My Special Ability is Perfect Replication

Author:The Little

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 80: A Cruel Scheme, Work for Free

After transmigrating to this world where spiritual energy is revived, I realized that it’s a world rampaged by Direbeasts. But what is most exciting is that humans with special abilities do exist! It’s awesome to witness control of thunder and fire, titan’s transformation, limb regeneration, teleportation, telepathy, precognition and many more.

And guess what? I have them all.

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Chapter 1: Rampaging Direbeasts, the Age of Arcanas
Chapter 2: Jumping Up the Social Ladder, Arcana Trials
Chapter 3: Arcana Awakened, But It’s Not Me
Chapter 4: Secret Arcana Technique, Attempts to Win Over Commence
Chapter 5: Testing Arcana, Pangu Ant Form
Chapter 6: Single-parent Family, the Gene Arcana
Chapter 7: Final Choice, Joining Pangu
Chapter 8: Luxury Villa, the Bahamut Absorption Technique
Chapter 9: Shadowform Arcana, Simple Test
Chapter 10: Extra Practice, Attractive Rewards
Chapter 11: Arriving at the County City, the Test Begins
Chapter 12: Gravity Arcana, the Class 2 Direbeast
Chapter 13: Watching the Show, Gravity Arcana
Chapter 14: Class 1 Direbeast, the Sableback Gorilla
Chapter 15: Speed-type Arcanist, Meeting His Nemesis
Chapter 16: Slaughtering the Wolf Pack, Lionization Arcana
Chapter 17: Lure Fishing, Counting the Harvest
Chapter 18: Poaching, A+ Contract
Chapter 19: Pangu Mall, Astronomical Prices
Chapter 20: Sands of Annihilation, the Treasure of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 21: The Wind Hunters, Windfall Business
Chapter 22: Two Options, A+ Benefits
Chapter 23: Arriving in the Wilderness, Slaughtering Giant Wolves
Chapter 24: Titan Kabutomushi, a Man and a Woman
Chapter 25: Fifty Square Feet of Osmium Soil, Void Falcons
Chapter 26: The Feast of Taotie, Five-colored Wyrm Python
Chapter 27: Mountain Pool, Giant Snapping Turtle.
Chapter 28: Killing the Giant Snapping Turtle, Ice-type Arcana
Chapter 29: Corpse Inspection, 300 Million in Value
Chapter 30: Devolution Potion, Tianci Beaten Up
Chapter 31: Yang Group, Ling Jiu’s Mother
Chapter 32: Level 3 Arcana, Special Contribution
Chapter 33: This Is a Serious Crime, Rock Giant
Chapter 34: The Flying Ride, an Egoistic Dad
Chapter 35: Adrenaline Rush, Rampage Black Bear
Chapter 36: Super Corn, Internecine
Chapter 37: Six Times of the Gravity Force, Teleportation
Chapter 38: Class 4 Direbeast, Unsolicited Guests
Chapter 39: The Killers Become the Killed
Chapter 40: Snowdragon Bile, Level 4 Arcana
Chapter 41: Crushing a Class 4 Direbeast, the Assault of the Beast Tide
Chapter 42: The Beast Tide Strikes, Class 6 Direbeasts
Chapter 43: The Electromagnetic Cannon’s Power, The Disintegration of the Beast Tide
Chapter 44: He’s a Genius, Back to Appraising
Chapter 45: Becoming a Billionaire, the Fifth Pillar
Chapter 46: Class Reunion? Assassin’s Strike
Chapter 47: Hired Killer, Killed Instead
Chapter 48: Invitation for a Meal, Chance Reunion With Classmates
Chapter 49: Young Master from Chang’an, Arcanist Family
Chapter 50: Ridiculing Ling Jiu, an Important Guest
Chapter 51: Two Worlds, Upright People
Chapter 52: Special Operations, Two Teams
Chapter 53: Body-morphing Arcana, Tungsten Alloy Form
Chapter 54: All Gathered, Operation Commence
Chapter 55: Rampaging Sweep, Greatmaw Ants
Chapter 56: This Is Money-grubbing, Killing All in One Fell Swoop
Chapter 57: Dealing with the Root, Overwhelming Desire
Chapter 58: One Fist One Kill, Emergency Backup Request
Chapter 59: Mysterious Egg, Titan Tempest Ape
Chapter 60: Every Fist Connected, This Is Gravity
Chapter 61: Give Me Back My Egg, Ox-Dragon Serpent Egg
Chapter 62: Selling the Giant Egg, Sold Within Mere Seconds
Chapter 63: Long-legged Phasmids, Super Chestnut
Chapter 64: Super Spider Silk, Bloodfeast Souleater
Chapter 65: Water of Life, Extending Life by 30 Years
Chapter 66: Royal Hover, The Vulcan Manager
Chapter 67: Eighty-Death Shield, That’s Too Savage
Chapter 68: Deal Closed, Mission Accomplished
Chapter 69: The Wealthiest Person in Lantian, Airship Purchase
Chapter 70: Shinratensei, Lavishly Elegant
Chapter 71: Someone From the HQ, Not Enough to Go Round
Chapter 72: Mighty Mammoth Form, Sonic-Speed Arcana
Chapter 73: Arriving in Chang’an, Bumping into Acquaintances
Chapter 74: Being Made a Romantic Rival, Gigantization Arcana
Chapter 75: Sparring Begins, Neck and Neck
Chapter 76: Three Arcana, Moving in a Flash
Chapter 77: Undying Skyfire, Getting the Place
Chapter 78: Dimensional Fissures, Arriving in Australia
Chapter 79: New Roommate, Different Benefits
Chapter 80: A Cruel Scheme, Work for Free