The Villain's Wife


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40: Valiant President Qin

WARNING: FL is scheming and evil.

Like almost every dramatic romance novel, Lily Qin’s story began with an evil stepmother, a scheming stepsister, and a dumb ex-fiance. At twenty, she fell prey to their grand scheme and became the laughingstock of the country. In despair, she left.

Seven years later, Lily Qin rose from the ashes.

She was labeled as an empress, an iron lady, a genius, and a prodigy. She was Miss Tycoon.

Now, at twenty-seven, Lily Qin was an established businesswoman who was single-handedly controlling her multinational company abroad. She was beautiful, smart, and successful. Women envied her while men couldn’t help but worship her ethereal beauty.

With her devastating past, everyone had assumed that Lily would exact revenge on the people who had wronged her. Who would have guessed that behind that beaming smile of hers was a numb heart that aimed only to make more profit?

“You got it wrong.” Lily elegantly propped her chin on the back of her hand. ”I am seeing you today because we have something in common. We’re both villains in somebody else’s eyes. And I think it’s time for us villains to get our own happy ending. Don’t you think so?“


Zhuo Jingren’s love for Lily Qin was something that only he knew. Ever since they were children, he had his eyes on her. Yet, every time he had tried to confess, he would end up fainting from nervousness.

So when Lily Qin promised to marry him if he became richer than her, Zhou Jingren did not hesitate to leave the orphanage and work his way up just to become her man.

Who would have thought that years later, when he was successful and feared by many, he would come back to an engaged Lily Qin?

Then she mistook him for an escort after eating his tofu? Preposterous!

The worst thing was, she seemed to have forgotten everything about him. Hadn’t she promised to marry him the moment he became more prominent than her family? Now, after taking advantage of him, she dared to run away?

This woman was a liar!

He gritted his teeth as he watched her approach him. He was about to say something mean when she suddenly spoke. “Are you my new bodyguard?” She did not even wait for him to answer before tossing her car keys at him. “Drive. Let’s go wreak some havoc.”

Thus, the mafia’s big boss became Lily Qin’s bodyguard.


“So? What do you want as a compensation?” Zhuo Jingren asked her once again before laying down next to her. His elbow was resting on the ground and his palm was supporting his head as he looked at her intently.

The first thing that Lily noticed about Zhuo Jingren when he laid next to her was his exposed tanned chest. This made him look more casual… and hot. She didn’t even realize she was staring at the latter.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” He smirked at her. “Do you want me to compensate you with my body?”

Lily immediately rolled her eyes at the latter. “Who wants your body? Hmp! I want money!”

“Your mind is always thinking of money but your body actually betrays you. Am I right to say that I have a shameless wife?”

“Hah! I am a strong and independent woman of the 21st century. I know what I want. But if you insist on giving your body, I will take it too!” Lily shamelessly said, taking off her stilettos. However, just when Lily was about to lie down beside Zhuo Jingren, he suddenly pulled her on top of him. With her body on top of his, their faces were really close and they could even feel each other’s breath.

“What a shameless woman,” he noted, the smile on his face only deepened.

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