Absolute Resonance


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In the land of the Xia Kingdom, every human being is born with what is known as a 'resonance', either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast. Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredibly rare condition known as a blank resonance - as the name suggests, he doesn't have one! Normally, this would be utterly crippling, but at least he has the advantage of being the young master of the mighty House Loulan, one of the five Great Houses of Xia. Unfortunately, his parents, the powerful masters of House Loulan, have gone missing for many years, and the other Great Houses are beginning to eye their holdings quite hungrily. For that matter, plenty are also eyeing his talented, beautiful childhood friend and fiancee Jiang Qing'e, who has been leading House Loulan in his parents' stead! Li Luo would much rather keep a low profile and wants call off the engagement - but Jiang Qing'e has flatly refused. What's a 'useless young master' to do?

Is there any way he can get out of this engagement? Can he figure out a way to protect his House from the jackals circling around it? And... is a blank resonance really useless?

Come and find out!

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Chapter 0001: I Have Three Blank Palaces
Chapter 0002: A Fiancee Who Doesn’t Want An Annulment
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Chapter 0014: A Furious Cai Wei
Chapter 0015: Return to Southwind Academy
Chapter 0016: Tree of Resonant Power
Chapter 0017: Fighting for Gold Leaves
Chapter 0018: Revealing Talent
Chapter 0019: Li Luo’s Resonance
Chapter 0020: Clean Sweep
Chapter 0021: Eve of the Examination
Chapter 0022: The Price of a Sixth-Grade Resonance
Chapter 0023: Suncreek Villa
Chapter 0024: Yan Lingqing
Chapter 0025: Resonance Smith
Chapter 0026: An Ordinary Preliminary Examination
Chapter 0027: First-grade Refining Workshop
Chapter 0028: Li Luo’s First Time
Chapter 0029: I’m Still a Child!
Chapter 0030: Vagrant Yu Lang
Chapter 0031: Encountering A Strong Enemy
Chapter 0032: Agitated Li Luo
Chapter 0033: Egg vs Rock
Chapter 0034: Li Luo’s Water Mirror Art
Chapter 0035: Draw!
Chapter 0036: First Grade Tempering Treasure Market
Chapter 0037: Battle for President
Chapter 0038: Secret Art Watersource
Chapter 0039: Buffed Azure Jade Spirit Liquid
Chapter 0040: Ambushing Pine Nut Villa
Chapter 0041: The President’s Position
Chapter 0042: Governor’s Mansion
Chapter 0043: Sixth Grade Waterlight Resonance
Chapter: 0044: The Examinations Begin
Chapter 0045: Whitespirit Garden
Chapter 0046: Road Less Traveled
Chapter 0047: A Punished Zong Fu
Chapter 0048: An Encounter with Shi Huang
Chapter 0049: The Final Examinations Begin!
Chapter 0050: Test Your Mind, Not Your Muscles
Chapter 0051: The Three Zeros
Chapter 0052: Spectral Face Demon Ivy
Chapter 0053: Earth Resonance Lian Zhong
Chapter 0054: The Three Fishermen
Chapter 0055: Into the Mist
Chapter 0056: Lure Li Luo
Chapter 0057: Water Edge Art
Chapter 0058: Big Developments
Chapter 0059: Whitespirit Ruins
Chapter 0060: Ambush All Around
Chapter 0061: Hunting Lu Qing’er
Chapter 0062: Hands of Ice Jade
Chapter 0063: It’s the Ol’ White Knight to the Rescue!
Chapter 0064: Hostages No More
Chapter 0065: Three, Two, One, Done!
Chapter 0066: Li Luo’s Anger
Chapter 0067: Let The Acting Begin
Chapter 0068: Let the Spotlight Shine
Chapter 0069: The Great Showdown with Shi Huang
Chapter 0070: Li Luo’s Arrow
Chapter 0071: I’m Afraid Of Jumping
Chapter 0072: Why Must You Force Me
Chapter 0073: The Exam Finishes
Chapter 0074: Song Qiuyu
Chapter 0075: You Want to Assassinate Me?
Chapter 0076: Aid for the Song Family
Chapter 0077: The Three Tiers of the Resonant Master Stage
Chapter 0078: The Old Dean’s Revenge
Chapter 0079: The Holidays Are Here
Chapter 0080: Acquired Resonance Godly Forging Wheel
Chapter 0081: The Festival Begins
Chapter 0082: Mo Ling, Again
Chapter 0083: An Old Grudge
Chapter 0084: The Fifth Border
Chapter 0085: With Our Powers Combined
Chapter 0086: The Momentum Turns Again
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Chapter 0088: Preparing to Leave
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Chapter 0090: Si Qiuying
Chapter 0091: Hello Again, Jiang Qing’e
Chapter 0092: A Special Connection
Chapter 0093: Si Tianming
Chapter 0094: An Important Custom
Chapter 0095: Presidential Takeoff
Chapter 0096: The Suncreek Villa Headquarters
Chapter 0097: I Guess I’ll Be President
Chapter 0098: Li Luo’s Strength
Chapter 0099: I Want To Quit
Chapter 0100: The Golden Dragon Bank’s Headquarters
Chapter 0101: Duze Beixuan
Chapter 0102: A Little Monkey
Chapter 0103: The Prodigal Son
Chapter 0104: The First Princess
Chapter 0105: Jiang Qing’e’s Warning
Chapter 0106: Forging the Woodearth Resonance
Chapter 0107: Resonant Master Stage
Chapter 0108: Problems
Chapter 0109: Royal Sap
Chapter 0110: Heaven and Earth, Dragons and Tigers
Chapter 0111: Newcomers’ Rankings
Chapter 0112: Rated Number One
Chapter 0113: School’s In
Chapter 0114: The Belle Sisters
Chapter 0115: Honglian Wants to Be a Mistress
Chapter 0116: Are You Challenging Me?
Chapter 0117: Vice Principal Su Xin
Chapter 0118: Mentor Shen Jinxiao
Chapter 0119: The Methods of Shen Jinxiao
Chapter 0120: Getting Ganked