The Strongest Interstellar Commander

Author:Qi SOFT,麒S

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 216: The Vera Alliances Crisis

When human beings ventured into the Interstellar Age, they encountered the Ochs Civilization, and thus followed the first Interstellar War.

Lost territories continued to increase along with the skyrocketing casualties. Eventually, humans were forced back into the Solar System.

In the 58th year of the Federation, Lin Fan, a traverser from Earth, graduated from the Interstellar Military Academy and entered the Federation Fleet.

That then signalled the day of the humans’ counterattack!

From dominating the Milky Way to the entire Universe, mankind never stopped.

This is a story of a traverser leading mankind to rule the Universe!

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Chapter 1: Lin Fan.
Chapter 2: Preparation.
Chapter 3: Tactics.
Chapter 4: Exam Completed.
Chapter 5: The Truth Of The Front Lines.
Chapter 6: Mars Base.
Chapter 7: Lin Fans Adjutant
Chapter 8: Warp Engine.
Chapter 9: Confidential.
Chapter 10: First Actual Combat.
Chapter 11: Counter Ambush.
Chapter 12: Leading Them All Along!
Chapter 13: Born To Be A Talent.
Chapter 14: The Other Side Of Liang Xue.
Chapter 15: Shocking The Academy.
Chapter 16: Ed Campbell.
Chapter 17: Personal Abilities Page.
Chapter 18: If You Dare Move, Ill Kill You.
Chapter 19: Prepared For Negotiation.
Chapter 20: Armistice.
Chapter 21: Where Is Liang Xue?
Chapter 22: Liang Xues Secret.
Chapter 23: Cut Through.
Chapter 24: No More Chance.
Chapter 25: The Speechless Liang Xingchen.
Chapter 26: Lin Fan and Liang Xues Past.
Chapter 27: The Emotional Liang Xue.
Chapter 28: Warp Engine Test.
Chapter 29: 558x The Speed Of Light.
Chapter 30: Nuclear Fusion Technology.
Chapter 31: Back To The Academy.
Chapter 32: Murderous Intents.
Chapter 33: Rigid.
Chapter 34: Traitor.
Chapter 35: Nuclear Fusion Reactor Activation.
Chapter 36: Incoming Crisis.
Chapter 37: Liang Xues Crisis.
Chapter 38: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 1).
Chapter 39: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 2).
Chapter 40: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 3).
Chapter 41: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 4).
Chapter 42: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 5).
Chapter 43: Asteroids Belt War II (Part 6).
Chapter 44: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 7).
Chapter 45: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 8).
Chapter 46: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 9).
Chapter 47: Asteroid Belt War II (Finale).
Chapter 48: Promotion to Vice Admiral.
Chapter 49: Viewing Rewards.
Chapter 50: Adams Fate.
Chapter 51: Snow Leopard Class Battlecruiser.
Chapter 52: Only Way To Live.
Chapter 53: Adams Rogues Fight.
Chapter 54: The Elegy of Adam.
Chapter 55: Recapturing The Solar System.
Chapter 56: Boredom.
Chapter 57: Terrifying Effects Of The Trailer.
Chapter 58: Lin Fans Name Resounding Throughout the Federation!
Chapter 59: Mech Monster Li Cangdao.
Chapter 60: Two Tigers Meet.
Chapter 61: The Commander Is So Strong.
Chapter 62: One Vs. Eight (Part 1).
Chapter 63: One VS. Eight (Part 2).
Chapter 64: Changing Defensive Line And Refit.
Chapter 65: Chris Rhodes.
Chapter 66: Operation Dawn.
Chapter 67: Recapturing Proxima (Part 1).
Chapter 68: Recapturing Proxima (Part 2).
Chapter 69: Recapturing Proxima (Part 3).
Chapter 70: Recapturing Proxima (Finale).
Chapter 71: We Cant Afford to Delay.
Chapter 72: Tianyuan IV.
Chapter 73: Federations 5-Year Plan.
Chapter 74: Secret Mission.
Chapter 75: Intelligence.
Chapter 76: 20 Days.
Chapter 77: Mission Accomplished.
Chapter 78: The Kabat Empires Attack.
Chapter 79: Viter Has Fallen!
Chapter 80: Ramiro Coming To His Senses.
Chapter 81: Battle Of Reo (Part 1).
Chapter 82: Battle Of Reo (Part 2).
Chapter 83: New Battle Plan.
Chapter 84: Raid On Horton (Part 1).
Chapter 85: Overwhelming Technology.
Chapter 86: The Helpless Isa.
Chapter 87: Isas Advice.
Chapter 88: Interstellar Blitzkrieg.
Chapter 89: Conflict Between Commanders.
Chapter 90: Federation Fleet Rectification.
Chapter 91: Quatre Gone.
Chapter 92: Ramiro Being Played.
Chapter 93: Running Out Of Resources.
Chapter 94: It Worked!
Chapter 95: Phase 3.
Chapter 96: Never Surrender!
Chapter 97: The Final Hurrah.
Chapter 98: The Last Madness of Ramiro.
Chapter 99: The Fall Of An Emperor.
Chapter 100: Cleaning The Board.
Chapter 101: Io Federation.
Chapter 102: Preparing To Establish Diplomatic Relations.
Chapter 103: Sisters Reunited.
Chapter 104: Angel Queen Bella.
Chapter 105: Highly Compatible Genes.
Chapter 106: Noble Etiquette.
Chapter 107: Ignorant Lin Zhen.
Chapter 108: Asking Lin Fan To Teach About Childbirth.
Chapter 109: Plotted Against By 2.
Chapter 110: Bella Learned How To Make A Baby.
Chapter 111: Returning To Horton.
Chapter 112: The Grumbling Bai Zixuan.
Chapter 113: The Second Interstellar Military Academy.
Chapter 114: Harsh Demands.
Chapter 115: Ceres Corridor.
Chapter 116: Viles Decision.
Chapter 117: Let’s Have One Too!
Chapter 118: Miracle Starfield.
Chapter 119: Li Cangdous Hypothesis.
Chapter 120: Strategic Retreat.
Chapter 121: Viles Decision.
Chapter 122: Splitting.
Chapter 123: You Can Not Escape My Palm!
Chapter 124: Crushing Defeat.
Chapter 125: Liang Xingchen Got Robbed.
Chapter 126: It Was Over In Half An Hour Last Time.
Chapter 127: Killer Whale-Class Battleship.
Chapter 128: Io Federation Shipbuilding Plan.
Chapter 129: Tragic Li Cangdou.
Chapter 130: Lin Fan VS Sophia.
Chapter 131: Floating Cannon Strategy.
Chapter 132: Recognition.
Chapter 133: Clearing The Tumor.
Chapter 134: Meeting.
Chapter 135: The Start Of The Selection.
Chapter 136: The Seniority Faction Was Wiped Out.
Chapter 137: Fleet Commanders.
Chapter 138: Three Years (Part 1).
Chapter 139: Three Years (Part 2).
Chapter 140: Move Out.
Chapter 141: Attack On Eldo (Part 1).
Chapter 142: Attack On Eldo (Part 2)
Chapter 143: Second Phase.
Chapter 144: Backdoor.
Chapter 145: Star Path Blockade.
Chapter 146: Sophias Battle Style.
Chapter 147: Lin Fan Was Calculated On.
Chapter 148: To Give False Hope To The Enemy.
Chapter 149: Sophia, Doing It Again.
Chapter 150: Hidden Level 5 Civilization.
Chapter 151: Refuse To Accept Surrender.
Chapter 152: An Invitation From A Level 5 Civilization.
Chapter 153: The Four Alliance In The Galaxy.
Chapter 154: Joining The Theo Alliance.
Chapter 155: Entering The Final Phase.
Chapter 156: Sneak Attack On The Capital Circle.
Chapter 157: Another Emperor Down.
Chapter 158: Unexpected Assistance.
Chapter 159: Lifetime President.
Chapter 160: Lin Zhens New Idea.
Chapter 161: Having Children and Bestowing Land.
Chapter 162: Childbearing Frenzy.
Chapter 163: Sudden Attack.
Chapter 164: The 9th Legions Sacrifice.
Chapter 165: Joint Fleet.
Chapter 166: Luring The Enemy Deeper.
Chapter 167: Whole Fleet Retreating.
Chapter 168: Interception And Encirclement.
Chapter 169: Special Operation.
Chapter 170: Special Operation Begins.
Chapter 171: Breaking Into The Ship.
Chapter 172: Successful Operation!
Chapter 173: Obtaining Intelligence.
Chapter 174: Steam Civilization.
Chapter 175: Subordinate Civilization.
Chapter 176: Exchanging Points.
Chapter 177: Reluctant Imran.
Chapter 178: Chief Knight Delin.
Chapter 179: No Longer Endure!
Chapter 180: Energy Crystals.
Chapter 181: The Great Interstellar Wall.
Chapter 182: 3rd Legion Established.
Chapter 183: The Caravan From The Babawi Empire.
Chapter 184: Civilization Exposed.
Chapter 185: Unexpected Encounter.
Chapter 186: The ’13th Clan.’
Chapter 187: Conclusion.
Chapter 188: Wormhole Detection Technology.
Chapter 189: Onwards To Shanhai Pass!
Chapter 190: Young Master Legion.
Chapter 191: Galaxy War.
Chapter 192: Orr Republic.
Chapter 193: Radical Plan.
Chapter 194: New Territory.
Chapter 195: Allocating Territory.
Chapter 196: Loulan Star Field Development.
Chapter 197: Ready
Chapter 198: Small Trade Hubs.
Chapter 199: I’ll Give You Evidence.
Chapter 200: Officially Declaring War.
Chapter 201: Starting To Strike.
Chapter 202: Warp Blocking Device.
Chapter 203: Barbarot’s Countermeasures.
Chapter 204: Alfies Early Abdication
Chapter 205: Coalition Forces Attack!
Chapter 206: Return To Shanhai Pass
Chapter 207: Otto Empire
Chapter 208: Babawi Empire Fleet Assemble
Chapter 209: Warping Problems AGAIN!
Chapter 210: Obediently Going Through The Star Path
Chapter 211: Combat Readiness Conference (part 1)
Chapter 212: Combat Readiness Conference (part 2)
Chapter 213: rail guns that have been eating dust for many years
Chapter 214: Star Cannon
Chapter 215: Zola Alliance Joining The Fray
Chapter 216: The Vera Alliances Crisis