?
Chapter 254 Exams
Chapter 255 Another Day, Another Stop
Chapter 256 Holy Order
Chapter 257 Please stop talking now!
Chapter 258 Everyones Virtues
Chapter 259 Crowd Control Please!
Chapter 260 Three Phase Technique
Chapter 261 Do you want cola? Then get some by yourself!
Chapter 262 Red is the Color of Dread!
Chapter 263 Through the eyes of a Little Girl
Chapter 264 My Will is Undying!
Chapter 265 Tickle your minds
Chapter 266 Karma is your own Undoing
Chapter 267 Who would want a defective product anyway?
Chapter 268 RYGB → RY B
Chapter 269 He dont Proteccc. He dont Attaccc. But at least he Succc
Chapter 270 That could be tasty! Let me lick it!
Chapte 271 Interlude Chapter: The Emperor and his Jesters
Chapter 272 All the Fighters are Here!
Chapter 273 Can you feel it? The might of my ride?
Chapter 274 The Rise of the Ooze
Chapter 275 Crashing Waves!
Chapter 276 The Big Red Pointy Thing
Chapter 277 Now, Isnt that Just Easy?
Chapter 278 What a Monster!
Chapter 279 New and Updated Character List You can skip this if you wan
Chapter 280 Is this my End? Well, kinda
Chapter 281 Meeting of the Two Juggernauts
Chapter 282 This is the start of the Convergence!
Chapter 283 Behold! The power of our fearsome beast!
Chapter 284 What about that? My bird is even better than yours!
Chapter 285 Hey! Please be gentle to me! This body is holy!
Chapter 286 When the big fish comes, all the small fishes will band together!
Chapter 287 Calamity of the Seven Sins!
Chapter 288 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a studen
Chapter 289 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student Part 2
Chapter 290 Will a flashback happen next?
Chapter 291 C.L.U.C.K!
Chapter 292 S & K, BBS Edition
Chapter 293 Temporary Hiatus
Chapter 294 Volume 5 Epilogue
Chapter 295 Why did my brother do this?
Chapter 296 They will be so broken, not even your mama can fix it!
Chapter 297 Don’t you say that I am high. I never get high.
Chapter 298 Since you want to smack us, then let me smack you too
Chapter 299 Stop it, get some help
Chapter 300 Is it A? Or will it B?
Chapter 301 Show me the money!
Chapter 302 50 is still better than 0
Chapter 303 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student Part 3
Chapter 304 Its overflowing! Please scoop some out!
Chapter 305 3 + 2 = 5!!!
Chapter 306 Gold, Blue, White, Black, and Kid... What do these 5 have in common?
Chapter 307 The Will, The Mind, the Heart, the Dao, and the Body.
Chapter 308 Is that part available? If it is, then let me use it!
Chapter 309 Pain pain go away, come again another day!
Chapter 310 Dont you worry, for I am here!
Chapter 311 Shes not checking you out...
Chapter 312 Here comes a Twister!
Chapter 313 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student Part 4
Chapter 314 Have you ever swam in a sea of trash?
Chapter 315 How deviated can you be? Please no more!
Chapter 316 T-MANIFES
Chapter 317 Treat me like the way you treat your friends, please
Chapter 319 Lets have steak first before we solve whats at stake.
Chapter 320 Kill it with Fire!
Chapter 321 Hah, Hah, Hah... Oh yeah...
Chapter 322 You have a date? Let me join in too!
Chapter 323 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student Part 5
Chapter 324 A mothers interview
Chapter 325 Im tired of thinking already, so this will just be the title.
Chapter 326 Congrats! You can BS starting today!
Chapter 327 You must be dumb if you got tricked 3 times in one succession
Chapter 328 Hey! Shes dangerous! Why cant yall see it?
Chapter 329 Sigh No need to unlock this. This is not a story chapter, but because I have to publish 400 words in a premium chapter, its contents will be repetitive.
Chapter 330 Want to hear a Dad Joke?
Chapter 331 Immortal Sacrificial Spell
Chapter 332 Lets strive for number six!
Chapter 333 Inside and Outside
Chapter 334 Red is for Dread
Chapter 335 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student Part 6
Chapter 336 Hook
Chapter 337 Rejected!!!
Chapter 338 Please dont push me off the cliff
Chapter 339 Being a hoarder can help you out sometimes!
Chapter 340 This conversation could have been finished in just 12 words
Chapter 341 Is Blood really thicker than water?
Chapter 342 Is that a Glitch that I see right there?
Chapter 343 No, you did not mishear it.
Chapter 344 Is this an enemy attack?
Chapter 345 Is it now my time to be Relieved?
Chapter 346 Fly like a Bird, Sting like a Mosquito
Chapter 347 If you cant find us, then let us guide you!
Chapter 348 Temptation and Desperation
Chapter 349 6-day Break and another survey Well, I have been writing for more than a year already, so a break like this is bound to come
Chapter 350 Divination and Enlightenmen
Chapter 351 Glory to the Immortals!
Chapter 352 Interluse: Asterias typical day as a studen Part 7
Chapter 353 Order! Order! Order!
Chapter 354 We are happy that you accepted our invitation
Chapter 355 Its over 1 Million!
Chapter 356 Please, please, stop it!
Chapter 357 Lets start loosening those cheeks!
Chapter 358 I am my own World, literally...
Chapter 359 If you are going in a battle, what would you use as a battle song?
Chapter 360 Baby, baby, baby, ohhh...
Chapter 361 Attosecond
Chapter 362 Munch munch munch
Chapter 363 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a studen part 8
Chapter 364 A slightly complete reunion
Chapter 365 Another cliff coming your way!
Chapter 366 Youre Guilty!
Chapter 367 A Glimpse at the Past 1
Chapter 368 A Glimpse at the Past 2
Chapter 369 A Glimpse at the Past 3
Chapter 370 A Glimpse at the Past 4
Chapter 371 A Glimpse at the Past 5
Chapter 372 A Glimpse at the Past 6
Chapter 373 A Glimpse at the Past 7
Chapter 374 A Glimpse at the Past Final
Chapter 375 - World Tree⥢ ⥤World Soul
Chapter 376 I am having a severe cough today, so next chapter will be 17 hours from now.
Chapter 377 Your End shall be our Beginning!
Chapter 378 If we want to be close with you, we must penetrate you firs
Chapter 379 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 9
Chapter 380 Just like what the old sages said before: Lets kill it with fire!
Chapter 381 Fly like a Butterfly, Hide like a Fly!
Chapter 382 Mind, Body, Essence, and Soul.
Chapter 383 If you read the latest Interlude, then you will understand this chapter
Chapter 384 Harvest Overlord
Chapter 385 I have exams tomorrow, so next chapter will be on Saturday.
Chapter 386 The Matters of the Soul and the Issues of Money
Chapter 387 Detective Alex, coming to your service!
Chapter 388 The Truth, and nothing but the Truth
Chapter 389 Here comes the Expert Voyeurs!
Chapter 390 Like father, like daughter?
Chapter 391 Origin and Conditions
Chapter 392 Transcendence
Chapter 393 Birds swim in the sky, and the Fishes fly in the sea
Chapter 394 Departure and Request End of Volume 6
Chapter 395 Volume 6 Epilogue
Chapter 396 The Recap that will end all Recaps
Chapter 397 Another school year, another batch of brats to teach
Chapter 399 Deal with a Devil?
Chapter 400 The Pressure is Real
Chapter 401 A surprise visit? From who?
Chapter 402 Your argument just sounds so stupid that even an idiot could not understand it!
Chapter 403 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 10
Chapter 404 I want to...
Chapter 405 So, will you talk or not?
Chapter 406 Do you wanna see a Postman?
Chapter 407 Main Mission 4, Season 2
Chapter 408 Survey
Chapter 409 Why should he live when I am still alive?
Chapter 410 I Want to Explode
Chapter 411 Hmm? You want to be a star? Then you better act like one!
Chapter 412 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 11
Chapter 413 ViewCube
Chapter 414 Praise me now, if you will
Chapter 415 Why are you lying? Why are you lying?
Chapter 416 Im going to say the A-word!
Chapter 417 Virtual Body
Chapter 419 Cosmic Guard
Chapter 420 I hope that will really happen
Chapter 421 The Tree and the Baby
Chapter 422 How the mighty have fallen
Chapter 423 A Visitor from the Past?
Chapter 424 Ignorance is Bliss, after all
Chapter 425 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 12
Chapter 426 How do you know that he is a gourmet? Is it through his cooking? Or is it through his food?
Chapter 427 I forgot to post this chapter yesterday, Im really sorry about that. F, this is so stressful
Chapter 428 Are you ready to repent?
Chapter 429 Two Sides of Justice
Chapter 430 Are you my friend? If yes, then this is for you!
Chapter 431 Bring me... to them!
Chapter 432 The Abyss is looking at you
Chapter 433 The Dao and the Abyss
Chapter 434 Queen Hydra
Chapter 435 Lightning, Spear, Bomb, and Tower
Chapter 436 I had an exam and a tournament today, so I was unable to post chapters.
Chapter 437 Star Fi- Armor!
Chapter 438 Subtle threats are still threats, no matter what you think about i
Chapter 439 The End of Time!
Chapter 440 Alexs Weird Adventures: Golden Bra
Chapter 441 Current Character State and List of Events
Chapter 442 Friends. What are they for?
Chapter 443 Being pent-up is not a good feeling....
Chapter 444 Whats a good pair? A cup of noodles and pandesal!
Chapter 445 The Daily Lives of Mythical Prisoners
Chapter 446 Artificial Worlds
Chapter 447 Ritual Summon Activate!
Chapter 448 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 13
Chapter 449 Cheva, the Abyss Monster of Wrath and Envy
Chapter 450 Im sick and tired of being sick and tired!
Chapter 451 Through the eyes of Cheva
Chapter 452 The Moon-Destroying Serpen
Chapter 453 My work is done here. Its time for me to leave.
Chapter 454 World in Danger : Boost in Power
Chapter 455 Look at me. Im the Captain now.
Chapter 456 If you ask me many questions, then you better answer all of it in the end
Chapter 457 Tricking a Demon is not advisable for Halloween
Chapter 458 What do you get when you cross an eye with a tongue?
Chapter 459 Ambiguity of the Statemen
Chapter 460 Race against Procastination
Chapter 461 I am tired of thinking already. Next chapter will be for tomorrow.
Chapter 462 Encounter from the Pas
Chapter 463 Schools and Tempting Deals
Chapter 464 Sneak attacks are a staple of battles already
Chapter 465 Whats better than a normal object? A Supreme Object!
Chapter 466 The Emperor shall rule them All
Chapter 467 Besieged on all sides?
Chapter 468 Time is Life, literally
Chapter 469 Is this a preordained meeting?
Chapter 470 Start of the Ritual?
Chapter 471 Curse and Contract?
Chapter 472 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 14
Chapter 473 A Shard from the Abyss
Chapter 474 1 minute has passed by
Chapter 475 This chapter is all about asking about your opinions on this novel.
Chapter 476 Law Manifestation!
Chapter 477 Intermission 1: The Legend of the Almighty Peasan
Chapter 478 3-Day Break
Chapter 479 Instant Enlightenmen
Chapter 480 Abyssal Pillar
Chapter 481 The Seven Deadly Colors?
Chapter 482 I came, I saw, I obliterated
Chapter 483 I Came, I Saw, I Coveted
Chapter 484 Blood-stained Memories, Part 1
Chapter 485 Blood-stained Memories, Part 2
Chapter 486 Blood-stained Memories, Part 3
Chapter 487 Blood-stained Memories, Part 4
Chapter 488 Blood-stained Memories, Part 5
Chapter 489 Blood-stained Memories, Part 6
Chapter 490 Summon the Emperor!
Chapter 491 Conquerors Aura! Must read chapter!!!
Chapter 492 A Golden Sea
Chapter 493 All Laws are nothing but trash to me!
Chapter 494 Star Mech
Chapter 495 Golden Tyrant Sword
Chapter 496 My friend, which is the friend of my enemy, is my what now?
Chapter 497 What is this game?
Chapter 498 Interlude: Asterias typical day as a student part 15
Chapter 499 Rise of the Ooze! Once more
Chapter 500 You want to mix up? Well then, let me double that up!
Chapter 502 The Beginning of the End?
Chapter 503 Start of the Massacre
Chapter 504 Fall of the Emperor!
Chapter 505 The 3rd number 6!
Chapter 506 Bonus Interludes and Volume 7 Discussion
Chapter 507 The Golden Throne and the Complete Possession
Chapter 508 Enjoy this coded message. I cant write today because of my shoulder. Next chap will be tomorrow
Chapter 509 Lone Dreamers
Chapter 510 Binary Planets
Chapter 511 Psychic Piercer!
Chapter 512 Legacy Weapon
Chapter 513 Tabby the Orange
Chapter 514 Final Chapter and Epilogue for this Volume shall be posted tomorrow! Theres an important coded message too!
Chapter 515 Where are my Keys? Part 1 of 3
Chapter 516 Where are my Keys? Part 2 of 3
Chapter 517 Where are my Keys? Part 3 of 3 End of Volume
Chapter 518 I fell sick today, so new chapters will be posted tomorr
Chapter 519 Volume 7 Epilogue The woes of the Rookie
Chapter 520 Volume 8 Prologue The Roaming Inn
Chapter 521 The Rookies and the Returnees
Chapter 522 Shards and Couriers
Chapter 523 Stages and Transcendence Must-read chapter!
Chapter 524 More Interlude I have exam tomorrow, so this is the best that I can write...
Chapter 525 And thus, the Story starts...
Chapter 526 Beat-up and Auction
Chapter 527 The Returning Travelers Part 1 of 2
Chapter 528 The Returning Travelers Part 2 of 2
Chapter 529 Now, are you ready to repent?
Chapter 530 Will you pledge it deep from your heart? Pledge it!
Chapter 531 Crimson God!!!
Chapter 532 Meeting of the Returners! Part 1
Chapter 533 Body to Energy
Chapter 535 The 1-year anniversary of this novel about to come!
Chapter 536 Old Man!!!
Chapter 537 Shameless Old Man
Chapter 538 Butler and Maid
Chapter 539 Gratitude and Rage
Chapter 540 The Truth and the Redaction
Chapter 542 I just posted an auxiliary chapter, please check it out. Next chap will be for tomorrow.
Chapter 543 Little Rant about the Income Next real chapter will still be tomorrow
Chapter 544 Interlude - Random Poems
Chapter 545 Cultivation is never easy
Chapter 546 Dao Cores and Superhuman Power
Chapter 547 The essence of Temperature
Chapter 548 Lets go Power Testing!
Chapter 549 A Dumb Woman, a Shy Woman, and a New Woman?
Chapter 550 Intermission: A Discussion about the Multiverse From Earths Point of View
Chapter 551 Setting the Roots End of Arc I
Chapter 552 Training and Calamity Start of Arc II
Chapter 553 The Sorceress and the Empress
Chapter 554 Regarding the Farming Mode Not a real chapter
Chapter 555 I am in Hospital Today. Next Chapter will come out tomorrow.
Chapter 556 Old Hag and B***h
Chapter 557 The Invasion of Foreign Memories
Chapter 558 Nascent Soul Breathing Technique
Chapter 559 The Temptation of the Nascent Soul Cultivaiton Technique
Chapter 560 The Circle of Women
Chapter 562 Intermission: Asteria wants to write a story?
Chapter 563 Method and Awakening
Chapter 564 Elder Sister and Junior Brother
Chapter 565 Giving Gifts, Exchanging Cards
Chapter 566 The Nine Gifts
Chapter 567 Survey Please answer!!!
Chapter 568 Immoral!!!
Chapter 569 - S̸̰̀u̵̧͘p̶̯̉ḛ̶̚r̸͈͝h̸̢́ṳ̶̚m̷͔͋a̴͇̔n̶̨̈́s̸͝ͅ ̵̥̒Õ̷̭n̴̤͌l̶͒͜ì̶͈n̵͖̈́e̸̮͛ ̶̪̑D̸̰͛ỉ̵̝ŝ̶̤c̴̨͋u̵͍̚ș̷̈s̶͍̀i̸̬̽o̷̜͗n̴̦͊ ̴͉̕Ḅ̸͂o̴̙̐a̸̯̔r̴̩̓d̴͕̆
Chapter 570 I have to take a 3-day break My mind is just gas
Chapter 571 Domains!
Chapter 572 Regression!!!
Chapter 573 Children, children everywhere!
Chapter 574 Clash!
Chapter 575 Masochism, Curse, and Breakthrough
Chapter 576 Soul, Division, and Pain
Chapter 577 Soul, Colors, and Candy
Chapter 578 Monologue of a Self-Proclaimed Trickster
Chapter 579 Are you ready for the Surgery?
Chapter 580 Nascent Soul Breathing Technique, Complete!
Chapter 581 The Cause of Depression
Chapter 582 Operation: Raid!
Chapter 583 Raid! Raid! Raid!
Chapter 584 Happy New Year to Everyone!
Chapter 585 The Rookie, the Succubus, the Fox, the Harem Queen, and the Tree
Chapter 586 Celestial Carp Continent, here we come!
Chapter 587 1500, 875, and 14
Chapter 588 Victory and Defeat?
Chapter 589 Welp, so did we get played?
Chapter 590 The Enraged Returners
Chapter 591 People Die When They Are Killed
Chapter 592 Always clean your room when you have someone coming over.
Chapter 593 An Abyss Devils Diary
Chapter 594 Key of Law
Chapter 595 Choric Manifold!
Chapter 596 Ways of Sealing!
Chapter 597 Cliffhanger
Chapter 598 Immunity!
Chapter 599 Meet them all!
Chapter 600 Dont stare like that! Its making me feel awkward!
Chapter 601 Drone and Autopsy
Chapter 602 Taal Volcano Eruption
Chapter 603 Enemy!!!
Chapter 604 Its the Killer!
Chapter 605 Legacy Weapon!
Chapter 606 Limitations, Bad Breath, and Invitation
Chapter 607 Return and Counsel
Chapter 608 Continents and Owners
Chapter 609 Interlude: The Gathering of the Companions
Chapter 610 Breaking News!!!
Chapter 611 Chaos and Decision
Chapter 613 Why are you looking at us like that? Do you want to kill us?
Chapter 614 Anger and Eagerness to Figh
Chapter 615 Interlude: A plea from a victim of the Abyss
Chapter 616 Malfunction and Pain
Chapter 617 The True Identity of the Rainbow Quasar, Soul Exacaliber, Magnificent Dude!
Chapter 618 Child of Chaos!
Chapter 619 Torture and Masochism Must Read!!!
Chapter 620 Eyes of Chaos
Chapter 621 Its my Birthday today, so I took a half-day break.
Chapter 622 The Power of the Shards!
Chapter 623 The Might of the Transcendence Shards! 1 of 3
Chapter 624 The Might of the Transcendence Shards! 2 of 3
Chapter 625 Volume 8 is nearing its end! Please read!!! Its important!
Chapter 626 The Might of the Transcendence Shards! 3 of 3
Chapter 627 Reversals.
Chapter 628 Disruption and Corruption
Chapter 629 Abyss and Chaos
Chapter 630 What is Evil?
Chapter 631 Abyssal Church
Chapter 632 COMA
Chapter 633 No chapters today. I was saddened by the lack of readers, so I want to recover first.
Chapter 634 Corruption
Chapter 635 Revealed Secret!
Chapter 636 Awakening!
Chapter 637 The Chaos Curse strikes again. Or did it?
Chapter 638 Did you just the B-word?
Chapter 639 A Lucky Break!
Chapter 640 Revelations End of Volume 8
Chapter 641 Departure and Determination Epilogue
Chapter 642 Info about the new volume
Chapter 643 Voyage of Two Souls
Chapter 644 High Priest!
Chapter 645 Confession I have a headache, so this chapter is a little bland...
Chapter 646 A White Capsule?
Chapter 647 Church, House, and Temple
Chapter 648 The Disk and the Leech
Chapter 649 Interlude: AI-Written script and No Chapter Announcemen
Chapter 650 Clean-Up and Post Service
Chapter 651 Hoax! This is a Hoax!
Chapter 652 TRUE GODS!!!
Chapter 653 Transcendence Era
Chapter 654 The Truth and Domination.
Chapter 655 - Pr̸̙̦̐͝ǻ̶̢̎į̶̤̺̃̑s̴͚͋ę̷́̊!̴̮͍̮̈́!̷͉̩̇̊͛!̷̮̔́̕
Chapter 656 Corruption?
Chapter 657 Escape!
Chapter 658 Survey and Explanation for the Coded Messages.
Chapter 659 Soul Magic
Chapter 660 The Tree is Heavy, and the Gate is Kinky
Chapter 661 Sickle
Chapter 662 Interlude: Valentines Day?
Chapter 663 Kriya! Kriya! Kriya!
Chapter 664 Warped Rules and Green Ground
Chapter 665 The Elder Priest and the Senior Acolyte
Chapter 666 Eye of Wisdom
Chapter 667 - No today(I have an exam)
Chapter 668 See, Seen, Saw
Chapter 669 Whatever the f**k this term means
Chapter 670 Assurance and Doubts Please read this. I need it badly....
Chapter 671 Butterfly Effect and Ill Inten
Chapter 672 Blatant Greed and Conviction
Chapter 673 Skin of Omniscience
Chapter 674 Pot calling the Kettle Black?
Chapter 675 A Space Mage, an Empress, a Fairy, a Warlock, and a Sister.
Chapter 676 Monsters and Babysitting
Chapter 677 Before the Main Event: An Elder Priests Schedule Lis
Chapter 678 Interlude: Asterias Typical Day as a Student Part 16
Chapter 679 Is that a Paradox?
Chapter 680 The Mistress, the Emperor, and the Invaders
Chapter 681 The Unchanging Past, the Murky Future, and the Presen
Chapter 682 Next preview and no today announcement(Please read this too)
Chapter 683 Event Loop!
Chapter 684 pooL tnevE
Chapter 685 Time vs Time
Chapter 686 Summary of Book 9 As of Now
Chapter 687 Prove that Four is greater than 1
Chapter 688 Countermeasures
Chapter 689 - Question about the Pirating Sites(Please read this if you have time)
Chapter 690 Poison, Saliva, Slash, and Arrow
Chapter 691 Instability and Quantification
Chapter 692 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 1
Chapter 693 Congregration of the Divine Senses! Part 2
Chapter 694 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 3
Chapter 695 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 4
Chapter 696 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 5
Chapter 697 Authors Brain & Author : A Meaningful Conversation.
Chapter 698 The Coronavirus is scary, that I can say.
Chapter 699 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 6
Chapter 700 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 7
Chapter 701 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 8
Chapter 702 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 8.5
Chapter 703 Interlude: She and Her Divine Sensory Organs Must read!!!
Chapter 704 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 9
Chapter 705 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 10
Chapter 706 Origin Shard
Chapter 707 Desire over Anger
Chapter 708 Conclusion
Chapter 709 Im on Self-Quarantine beause of the Coronavirus.
Chapter 710 Rest and Provocations
Chapter 711 Youre a Monster!
Chapter 712 Soul Fiend Armor
Chapter 713 Knowledge Minister
Chapter 714 Eruditus
Chapter 715 Paradise and Corpses
Chapter 716 Interlude: The Mnemonic Manifest ft. Asteria
Chapter 717 Statues Gazes
Chapter 718 Chaos Curse, Mark of the Abyss
Chapter 719 Onwards! To the promised land!
Chapter 720 Ravings of Chaos 1 of 2
Chapter 721 - CoVid-19(I'm sick today....)
Chapter 722 Ravings of Chaos 2 of 2
Chapter 723 Outskirts Arc 2 Star
Chapter 724 The Only Path
Chapter 725 Opening your house not only for friends, but also for enemies?
Chapter 726 One, Two, Three, and Four
Chapter 727 Four? and Five
Chapter 728 In One Single Gulp
Chapter 729 Living Impossibility
Chapter 730 Lone Journey
Chapter 731 Different Portions, Different Situations
Chapter 732 Interlude: The Mnemonic Manifest ft. Asteria 2
Chapter 733 The Giant and Its Crown!
Chapter 734 A Relic from the Past!
Chapter 735 Madness
Chapter 736 In and Out???
Chapter 737 Recall: History and Eras of the Multiverse
Chapter 738 To chop a Tree, you can target the Roots
Chapter 739 Pleasure and Pain always come together
Chapter 740 Peak of Strength!
Chapter 741 Evil and Good
Chapter 742 People die when they die
Chapter 743 G̵̭̙̹̞̬̤͖̝̀̂͜r̵̨͈̭̣̂̈̿͂͂̿͛̓̄e̸͇̼͖̦͍͕̯̭͙͑͋́͑̎̀̑è̶̟̜̬̤̦̘͎̽͗͊̕t̸̢̟̦̤̋̕̚ͅị̸̖̝̫̰͎͚̗̞̀̅͋̎̀́͝ṉ̶̨͖͎̜̩͖̻̈́̄͒̀̑̈́̌ģ̴̻͉͖̤̯͗s̶̲̩̦̱͋̈́̄ͅ
Chapter 744 My laptop broke again. And some re-posted conten
Chapter 745 Distortion
Chapter 746 Kindness within Corruption
Chapter 747 Somethings off about this chapter 1 of 2
Chapter 748 Somethings off about this chapter 2 of 2
Chapter 749 Answer my Questions, Please
Chapter 750 The Mountain and the Unknown Lake
Chapter 751 Refusal, Stubborness.
Chapter 753 I'm having a little breakdown.
Chapter 754 Infiltration?
Chapter 755 Distort Everything!
Chapter 756 Shrinkage and Torture?
Chapter 757 Pride: The Best Abyss Sprite?
Chapter 758 INTERLUDE: Scenes of the Pas
Chapter 759 Corruption Path and Distortion Path
Chapter 760 Power and Consequences
Chapter 761 Affiliations and Troubles
Chapter 762 Whos a good boy now?
Chapter 763 Praise the Abyss!!!
Chapter 764 Corrupt the Abyss Envoy!
Chapter 765 Escalation of Conflict!
Chapter 766 Interlude: Chaos and Sins
Chapter 769 Return and Murder
Chapter 770 Volume 9 Summary Part 2
Chapter 772 Why hast thou Betrayed thy Master?
Chapter 773 Interlude: Asterias Typical Day as a Student Part 17
Chapter 775 Flight or Figh
Chapter 777 The Blackened Emperor
Chapter 778 Lunch Time!!!
Chapter 779 Extra: Volume 9 Summary and a Message in regards to my absence
Chapter 780 Star Seizing Hands
Chapter 781 Inside the Ancestral Tomb, the Abyss Envoy is being attacked!
Chapter 782 Volume 9 Epilogue
Chapter 783 Upheaval
Chapter 784 TRAVELERS (Must read chapter)
Chapter 785 Character Updates(Must Read!!!)
Chapter 786 Void. Soul. Conquer.
Chapter 787 ‎Today, I feast!
Chapter 788 Carnage
Chapter 789 - Essence of Emptiness
Chapter 790 - Blackmail
Chapter 791 - A Quick Interrogation
Chapter 792 - Focus Group?
Chapter 793 - The Heavens always dictates