The Conquerors Path


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 119: Freedom Beyond Death

Having lived a normal life all his life and died without being able to fulfill his desire and when he’s

given a task by a god, watch how he takes the protagonists girls while making it hard for the hero.

Will he take all the girls for himself or will he die trying?

Come find out

[There will be a lot of sex scenes but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters]

(note: Hey first of all this is not a fanfiction!, its true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels but none of the characters are related to others from the novel, also the stroy flow will become completely different later!!

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Chapter 1: the beginning
Chapter 2: New Start
Chapter 3: Understanding
Chapter 4: My New Identity
Chapter 5: Family
Chapter 6: Information
Chapter 7: Information(2)
Chapter 8: The Great Shop
Chapter 9: Letting It All Out
Chapter 10: Changes
Chapter 11: The Start
Chapter 12: The Shop’s Product’s
Chapter 13: Finding A Teacher
Chapter 14: An Act
Chapter 15: A Cook Freak
Chapter 16: I am not her opponent
Chapter 17: Going Forward
Chapter 18: A Party
Chapter 19: massage
Chapter 20: Massage(2)
Chapter 21: Arrival
Chapter 22: The Party
Chapter 23: Taking Action
Chapter 24: The Game
Chapter 25: The Game(2)
Chapter 26: Time Skip
Chapter 27: The Crisis
Chapter 28: The Crisis(2)
Chapter 29: The Punishment
Chapter 30: Chaos
Chapter 31: Chaos(2)
Chapter 32: Chaos(3)
Chapter 33: Chaos(4)
Chapter 34: Chaos(5)
Chapter 35: Chaos(6)
Chapter 36: Awakening
Chapter 37: Awakening(2)
Chapter 38: Problems
Chapter 39: Problems(2)
Chapter 40: Trouble Still Finds A Way
Chapter 41: A Dragon Acquired
Chapter 42: A Sneaky Empress
Chapter 43: The Girl’s View
Chapter 44: The Girl’s View(2)
Chapter 45: New Target
Chapter 46: A Slow Progress
Chapter 47: Saving A Damsel In Danger!
Chapter 48: An Oscar Winning Performance!
Chapter 49: Destiny
Chapter 50: A Small Profit
Chapter 51: Gaining Support
Chapter 52: Run!! Just Run!
Chapter 53: My Fated One
Chapter 54: My Beautiful Life!?
Chapter 55: Am I Lucky Or Unlucky?
Chapter 56: Finally Free!!
Chapter 57: Ok, Scene Then Action!!
Chapter 58: Fight Together
Chapter 59: Fighting Together(2)
Chapter 60: Fighting Together(3)
Chapter 61: Fighting Together(4)
Chapter 62: Shaken Feelings
Chapter 63: Shaken Feelings(2)
Chapter 64: The Calm Before The Storm(?)
Chapter 65: The Shrimp Between The Whales
Chapter 66: Servers You Right!!
Chapter 67: Smooth Walk
Chapter 68: My Teacher
Chapter 69: Tasting Teacher
Chapter 70: Finally Becoming One
Chapter 71: Continuing The Pleasure
Chapter 72: Continuing The Pleasure(2)
Chapter 73: Changes
Chapter 74: Time To Go Home
Chapter 75: Back Home
Chapter 76: A Mother’s Burden
Chapter 77: The First Step
Chapter 78: Broken Maid
Chapter 79: Broken Maid(2)
Chapter 80: Just So You Know
Chapter 81: Problems from outside
Chapter 82: Is This Love??
Chapter 83: Loving The Maid
Chapter 84: Tasting The Maid
Chapter 85: Taking Tha Maid
Chapter 86: Taking The Maid(2)
Chapter 87: A Good Morning
Chapter 88: The Second Step
Chapter 89: Date
Chapter 90: Date(2)
Chapter 91: Date(3)
Chapter 92: Time To Hunt
Chapter 93: A Good Time
Chapter 94: Rising Current’s
Chapter 95: Subduing The Empress
Chapter 96: Subduing The Empress(2)
Chapter 97: Subduing The Empress(3)
Chapter 98: The Wheels Of Fate Moves
Chapter 99: The Choice
Chapter 100: The Choice(2)
Chapter 101: The Choice(3)
Chapter 102: A lovers Nest
Chapter 103: Moms Pent Up Desires(1)
Chapter 104: Moms Pent Up Desires(2)
Chapter 105: Moms Pent Up Desires(3)
Chapter 106: A Time Well Spent
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Chapter 108: The Seth Hunt(1)
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Chapter 111: The Seth Hunt(4)
Chapter 112: The Seth Hunt(5)
Chapter 113: The Seth Hunt(6)
Chapter 114: The Seth Hunt(7)
Chapter 115: The Battle Begins(?)
Chapter 116: Just My Luck
Chapter 117: The Tests Of Time
Chapter 118: The Tests Of Time(2)
Chapter 119: Freedom Beyond Death