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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40: Candy II

All sorts of fantasies, short novels.

Imagination-centered with sci-fi elements.

Light novels, short novels, prose.

A long journey along the endless tracks of life.

Only thought shall free you from loneliness.

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Chapter 1: The Knowing
Chapter 2: Dystopian Determination
Chapter 3: Devil’s Corner
Chapter 4: I’m Not Bad
Chapter 5: Providence
Chapter 6: No Loudspeaker I
Chapter 7: No Loudspeaker II
Chapter 8: No Loudspeaker III
Chapter 9: Summer I
Chapter 10: Summer II
Chapter 11: Clap Clap Clap I
Chapter 12: Clap Clap Clap II
Chapter 13: Sometimes I
Chapter 14: Sometimes II
Chapter 15: Sometimes III
Chapter 16: Mountain, Sea I: Forget-Me
Chapter 17: Mountain, Sea II: Tao Tie
Chapter 18: Mountain, Sea III: Diamond Dust
Chapter 19: Longevity I
Chapter 20: Longevity II
Chapter 21: Peaceful Birth, Peaceful Death I
Chapter 22: Peaceful Birth, Peaceful Death II
Chapter 23: Peaceful Birth, Peaceful Death III
Chapter 24: Bomb Specialist I
Chapter 25: Bomb Specialist II
Chapter 26: Bomb Specialist III
Chapter 27: Why Me? I
Chapter 28: Why Me II
Chapter 29: Why Me? III
Chapter 30: Code K
Chapter 31: Code K II
Chapter 32: Code K III
Chapter 33: Unfortunate Opportunity I
Chapter 34: Unfortunate Opportunity II
Chapter 35: Unfortunate Opportunity III
Chapter 36: In What World?
Chapter 37: In What World? II
Chapter 38: In What World? III
Chapter 39: Candy I
Chapter 40: Candy II