Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 120: Growing Threat of the Unkown Alchemist!

Within a quiet pavilion on top of a lonely mountain peak, Xuan Hao slowly opened his eyes with a bewildered look on his face, he had transmigrated into a cultivation world as an elder of the Flying Sword Sect.

He was even an expert at the Nascent Soul Realm, who had the power to easily destory an entire city with a wave of his hand.

Most importantly, he had a system that allowed him to grow stronger the stronger his disciples were.

“What now! I already helped my disciples become Immortals, what more do you want out of me?”

[Have 4 disciples Reach the Dao Immortal Realm]

[Reward: Cultivation Increase of 1 major realm]


Maybe he should just stop trying to improve... Things had started getting a little too troublesome and his disciples were not really as obedient as he had imagined they would be... And what was with the recent development inside the sect?! How come the new disciples kept calling him great ancestor! The old Sect Master is still alive and he is older than him, why did he become the sect's ancestor all of a sudden!?

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