Immortal Martial God


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 120 Inexplicable

Bai Muchen had it all — not only was he the most renowned martial artist of the Nine Heaven continent, he even had the Five Meridians of Tianling and was engaged to Xuan Qingzhu, the beautiful daughter of his mentor. But everything falls apart when he’s set up by his fiancé and mentor during a cultivation session, and he is killed.

Reborn as a young man named Xiang Nan, the heir of a declining family, can Bai Muchen get his revenge?

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Immortal Martial God Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1 Divine vein awakening
Chapter 2 Make a forceful move
Chapter 3 Rain Night Berserk
Chapter 4 Treasure hunting in the cave
Chapter 5 Trap oneself in a trap
Chapter 6 Life and death contract
Chapter 7 City Election Begins
Chapter 8 Everyone wants him dead
Chapter 9 Li Bashan Xi
Chapter 10 Scarlet Fire Sword
Chapter 11 1 peanut
Chapter 12 A shocking sound
Chapter 13 Celebration banquet
Chapter 14 Wang Xiaoyun
Chapter 15 Autumn Leaf Slash
Chapter 16 Measure for measure
Chapter 17 Be relentless
Chapter 18 Lightning meridian talent?
Chapter 19 A shameless person
Chapter 20 Share a cup of soup
Chapter 21 City Lord’s Gift
Chapter 22 Lightning shock
Chapter 23 Bai Yan Blazing Lightning
Chapter 24 Treasure Gathering Pavilion
Chapter 25 Broken knife
Chapter 26 Mysterious woman
Chapter 27 Try to refine pills
Chapter 28 Business disruption
Chapter 29 Unreasonable and unreasonable
Chapter 30 Black Saber
Chapter 31 Make a generous move
Chapter 32 Black Sharp Demonic Forest
Chapter 33 Little Yu’er
Chapter 34 0 Urgent
Chapter 35 Fearless and fearless
Chapter 36 Trust
Chapter 37 Omni-directional test
Chapter 38 Life-saving pill
Chapter 39 Raise rapidly
Chapter 40 Accomplish something
Chapter 41 Fly
Chapter 42 Undercurrent
Chapter 43 Seclusion
Chapter 44 Inexplicable
Chapter 45 Bluestone Merchant Guild
Chapter 46 Spar of words
Chapter 47 Noble Helper
Chapter 48 Night Strike
Chapter 49 Step by step, he was shocked
Chapter 50 Earth Fiend Snake King Sword
Chapter 51 Wolf ambition
Chapter 52 Solidarity 1
Chapter 53 Thunder King Seal
Chapter 54 Hao Dian
Chapter 55 Tyrant Body Lightning Body
Chapter 56 Angry Birds
Chapter 57 Sparrow King Seal
Chapter 58 New, Lightning Rushing Blade
Chapter 59 City Election Immediately
Chapter 60 Break in in full fury
Chapter 61 Make a fuss at the Colosseum
Chapter 62 Battle intent overflowed the heavens
Chapter 63 Huai Bi’s sin
Chapter 64 Come straight to the point
Chapter 65 City Election Day
Chapter 66 City Election Begins
Chapter 67 Sudden Accident
Chapter 68 Narrow path of enmity
Chapter 69 Wolf
Chapter 70 Jedi counterattack
Chapter 71 Demon Origin Fruit
Chapter 72 Wave 1 Not Flat
Chapter 73 Berserk Dragon Battle Tide
Chapter 74 The elegance of that blade
Chapter 75 Can’t get out
Chapter 76 Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Chapter 77 Wang Xiaoyun’s Hatred
Chapter 78 Chong chong chong!
Chapter 79 Examination Room 2
Chapter 80 Examination Room 3
Chapter 81 Strongest charge
Chapter 82 One-on-one against 17
Chapter 83 1 move disintegrated
Chapter 84 Cai Jianyun’s trump card
Chapter 85 Experience a hundred battles
Chapter 86 Saber and Shield Battle
Chapter 87 That knife is too ruthless
Chapter 88 Man’s dignity
Chapter 89 Saber Cut Axe Chop
Chapter 90 Giant
Chapter 91 Zhan Mohai
Chapter 92 "Knowing Grace Painting Return"
Chapter 93 Steel barrier
Chapter 94 Strong versus Strong
Chapter 95 Pale World
Chapter 96 It was as powerful as a dragon!
Chapter 97 Sworn immortal
Chapter 98 Greedy Snake
Chapter 99 Perfect connection
Chapter 100 Pour all
Chapter 101 Get The Top Spot
Chapter 102 Selection Of Disciples
Chapter 103 No One Asked
Chapter 104 One Man And One Knife
Chapter 105 Battle Of Back Water
Chapter 106 Battle Of Tian Yuan
Chapter 107 Supreme Sparrow King
Chapter 108 The Glory Of A Nobody
Chapter 109 Dawn
Chapter 110 Backer
Chapter 111 Everyone Is Happy
Chapter 112 Reluctantly Parting
Chapter 113 Hao Ran Six Peaks
Chapter 114 Newly Promoted Disciples
Chapter 115 A Genius Like A Cloud
Chapter 116 Have No Intention Of Provoking
Chapter 117 Sun God Technique
Chapter 118 Night Talk Between Master And Disciple
Chapter 119 Class C Class 10
Chapter 120 Inexplicable