Episode 9 – Omniscient Sunfish (3)

[The constellation Secretive Plotter is curious about your scam.]

[The constellations have sponsored you 200 coins.]

The winner of the rock paper scissors was decided in an instant. Lee Gilyoung’s face was slightly flushed while Jung Heewon had a satisfied expression. Lee Jihye flopped to the ground with a devastated expression.

“...This is ridiculous!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t read Lee Gilyoung’s mind so two ampoules went to him.

“You don’t have to give it to me...”

“Take it.”

He was cute. I stroked Lee Gilyoung’s head.

In addition, Jung Heewon won two Stamina Enhancement Ampoules. Jung Heewon received them with a smile.

“Thank you. It was tough so far with my stamina.”

It was only Lee Jihye who didn’t obtain any ampoules.

“How can you beat me 18 out of 20 times? Did you cheat?”

“I am originally good at rock paper scissors.”

“Are you really going to do this? Can’t you give me just one...”

“You have Yoo Jonghyuk.”

I ignored Lee Jihye’s whines and packed the ampoules.

Jung Heewon patted the shoulder of the grouchy Lee Jihye while staring at Lee Jihye’s shining sword.

“Little sister, the world has to be fair.”

* * *

Dudududu. There was the sound of the helicopter’s propellers. Lee Gilyoung looked at the distant dinosaur island and asked, “Hyung, can’t I take it to the next floor?”

The big praying mantis was sitting in Lee Gilyoung’s lap and talking to Lee Gilyoung. The praying mantis rubbed its antenna against Lee Gilyoung’s jaw.

“Unfortunately, you can’t take it.”

Lee Gilyoung’s hugged the praying mantis with a sad expression.

“...Take care Titano.”


He had already given it a name. Unfortunately, monsters created in Theatre Dungeon couldn’t move to another floor.

However, items could be taken to other floors. For example, I had the ampoules that increased stats and the item I was now holding.

[Tyrant T-Rex’s DNA Ampoule]

The golden ampoule was the most decisive reason for choosing this movie. It was an item that increased all stats by 10 for 30 minutes after ingestion. Although it had the disadvantage that it could only be used in Theatre Dungeon, it was impossible to break through the last floor of this dungeon without this item.

Especially if Yoo Jonghyuk was in the worst situation as I thought.

The praying mantis that Lee Gilyoung released flew in the air and the dark sky started to collapse.

[The first ‘Ending Credit’ has been reached.]

[Performers: Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon, Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung.]

[You have obtained 500 coins as compensation.]

I felt some dizziness and we appeared on the ground floor again. After we escaped, the movie posted on the wall was torn. It was evidence that we safely cleared it. Lee Jihye was complaining.

“Do you have to pass a few more floors like this?”

“Yoo Jonghyuk will have broken most of it so it will be faster than you think.”

We headed straight to the second floor via the escalator. From the second floor, the remaining space was narrow because it was the full-fledged theatre. Jung Heewon asked.

“There’s no change?”

No matter how long we waited, the environment on the second floor didn’t change. The camera wasn’t seen and the screening didn’t start either. Looking closer, all the posters on the second floor were torn. Lee Jihye noticed something.

“Is it only the movies whose posters are intact?”

I checked the torn posters one by one.

Pacific Rim directed by Guillermo del Toro... a giant robots righting movie? Too bad. If this had been intact then I could’ve gotten the reward of Hardened Gloves.

Inception directed by Christopher Nolan... it was good that this one was torn.

“Wow, I wanted to watch this.”

I saw the poster that Lee Jihye was looking at.

“Do you like superheroes?


“It is fortunate. Otherwise you would hate it after this.”

“...I see.”

On the torn poster, a green monster was roaring at us.We went straight up to the third floor.

“It is the same here.”

All the posters on the third floor were torn as well. Yoo Jonghyuk had properly swept through it. It was fortunate since there were a lot of dangerous movies on the third floor.

Final Destination directed by James Wan... that bastard Yoo Jonghyuk, how did he break this? This was an annihilation movie.

“We are going up faster than I expected?”

Unlike Jung Heewon’s bright voice, I was nervous every time we climbed a floor. Clearing the Theatre Dungeon required some luck. Some of the posters on each floor weren’t covered in Ways of Survival. Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t clear all movies.

There was a system message when we entered the fourth floor.

[You have entered the fourth floor.]

The spotlight poured down without giving me time to look at the posters. Jung Heewon gathered both hands together and prayed.

“Please don’t be a ghost movie...”

I glanced at Jung Heewon and she gave me an excuse.

“Ghosts can’t be killed with a sword.”

...This was the reason.

[The screening has started!]

The background changed and when we opened our eyes, a sea breeze blew on the prow of a ship.


Salt was felt in my mouth and the open horizon spread out before me. I was enraptured by the scenery of the sea. I had been working every day and it had been a few years since I’ve travelled anywhere.

“What is this movie?”

Next to me, Jung Heewon was wearing a full length dress.

A violin sound was heard from the inside of the cruise ship and there was the sound of excited people. It was an incredibly romantic atmosphere from a movie...

Oh, I know what this movie is.

Then Lee Jihye’s voice was heard. “Oh, accelerating all of a sudden...”

I looked back and saw that Lee Jihye was vomiting. Jung Heewon rushed over and patted her back. After vomiting for a long time, Lee Jihye said.

“Uh, I get seasick.”

“It is okay, just vomit.”

...I had wondered this since a while ago. Why did the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare choose Lee Jihye? No, I read the novel but I just didn’t want to know.

“But Unni... is this the movie? The boat that sinks.”

“It seems so.”

“Then... perhaps Unni is ‘Kate Winslet?’”

Lee Jihye looked at Jung Heewon’s dress like she was envious, then she looked at me.

“Then Ahjussi is... DiCaprio? Uweeeek!”

I felt somehow grumpy when I saw her vomiting after saying that. At this time, Lee Gilyoung emerged from behind me.


Lee Gilyoung was dressed in formal clothing. This clothing was somewhat familiar...

Anyway, everyone was gathered.

“There is no time.”

The ship was now sinking. Unfortunately, the solution to this movie didn’t appear in Ways of Survival.

How could we beat the Titanic? Was it a fight with the sea?

Lee Jihye was the first to comment.

“The ship is sinking anyway. Do we just have to sink with it?”

“That is a little...”

It was frustrating. It would’ve been better if the movie had a clear enemy to crush.

“Let’s look for the villain Hyung.”

This was Lee Gilyoung’s opinion. I didn’t know if there was an obvious villain this movie., But since I couldn’t think of anything else, I decided to follow it.

“Then let’s handle the villain.”

We started moving. By the way, who was this movie’s villain? The last time I watched the Titanic...

But I didn’t need to worry. The villain came to find us. A man in a clean suit was staring over here.

“Jack Dawson!”

Wait, Jack Dawson... the role that DiCaprio played? But the man wasn’t looking at me.


...He was DiCaprio? I sighed as I looked at Lee Gilyoung.

* * *

After a while, we kidnapped a person we thought was the villain of the movie. But the theater master didn’t respond. It wasn’t enough to kidnap him...

I hesitated for a moment before opening my mouth.


“Let’s kill him.”

Lee Jihye pulled out her sword and pointed it. It was at a man struggling while his body was tied up.

“The theater master is a psychopath? Then isn’t the answer to kill him quickly?”

I thought so as well. No, I was sure of it.

It was the answer to another movie like this in Ways of Survival. But Jung Heewon gazed at the man in horror and unexpected said,

“But...he looks like a real person.”


“This is a movie but he is just like a real person.”

It was surprising that Jung Heewon said this when she had been neatly subjugating the weak a few days ago. Then again, Jung Heewon had said something like this: ‘I might be a killer but I don’t want to become a monster.’

Lee Ji-hye asked, “Unni, what are you saying this type of sentimental thing now? You don’t want to kill him?”

“No, that isn’t it...”

“It is good to save people. But if this person doesn’t die, we will die. We are definitely alive but this guy is just a character!”


I felt bemused at Lee Jihye’s words.

Jung Heewon looked at me. “...Do you think so?”

“Even if this guy is a ‘real’ person, he is still a bad guy! Why is killing him bad?”

Lee Jihye’s words might be right. This guy was definitely a villain of the scenario and would do bad things. So it was okay to kill him. Funnily enough, it was the logic that Yoo Jonghyuk often spoke about in Ways of Survival.

The moment I opened my mouth, Lee Jihye hurriedly drew her sword.

“Sigh, what is this? Master could be dying right now!”

The blade descended and pierced the man’s chest. Blood poured out. It was incredibly realistic. Then a system message was heard.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the changed ending of the movie.]

[The stern of the ship will lead to the next floor.]

“Look, I did it properly. Right?”

Lee Jihye shouted triumphantly.

The answer obviously wasn’t wrong. The theater master acknowledged this and the constellations would give coins for our actions. We would survive with these coins.

It was a way of living that destroyed this world.

[The second ‘Ending Credit’ has been reached.]

[Performers: Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon, Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung.]

[You have obtained 500 coins as compensation.]

We weren’t able to get a reward item from Titanic. Thus, we went straight to the next floor and followed the guidance of the system message.

[You have entered the fifth floor, the rewards room.]

Once we climbed the escalator, the rewards room finally showed up.

“Rewards room? It isn’t a scary movie?”

“This is an exhibition hall. It was a place they used to show original movie props.”

In fact, I knew this but I once again acted ignorant.

Various movie props appeared in glass tubes. Equipment and costumes used by the main characters of various movies, stage accessories...

The funny thing was that they were no longer props.

Jung Heewon approached a glass tube and shouted.

“Oh my god, look at this!”

[Mikazuki Munechika – Replica] A grade sword.

Jung Heewon’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the glass tube and I nodded.

“You’ve finally obtained a proper sword, Heewon-ssi.”


It was obviously a great sword at first glance. The originally groll horn knife wasn’t comparable and it wasn’t lacking when compared to Lee Jihye’s blade.

Jung Heewon started to swing the sword in his hand.

“Isn’t this amazing? It is light and moves properly!”

I had never seen Jung Heewon like this.

[The character ‘Jung Heewon’ is deeply grateful to you.]

It was nothing.

The main purpose of targeting the Theatre Dungeon was the ‘compensation’ of the fifth floor. The Theatre Dungeon was a good place to farm for items early on. In particular, Jung Heewon would become stronger with this weapon.

[The reward items are limited to two per person.]

It wasn’t a genuine ‘star relic’ person it was a movie prop, but the replica version had characteristics of the original item. A-grade items were close to a scam in the early stages.

By the way, Yoo Jonghyuk had already passed through here. Two items were already gone.

“Pick your items. Each one can only obtain two so choose carefully.”

I told Jung Heewon to pick an item Yoo Sangah could use while I found one for Lee Hyunsung. This one seemed useable.

[Hercules’ Shield- Replica] A grade shield.

Good... It was an item that couldn’t be compared with the Old Iron Shield. I thought of how Lee Hyunsung’s eyes would shine with loyalty towards me and already felt warm.

Lee Jihye, who claimed to be a fan of superheroes, was trying to pull an item from the corner.

“Ah, why can’t I hold this?”

I came closer. This was it.

[Mjolnir – Replica] A grade blunt weapon.

The hammer of the god of lightning, Thor. It would’ve been an enormous item if it was a genuine star relic... still, the quality of the original was so great that the performance of the replica was significant.

I watched Lee Jihye groaning as she grabbed the hammer that couldn’t be moved.

“Isn’t this an item that only someone special can use?”

“Damn, I’m not special?”

At this time, Lee Gilyoung came up behind her and reached out to Mjolnir.

“Hey Kid! This is mine...”

Mjolnir was lightly lifted by Lee Gilyoung’s hands. Lee Gilyoung swung the hammer around before looking at me.

“Hyung, can I have it?”

“Yes, it looks good.”

Lee Jihye once again looked stunned.

“Only I am unhappy... just me...”

I ignored her and searched the remaining items. Let’s see what was left.

[External Reinforced Suit – Replica] A grade protective clothing.

I didn’t know what would happen in the future but it would be nice to supplement my defense. Once I wore the suit, it wrapped around my arms and legs.

[Damage from external attacks is reduced by 10%.]

[The ability to detect enemies is improved.]

[You can move more agilely than before.]

It was a bit frustrating but it was still better than not wearing it. In particular, I thought about the fight waiting at the end of this.

Now the preparations were finished.

Since there were no significant changes in the dungeon, it was clear that Yoo Jonghyuk was alive. If we moved quickly through the sixth floor, we might be able to meet on the seventh floor. In the worst case scenario, if he was fighting the boss on the eighth floor... at least he was still alive.

Now, let’s go and get our damn regressor back.

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