Legends of Ogre Gate

Author:Jeremy Bai

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Lastest Update:2022-08-10 09:43:01

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 38: Dianxue v. Cathartic Attacks

Dreams and poems are the stuff that legends make

But in the end, legends are little more than people

In some tales, Sunan and Bao are heroes. In other tales they are martyrs. In some songs they become gods. In other songs they die horrible deaths. In all stories, they are heroes, lovers, legends. After a thousand years, it can be difficult to separate the myth from the reality, to extract the fact from the fantasy. This is the true story of Sunan and Bao, who became the legends of the Ogre Gate.

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Book 1
Chapter 1: A Brush
Chapter 2: Five Spades
Chapter 3: Benches
Chapter 4: A Sissy to Fight
Chapter 5: Crunch
Chapter 6: Finger Nails
Chapter 7: A Finger
Chapter 8: Hail of Arrows
Chapter 9: Under the Pillow
Chapter 10: That Spot
Chapter 11: Cats and Rats
Chapter 12: Disdain of the Ogre
Chapter 13: Lessons Not Learned
Chapter 14: Rooftops
Chapter 15: It Has To Work This Time!
Chapter 16: The Only Question
Chapter 17: Crazy!
Chapter 18: The Whole Bowl!
Chapter 19: Girls Younger and Skinnier
Chapter 20: Like a Grape
Chapter 21: I REFUSE!
Chapter 22: Wu-Sunan
Chapter 23: Weve Got Company
Chapter 24: You Really Shouldnt Have Done That
Chapter 25: Protect Daolu!
Chapter 26: Metalsmith
Chapter 27: An Eye
Chapter 28: Confident
Chapter 29: Scouts
Chapter 30: Tree Protectors
Chapter 31: Delicacies
Chapter 32: Anything!
Chapter 33: Three Pieces of Paper
Chapter 34: Blue
Chapter 35: A Jade Bottle
Chapter 36: Perhaps The Time Has Come....
Chapter 37: Sit Down
Chapter 38: Dianxue v. Cathartic Attacks