Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus

Author:Sengetsu S

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40: Invoking! Quick Structure (Handling the warning)

Nagi who was summoned to another world acquired the「Skill Structure」skill.

Nagi felt the hints of black job from the king’s request 「To defeat the devil king」. He leaves the castle and starts his journey with a slave girl.

The small demon girl Cecyl, the melee-fighter beast girl Rita , Aine the onee-chan maid, Regii the cursed sword.

Rafiria the warm and fluffy elf and Iris the sea dragon shrine maiden.

Nagi rewrites the girls’ skills and made them into 「cheat characters」one after another.

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus Latest Chapter List 88Novel Free Online I'll show you in a minute Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus The latest chapter)
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Chapter 1: Hated by the another world king,liked by the ghost
Chapter 2: Using [Reconstruction ability] skill to save a girl.
Chapter 3: Cecyl’s Strange Master
Chapter 4: Aiming for [Living without having to work skill]
Chapter 5: The first group work.
Chapter 6: Escape from the royal capital using ancient magic
Chapter 7: Meeting with the chief priest on the way to Metekal
Chapter 8: The secret of the demon race and Cecyl’s resolution.
Chapter 9: The chief priest has seen it! A huge aquatic organism lurking in the village
Chapter 10: The optimist chief priest and the pessimistic visitor.
Chapter 11: The brilliant change of Chief priest Rita
Chapter 12: A visitor and the talk about a slave.
Chapter 13: The second OP waifu. And…
Chapter 14: Let’s register at the adventurer’s guild since things have finally calmed down.
Chapter 15: The guild we joined is too good to be true.
Chapter 16: Bat extermination and the mansion’s secret.
Chapter 17: Cecyl’s Desire and the Reward Whereabouts
Chapter 18: Meeting an older sister in a closed guild
Chapter 19: The Hero came and I fought him together with my slaves
Chapter 20: Triple Structure - first joint work of three people
Chapter 21: Cutting the battery supply of Gargoyles and demolishing them
Chapter 22: Receiving a residence included an optional contract
Chapter 23: The first fusion magic (proposal and attempt)
Chapter 24: Capturing the dungeon, first half “Sending the monsters flying”
Chapter 25: Capturing the dungeon, second half “Goblins are mown down”
Chapter 26: The most wicked sword vs. the strongest big sister
Chapter 27: The cursed sword was unexpectedly fiendish, so we’ve tried doing a downgrade
Chapter 28: An unwanted pursuer showed up, so we requested an outside help
Chapter 29: Quest introduction to the count who wants to become a hero
Chapter 30: Just when I thought that my wives were cheat characters, I suddenly discovered that I became a cheat character myself
Chapter 31: Nagi, Cecyl, and a white knot festival. First Part
Chapter 32: Nagi, Cecyl, and a white knot festival. Latter Part
Chapter 33: The number of skills has increased during the trip, so I came up with a new combo.
Chapter 34: After a heartwarming rest with the slaves in the onsen town, a bigwig contacted us
Chapter 35: The Legend of a sea dragon, and the Spiritual Connection
Chapter 36: From Nagi to Cecyl, a modest wish
Chapter 37: Awaken, the second form of OP Waifu (Cecyl)
Chapter 38: Cheat persuasion and uninvited guests
Chapter 39: Dealing with the claim, and a witness of legend
Chapter 40: Invoking! Quick Structure (Handling the warning)