Chapter 50: Chapter 50 A Kiss

Her blushing face, closed eyes, and trembling eyelashes, they all confirmed how nervous Liusu was at the moment. I’m a sensible person, since a few hours ago, from the very moment when I sniffed at Chu Yuan’s underwear, I swore to graduate from being a man of vulgar tastes. Should I respond to her? Would she be embarrassed if I stopped her? But she is my best buddy and best buddies would do anything for each other, let alone a kiss, right? But…’

Then I abruptly remembered, this was like my first kiss!

Fuck! This brother is being taken advantage of, what a loss!

Instinctively I wanted to push Liusu away, but her soft lips seemed to have drained away my strength, and my hands on her waist were trembling slightly. The strange feeling of the first kiss made me both confused and curious.

It felt like there was a rock band in my heart playing with passion, excitement, exhilaration, emotion, and surprisingly in tune with her.

At this moment, I felt like I just wanted to indulge in a passionate kiss with Liusu, indulge in a kiss with this despicable woman!

But kisses should be more than just lips-touching-lips, right? Shouldn’t I extend my tongue, like what they did on TV? Would that be considered rude? What if she bit me?

As I was hesitating, I noticed that Liusu had already opened her eyes. At this moment, she was looking at me coyly.

As if a splash of cold water fell from the sky, and poured over my head, clearing my mind. The thoughts I had earlier made me feel very ashamed. “What-”

Not answering my question, Liusu asked, “Have you ever kissed Ms. Mo kiss?”

My mind was in a mess and I just said in a sulky tone, “I told you a thousand times that our relationship hasn’t gone that far, and it won’t . . .”

“Now you know how to take it further, right?” Liusu winked her big eyes and said.

I was going to say, ‘It won’t go that far either ‘ But Liusu cut me off before I could finish, and misinterpreted it. But she hit my sore spot, I really had no experience of kissing other girls.

“Liusu, do you even know what we were doing?” I gently pushed away the woman embracing me, while trying to keep a straight face.

As Liusu leaned against the wall weakly, she giggled foolishly and said, “Of course, I know, we were kissing, what is wrong with that? Are you angry?”

“This isn’t about being angry or not!” I was staring at her eyes, but unconsciously my attention drifted to her tender lips, which made me blush furiously, “you are a girl!”

Liusu wanted to reach out her hand to lean against my shoulder, but her leg suddenly lost strength, making her stumble in the elevator. After I caught her, she raised her head and looked at me, “Chu Nan, we are best buddies, right?”

I didn’t understand why she was asking me this. But I still nodded my head while frowning.

To be honest, recently, whenever I answered this question, I could not help but feel a little ashamed. Since Yang Wei hinted Liusu’s feelings to me, was I really thinking about her as my best buddy in my mind?

Liusu clung to my shoulder to stand straight, and said, “Have we ever held hands before?”

“Yes…” Whenever you wanted to go drinking, you would drag me around like a dead pig, so of course, we held hands many times before.

“Have you ever hugged me, or carried me on your back?”

“Yes, did both…”, Whenever she got drunk and I would carry her home and tuck her in.

Liusu winked her big teary eyes craftily, “Have we ever slept together before?”

“I… We have.” I couldn’t deny that without that incident, I wouldn’t have completely considered Liusu a buddy.

“Then, what’s wrong with us kissing each other?”

“Nothing Wrong…? Everything is wrong with that! That is totally different!” I was almost fooled by this brat, “Liusu…”

A flash of sadness appeared in Liusu’s eyes, and there was a wry smile on her face, “Do you think you’re losing out?”

Again she interrupted me, and I was very frustrated, ” No, I have nothing that you can take advantage of. But you..!”

“Then, you can rest assured that I feel the same as you.”


I was completely speechless. Firstly, I didn’t know what to say, secondly, Liusu kissed me again.

If a person commits a wrongdoing again and again, we would eventually be addicted to making the same mistakes, and one day completely losing ourselves in it. This is human nature. Just like our first lie, there would always be countless lies to cover it up, gradually, we would spend our lifetimes in lies… as a lazy person, I would rather confess my mistakes before countless lies were made.

“We can!” I pushed her away, and said, “Liusu, this is wrong! You know I like Mo Fei!”. Although it was not a secret anymore, I still said it aloud in front of the Liusu for the first time.

“I know…” Liusu was silent, then raised her pretty red face and smiled, “But you haven’t kissed her yet, have you? You can treat it as practice with me, so you won’t be nervous in the future. This kind of thing always requires men to make the first move. Nannan, haven’t you noticed that you need experience? You are so inexperienced.”

Practice? What a lame excuse! Seeing the mocking expression in Liusu’s eyes, I felt offended, ‘I am inexperienced? Do you have a lot of experience? All you know is just pressing your lips against mine!’

“Cheng Liusu, you are a woman, I am a man, you are playing with fire!”

“Yes, it’s only just playing around! Chu Nan, can’t best buddies play with each other?”


Ever since I first met Liusu, this was the first time I slapped her, “Do you know you’re fucking degrading yourself?!”

Liusu held a side of her face, shocked and then smiled bitterly. “Nannan, you are really angry.”

“Yes, I’m angry!” I was so angry yet so regretful. I held Liusu’s shoulders, “What’s the matter with you today? This is not like you!” I asked while feeling the sharp pains in my heart.

“Yeah… What is wrong with me today…” Liusu muttered to herself while looking at my eyes. Gradually her eyes were filled with tears, and two lines of clear tears finally gushed out, “Nannan, Zhang Mingjie threatened me…”

“What?!” All of a sudden, I felt the blood was rushing to my head. In an instant, my rationality was buried by anger. For the first time, I had the desire to kill, “He threatened you?!”

Liusu no longer looked like she had strength, throwing herself into my arms and she cried, “Nannan, why didn’t you come to the office this afternoon? Do you know how scared I was? After work Zhang Mingjie stopped me at the entrance of the company, he said… He said…”

I was both angry and worried, “What did he say?!” My voice was hoarse, and there was even a faint murderous intent in my tone.

Liusu blushed. She lowered her head and rested it on my chest. As she was tall, she had to bend over slightly, which made her look very silly at the moment. Then she said timidly, “He said, he said… I’ll become his woman sooner or later…”

That fucking bastard!

I clenched my hands into fists, and said while gnashing my teeth, “What else did he say?”

“He also said…” Liusu raised her head and secretly glanced at me and then quickly lowered her head and continued to rest her head on my chest.

“He also said that he had pursued Mo Fei before, but she turned him down, and because she likes you and you like her as well, so… So…”

The hesitating manner of the Liusu made me extremely anxious, “So what?!”

Liusu was startled by my reaction, so the latter half of her sentence quickly blurted out, “So I am also doomed to be a heartbroken person… That’s what he said! He probably thinks I like you…”

Is it really just him?

The anger that had been built up in my body started to leak out. Having an unnatural smile on my face, I carried on listening to what Liusu said, “He said that two people who have been let down, who have experienced the trauma of love and the bitterness of love, are very suitable for each other, he also threatened me that… He’ll definitely win over my heart.”

I was completely speechless. Oh, my god, how on earth was that a threat? He was just simply confessing his feelings!

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