Under The Veil of Night


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 480 Advance Preparation

In the City of Crime, one law stands above them all: Only the strongest can live.

Fighting is normal, extortion is common, and death is inevitable.

Born into a wealthy family yet forced to live in poverty, Kanae Nali vowed to become strong enough to take back what rightfully belonged to her—even if it meant that she had to face the consequences and brave the dangers lurking in every corner.

Yet on the outside, just like her mysterious peers, she was no different from the other high school students living their lives to the fullest.

“Under the ray of light, my ability will only make me die faster. Under the veil of night, my ability allows me to survive longer.”

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Under The Veil of Night Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1 Kanae Nali
Chapter 2 Crime City
Chapter 3 New Friend
Chapter 4 If You’re a Man, No Girls Will Refuse You
Chapter 5 Goal in High School
Chapter 6 Different, but Still Friends
Chapter 7 The Meaning of the Nickname
Chapter 8 Coincidental Meeting
Chapter 9 The Place
Chapter 10 Attack on the School
Chapter 11 Living Peacefully?
Chapter 12 Bully!
Chapter 13 Unofficial Teacher
Chapter 14 Mid-Term Test Preparation
Chapter 15 Tension before the Tes
Chapter 16 Midterm Exams
Chapter 17 Student Council Selection
Chapter 18 So He’s the Student Council Presiden
Chapter 19 I want Another Match
Chapter 20 Kevin Kalin
Chapter 21 Result of the Tes
Chapter 22 Trouble Brewing
Chapter 23 People in This City
Chapter 24 Student Council New Members
Chapter 25 Inciden
Chapter 26 Introduction
Chapter 27 Student Council First Meeting 1
Chapter 28 Student Council First Meeting 2
Chapter 29 Smiling Devil
Chapter 30 Retaliation
Chapter 31 Story
Chapter 32 Confrontation
Chapter 33 Student Council First Official Event Meeting
Chapter 34 Punishmen
Chapter 35 I Just Want to Watch
Chapter 36 Submitting the Repor
Chapter 37 Small World
Chapter 38 As the Princess from Nali Family, Of Course She’s Very Valuable
Chapter 39 That is Intentional
Chapter 40 Fixing the “Accident”
Chapter 41 Halloween Party
Chapter 42 Don’t Mess with Student Council
Chapter 43 Dancing
Chapter 44 This is My Territory
Chapter 45 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 46 False Alarm
Chapter 47 Kidnapped
Chapter 48 Saving
Chapter 49 Small Break
Chapter 50 Planning for the Break
Chapter 51 Student Council Work
Chapter 52 Visiting Misae’s House
Chapter 53 Learning Cooking
Chapter 54 Stayed Over
Chapter 55 Playing
Chapter 56 Skipping Class
Chapter 57 You Have to Change Job Earlier
Chapter 58 Do You Want to Work for Me?
Chapter 59 Kale Company
Chapter 60 Efficient and Fas
Chapter 61 Eating Together
Chapter 62 Relay Competition
Chapter 63 Skipping School
Chapter 64 Playing in the Mall
Chapter 65 Jay’s Real Identity
Chapter 66 Figh
Chapter 67 Are You Close with the Boss?
Chapter 68 Playing Basketball
Chapter 69 They’re Differen
Chapter 70 Safety Training
Chapter 71 Boss… Why Are You Hiring an Underage?
Chapter 72 Friends
Chapter 73 Panic in School
Chapter 74 Become Stronger
Chapter 75 Cleaning Up Process
Chapter 76 Attack Targe
Chapter 77 Cooking Lesson
Chapter 78 Staying Over Once Again
Chapter 79 When Will You Return?
Chapter 80 A Figh
Chapter 81 Are You Really Brothers?
Chapter 82 Mediate
Chapter 83 Who Are You?
Chapter 84 Brewing Plans
Chapter 85 Black Street Bridge Block D
Chapter 86 Tommy’s Second Identity
Chapter 87 Discord
Chapter 88 The Truth
Chapter 89 I’m Just an Ordinary Troublemaker
Chapter 90 Study Fever
Chapter 91 Important Guest Coming
Chapter 92 Important Guest Daughter
Chapter 93 Annoying Girl
Chapter 94 Glutton
Chapter 95 Couldn’t be Compared
Chapter 96 I Will Treat You
Chapter 97 Mike’s Birthday 1
Chapter 98 Mike’s Birthday 2
Chapter 99 Unreasonable Demand
Chapter 100 Sleeping in the Office
Chapter 101 Boss… You Are Smiling?
Chapter 102 End Term Exams
Chapter 103 Party
Chapter 104 Amusement Park
Chapter 105 I Can’t Swim!
Chapter 106 This One Didn’t Coun
Chapter 107 Preparation
Chapter 108 Smiling Devil Again
Chapter 109 Dirty Scheme
Chapter 110 Legend of the Stree
Chapter 111 Spreading News
Chapter 112 Threa
Chapter 113 He Already Knows
Chapter 114 End Year Party
Chapter 115 The Return of Fiore Group
Chapter 116 Busy, Busy, Busy
Chapter 117 The Call
Chapter 118 Facing the Zone Clan
Chapter 119 The Ghost of Black Stree
Chapter 120 I Want to Have Duel with Him
Chapter 121 Invitation for a Trip
Chapter 122 I Accep
Chapter 123 Informing Friends
Chapter 124 A Trip
Chapter 125 Working is the First Priority
Chapter 126 Jason Wells
Chapter 127 Business Meeting
Chapter 128 I Will Take Back What’s Mine
Chapter 129 I’m a Lame Captain
Chapter 130 Another Clash
Chapter 131 Attack
Chapter 132 Reckless Moves
Chapter 133 Turning the Situation
Chapter 134 Treatmen
Chapter 135 Happy Birthday 1
Chapter 136 Happy Birthday 2
Chapter 137 Poaching?
Chapter 138 The Uniqueness of Fiore Group
Chapter 139 Do You Want to Work Till Death?
Chapter 140 New Secretary
Chapter 141 School Start Again
Chapter 142 Job for Fiore Group
Chapter 143 Negotiation
Chapter 144 Battle
Chapter 145 New Teacher
Chapter 146 Trouble with the School Rules
Chapter 147 Loopholes or Intended Lenience?
Chapter 148 Next Event Preparation
Chapter 149 An Inciden
Chapter 150 Bank Robbery
Chapter 151 30 Seconds of Darkness
Chapter 152 Why Are You Here?
Chapter 153 Clan’s Territory
Chapter 154 Making Chocolate
Chapter 155 Valentines Day
Chapter 156 The Biggest Clan
Chapter 157 A Little Challenge
Chapter 158 Family Situation
Chapter 159 Kidnapped
Chapter 160 Souhon Clan’s Stand
Chapter 161 Rei, the Leader of Fiore Group
Chapter 162 Rescue
Chapter 163 Rick, this is Our Present for You
Chapter 164 Recuperating
Chapter 165 Group is Independen
Chapter 166 Falling from the Stairs?
Chapter 167 Visit for the Sick
Chapter 168 Break
Chapter 169 Return to School
Chapter 170 Trip to the Construction Site
Chapter 171 Second Attempt to Harm
Chapter 172 Let Them Go
Chapter 173 Job from the Ryukalin Clan
Chapter 174 The Ryukalin Clan’s Interes
Chapter 175 Jason’s Private Training Villa
Chapter 176 The Training Begins
Chapter 177 Run! Run! Run!
Chapter 178 Intense Training 1
Chapter 179 Intense Training 2
Chapter 180 Unexpected Gues
Chapter 181 Friend or Foe?
Chapter 182 End of the Training
Chapter 183 Fight on Black Stree
Chapter 184 Back to School
Chapter 185 Business Trip
Chapter 186 Beautiful Resor
Chapter 187 ‘Beautiful’ Business Partner
Chapter 188 Talking
Chapter 189 Jealousy
Chapter 190 Confession
Chapter 191 Better Secretary
Chapter 192 Taro Doha
Chapter 193 Realizing One’s Feelings
Chapter 194 Night Intruder
Chapter 195 Head-Butting Trouble
Chapter 196 Internal Dispute
Chapter 197 You’re truly an Idiot!
Chapter 198 Stupid Girl
Chapter 199 Admitting One’s Feelings
Chapter 200 Asking for Help
Chapter 201 The Biggest Gang in the Souhon Clan’s Territory
Chapter 202 Chaos
Chapter 203 You’re Not My Match, Ye
Chapter 204 Boss, You Are Not Allowed to Get Close with Her
Chapter 205 Real Reason for Absence
Chapter 206 Aftermath
Chapter 207 Naughty Students
Chapter 208 Rely on Me More
Chapter 209 Engagement Party Invitation
Chapter 210 Special Weapon Research
Chapter 211 Preparation
Chapter 212 Clash before the Party
Chapter 213 Inside the Party
Chapter 214 Reconnaissance
Chapter 215 Half Information
Chapter 216 Close Call
Chapter 217 You Reap What You Sow
Chapter 218 End of the Party
Chapter 219 Black Marke
Chapter 220 Clash between Hackers
Chapter 221 Waiting
Chapter 222 Trading Information 1
Chapter 223 Trading Information 2
Chapter 224 Destroying the Place 1
Chapter 225 Destroying the place 2
Chapter 226 Recognition
Chapter 227 End Term
Chapter 228 Laura Nali
Chapter 229 I’m Ready
Chapter 230 School Trip
Chapter 231 Hiking
Chapter 232 First Day
Chapter 233 Waterfall
Chapter 234 Why Should I Hate You?
Chapter 235 Journey Game
Chapter 236 Temporary Darkness
Chapter 237 Returning Back
Chapter 238 I’m Sorry, Boss
Chapter 239 Consequences
Chapter 240 Master and Disciple
Chapter 241 School Starts Again
Chapter 242 Activities
Chapter 243 Another Clash with Sakura 1
Chapter 244 Another Clash with Sakura 2
Chapter 245 This Little Bullying is Nothing
Chapter 246 Birthday Party’s Invitation
Chapter 247 The Truth about the Letter from the Governmen
Chapter 248 Preparation for Sakura Nali’s Birthday Party
Chapter 249 Sakura Nali’s Birthday Party 1
Chapter 250 Sakura Nali’s Birthday Party 2
Chapter 251 Sheila Nali
Chapter 252 The Plan Begin
Chapter 253 Sneaking Inside
Chapter 254 True Targe
Chapter 255 Don’t Say It!
Chapter 256 My Sister is Dying!
Chapter 257 It’s Not Your Fault 1
Chapter 258 It’s Not Your Fault 2
Chapter 259 Agreement to Buy the Mansion
Chapter 260 I’m Checking My employee
Chapter 261 Kanae Also Know
Chapter 262 We Have Some Questions for You
Chapter 263 I Only Know What She Bragged
Chapter 264 Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 265 Progress
Chapter 266 The Lawyer Clara
Chapter 267 You Won’t Stop Me, Right?
Chapter 268 She Changed
Chapter 269 Reparation
Chapter 270 A Challenge
Chapter 271 Competition for Tommy 1
Chapter 272 Competition for Tommy 2
Chapter 273 Glutton
Chapter 274 He’ll Work Here
Chapter 275 New Student Council Members
Chapter 276 Jealousy
Chapter 277 Kevin’s Plan
Chapter 278 A Thrilling Battle
Chapter 279 Hidden Clans
Chapter 280 Glimpse of the Shadow
Chapter 281 Tommy’s Mother
Chapter 282 Coincidentally, I Need to Test My Skill
Chapter 283 Legend of the Stree
Chapter 284 Getting the Mansion Back
Chapter 285 Moving In
Chapter 286 Disguised Work Trip
Chapter 287 That’s Unfair!
Chapter 288 The Tamari Clan’s Position
Chapter 289 Forever Enemies?
Chapter 290 Sheila Nali’s Visi
Chapter 291 It’s My Faul
Chapter 292 Skipping Class
Chapter 293 Incident with Teacher Charlie
Chapter 294 Thank You
Chapter 295 Idio
Chapter 296 Day Off
Chapter 297 Mike’s Birthday 1
Chapter 298 Mike’s Birthday 2
Chapter 299 You’re from A Clan?
Chapter 300 Pain
Chapter 301 Misae’s Past: Junior High Students Kidnapping Case 1
Chapter 302 Misae’s Past: Junior High Students Kidnapping Case 2
Chapter 303 Misae’s Past: The Agreemen
Chapter 304 Secrets 1
Chapter 305 Secrets 2
Chapter 306 Comfor
Chapter 307 Mission
Chapter 308 Meeting
Chapter 309 Attack and Figh
Chapter 310 Rei from Fiore Group
Chapter 311 Authority
Chapter 312 Cleaning Up
Chapter 313 Breakdown
Chapter 314 Only Suited in Underworld
Chapter 315 Information on Clans
Chapter 316 New Mission
Chapter 317 An Idio
Chapter 318 A Visi
Chapter 319 An Ambush
Chapter 320 Harmonious Collaboration
Chapter 321 Ruthless
Chapter 322 You’re Making People Worry
Chapter 323 School End Year Party
Chapter 324 Deeper Part of Black Stree
Chapter 325 Laura’s Birthday
Chapter 326 You’ll Surely Achieve Your Dream
Chapter 327 It becomes Spacious
Chapter 328 Erase My Name from the Record
Chapter 329 Role in the Mission
Chapter 330 Gathering
Chapter 331 Close yet Far
Chapter 332 Fiancée
Chapter 333 Dispute over the Sea
Chapter 334 The Truth of the Agreemen
Chapter 335 The Clash between Two Geniuses
Chapter 336 Clash of Monsters
Chapter 337 Stealing the Limeligh
Chapter 338 Gentle Tone
Chapter 339 Protecting and Be Protected
Chapter 340 Disappeared Without Any Trace
Chapter 341 The Real Reason
Chapter 342 Famous
Chapter 343 You’re Over 30 with That Face?
Chapter 344 Targeted
Chapter 345 Knowing Will not Erase the Pas
Chapter 346 Dark Thoughts
Chapter 347 Their True Targe
Chapter 348 Sisters
Chapter 349 Little Discussion
Chapter 350 Aida Family Princess 1
Chapter 351 Aida Family Princess 2
Chapter 352 Not Ordinary
Chapter 353 Kara Company
Chapter 354 Aida Family Situation
Chapter 355 A Trip to Doha Family
Chapter 356 Meeting
Chapter 357 He Knows
Chapter 358 Rei Weakness is Children? 1
Chapter 359 Rei Weakness is Children? 2
Chapter 360 The Most Friendly
Chapter 361 First Strike: Influence Battle
Chapter 362 Destroying Literally
Chapter 363 Not a Plant in a Greenhouse
Chapter 364 Small Reunion
Chapter 365 I’m Different from You
Chapter 366 Business Party Invitation
Chapter 367 Business Party
Chapter 368 Clash 1
Chapter 369 Clash 2
Chapter 370 Back to School
Chapter 371 Can’t We Have Normal Experience?
Chapter 372 The Truth
Chapter 373 Fight Back
Chapter 374 Tommy’s Mother Inciden
Chapter 375 The Truth about the Letter from the Government Part 2
Chapter 376 Tommy Past: The Broken Family
Chapter 377 Tommy Past: The Chance Encounter
Chapter 378 Tommy Past: The Start of the Journey
Chapter 379 New Mission
Chapter 380 The Decision and Change
Chapter 381 Last Gathering Together as Students
Chapter 382 Revelation of the Hidden Truth
Chapter 383 Master Rudy’s acknowledgemen
Chapter 384 Kanae’s Senior
Chapter 385 Playing Together
Chapter 386 Shift in the City
Chapter 387 Curiosity
Chapter 388 Two Legend of the Streets Clashes
Chapter 389 Sakura’s Death 1
Chapter 390 Sakura’s Death 2
Chapter 391 Imprisoned
Chapter 392 The Largest Prison
Chapter 393 Showing One’s Fang
Chapter 394 Starting Their Plan
Chapter 395 The First Senior
Chapter 396 Kevin’s Uncle
Chapter 397 The Real Prowess of a Core Member
Chapter 398 He’s My Boyfriend
Chapter 399 Reconciliation and Promise
Chapter 400 First Hearing in Nali Family
Chapter 401 History of Nali Family
Chapter 402 Prison Break
Chapter 403 As the Bodyguard
Chapter 404 Separation
Chapter 405 Reinforcemen
Chapter 406 Warmth Feeling
Chapter 407 Fiore Group Involvemen
Chapter 408 I Need a Favor
Chapter 409 Merion Clan Sudden Attack
Chapter 410 Merion Clan’s Movemen
Chapter 411 Battle Against Merion Clan
Chapter 412 Tommy and Alice
Chapter 413 The Battle Continues
Chapter 414 They’re in Sync
Chapter 415 Second Hearing of Nali Family
Chapter 416 The Resul
Chapter 417 Pushing Merion Clan Back
Chapter 418 Pursue 1
Chapter 419 Pursue 2
Chapter 420 Pursue 3
Chapter 421 End of the Battle with Merion Clan
Chapter 422 Vena’s Disappearance
Chapter 423 I Miss You
Chapter 424 Is This a Date?
Chapter 425 I Really Want to Tell
Chapter 426 Celebration Party Preparation
Chapter 427 Celebration Party
Chapter 428 The Nali Family New Successor
Chapter 429 Different Reaction
Chapter 430 Frank Craziness
Chapter 431 Frank Nali’s Death 1
Chapter 432 Frank Nali’s Death 2
Chapter 433 I Don’t Want to Lose You!
Chapter 434 Whenever You Want, We Will Accept You 2 in 1
Chapter 435 Aida Family Downfall
Chapter 436 Nali Family Reform
Chapter 437 Laura’s Decision
Chapter 438 Asking for Help
Chapter 439 Refurbishing the Mansion 1
Chapter 440 Refurbishing the Mansion 2
Chapter 441 Refurbishing the Mansion 3
Chapter 442 Laura’s Growth
Chapter 443 Become a Background Figure
Chapter 444 Lima School
Chapter 445 Clash of Groups: Prelude First Meeting with Master Rudy 1
Chapter 446 Clash of Groups: Prelude First Meeting with Master Rudy 2
Chapter 447 Clash of Groups: Prelude Lima School
Chapter 448 Clash of Groups: Prelude Second Meeting with Master Rudy 1
Chapter 449 Clash of Groups: Prelude Second Meeting with Master Rudy 2
Chapter 450 Clash of Groups: Prelude Taking the Mission
Chapter 451 Clash of Groups: The Beginning
Chapter 452 Clash of Groups: A Massacre
Chapter 453 Clash of Groups: Are You Alright?
Chapter 454 Clash of Groups: Building Collapse
Chapter 455 Clash of Groups: Groups vs Groups
Chapter 456 Clash of Groups: “I Will Never Forget Fiore Group”
Chapter 457 Clash of Groups: Heading to the Main Building
Chapter 458 Clash of Groups: Pity is Only Given Once
Chapter 459 Clash of Groups: Second pile of Rubbles
Chapter 460 Clash of Groups: Dangerous Stun
Chapter 461 Clash of Groups: Intense Battle
Chapter 462 Clash of Groups: Against a Member of the Third Strongest Group
Chapter 463 Clash of Groups: Red Pool of Blood
Chapter 464 Clash of Groups: First Meeting with Lore Group
Chapter 465 Clash of Groups: Forced Collaboration
Chapter 466 Clash of Groups: Their Plan to End this ‘Game’
Chapter 467 Clash of Groups: The Highest Floor
Chapter 468 Clash of Groups: Dealing with the Large Monster
Chapter 469 Clash of Groups: Getting Down
Chapter 470 Clash of Groups: Oval Group Vice-Leader
Chapter 471 Clash of Groups: The End of Battle
Chapter 472 Clash of Groups: The Story They Leak
Chapter 473 Invitation to Come
Chapter 474 Tamari Clan Destruction
Chapter 475 Tense Atmosphere
Chapter 476 Tommy’s Father
Chapter 477 He Didn’t Want Me, I Don’t Want Him Too
Chapter 478 Gathering Together
Chapter 479 You Should Prepare Yourself
Chapter 480 Advance Preparation