Sweet Beauty


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 40 - If No One Is Willing, You Can’t Force Me

Her family used her, her boyfriend cheated on her and had an affair with her stepsister, and in the end, she was killed by them. But fate took pity on her and gave her a second chance in life, and in this life, she promised to reclaim everything that was stolen from her by those scums.

But who would have thought that in this second life, she would also meet him? She was spoiled and pampered by him so much that nobody dares to bully her anymore.

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Chapter 2 - Did You Hit Her
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Chapter 15 - Only A Fly Like Wei Xiaoqing Would Walk Around Your Pile Of Shit
Chapter 16 - No Matter How Lowly I Am, I’m Not As Lowly As You
Chapter 17 - If You Still Can’t Accept Comfort Like This, I Can Go Deeper
Chapter 18 - I’ll Eat Whatever You Eat, I’m Not Picky With Food
Chapter 19 - When The Time Comes, These Bad Rumors Will Naturally Be Forgotten By Others
Chapter 20 - Put On The Dress, Let Me Admire It
Chapter 21 - Why Would It Not Look Good On You
Chapter 22 - You Can Call Me Xiao Han
Chapter 23 - I’ve Never Had A Girlfriend
Chapter 24 - A Wild Horse Free From Control
Chapter 25 - He Even Found A Way To Force Her To Live Next To Him
Chapter 26 - A Whole New Respect
Chapter 27 - When You First Started Playing Music, Weren’t You The Same As Me
Chapter 28 - Look At Whose Woman She Is
Chapter 29 - Who Said That Their President Was Lacking In Love
Chapter 30 - The Comparison Between The Treatments So Huge
Chapter 31 - I Won’t Let Anyone Bully You As Long As I Am Here
Chapter 32 - Who Gave You The Courage To Reject The Person I Approved Of
Chapter 33 - You Claimed That You Wrote Your Own Song, Don’t Tell Me You Forgot It
Chapter 34 - You Better Leave Now! Otherwise, Don’t Blame Me For Being Rude To You
Chapter 35 - Every Time I Hear You Say Thank You, I Want To Kiss You
Chapter 36 - Did A Donkey Kick Your Head
Chapter 37 - You Need To Cook For Me Personally
Chapter 38 - Can You Not Live Without A Man
Chapter 39 - If You Didn’t See It With Your Own Eyes, You Judge A Person’s Character Just By Other People’s Words
Chapter 40 - If No One Is Willing, You Can’t Force Me