Chapter 50

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Today she finally confirmed her guess. Although she had already guessed it before, she didn’t mention this to Xu Xinduo.

Seeing Tong Yan taking the initiative to visit her, she was willing to mention this matter.

Tong Yan wiped the sweat on his forehead. He was familiar with Grandma Xu and knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore.

Therefore, he nodded and replied, “Yeah, Xu Xinduo and I have been in this situation since we were seven years old.”

“Do you have any health problems?”

“No, I don’t.”

“That’s good.”

Tong Yan looked at Grandma Xu, and something suddenly occurred to him. He quickly got up to help Grandma Xu pour a glass of water, brought it to Grandma Xu’s, and then sat down again.

Tong Yan thought about it and asked Grandma Xu: “Are you used to living here?”

“Well, it’s all pretty good.” Grandma Xu took a sip of water and said, “What’s going on over there, have Duoduo been wronged?”

“That Mu family has a hole in their brain. They even declared that Duoduo is an adopted daughter. They have wronged their own daughter!”

“I also heard from Duoduo that the reason behind it was the engagement of Mu Qingyao and the Shen family.”

“Hmm, yes.” Tong Yan nodded.

The Mu family and the Shen family had a business relationship. They planned to use this marriage to further stabilize this relationship so as to tie up both families and exchange interests.

Mu Qingyao and Shen Zhuhang were also childhood sweethearts. They weren’t against this and happily agreed.

If it was announced that Mu Qingyao was not actually Mu family’s legitimate daughter and it was Xu Xinduo, there was no way they could explain it to the Shen family. The Shen family would not let an adopted daughter be the daughter-in-law of their family but it was even more embarrassing to change the marriage partner.

It was said that two girls who liked the same boy would end up becoming enemies.

If things were handled in this way, the relationship between Mu Qingyao and Xu Xinduo could not be repaired.

If the engagement were terminated, the Shen family would certainly be angry which might affect the business at the same time.

Therefore, after thinking about it, the Mu family decided to declare that Xu Xinduo was the adopted daughter of the Mu family. This perfectly solved the problem of engagement and preserved the dignity of Mu Qingyao.

They felt that it was enough to double-compensate Xu Xinduo. Taking Xu Xinduo from the countryside and letting her enjoy the splendor was an excellent compensation.

Grandma Xu lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, ”If Mu Qingyao comes to our house, I will also say that Mu Qingyao is the adopted daughter. I will prefer the child I raised, and same goes for the Mu family I think.”

At this point, Grandma Xu smiled bitterly.

Tong Yan noticed something and asked, “Did Mu Qingyao come to see you after the incident?”

“No, I think… she probably doesn’t want to recognize me as her paternal grandma.”

Tong Yan said with a sneer: “Yes, only recognising the rich as the relatives is really that woman’s style.”

“So I am very glad that the child I raised is Duoduo and I met you. Both of you are good children.”

Although Grandma Xu knew that Tong Yan was the master of Xu Xinduo’s other personality, she did not know Tong Yan’s family background. It was impossible to think that Tong Yan, who had such a good time in the countryside, was actually a plutocrat.

What she saw now was a teenager. She had been in the countryside for a long time and didn’t know about any famous brands. She was just fond of this child.


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