Chapter 50: Your Looks Are Scary Enough To Wake Soemone Up

“There are better product endorsements, but I don’t think he is worthy of getting them…” said Cao Xuehua with a smile.

“How would you know if we didn’t try for it?” asked Ning Meng.

“He got famous overnight. No one will know if he can keep up with the popularity. This is his very first product endorsement. Just consider this an experiment. We need to know how good he is.”

“He is a future international star! He does not need to be tested!”

“You did mention that it will only happen in the future. Let’s not talk about the future for now. You need to know that his talents are still unknown by many. In other words, he is useless right now!”

“The Huo organization is about to hire him as their ambassador. You can be the judge here if he is useful or useless.”


The entire meeting room was left in complete silence. Seconds later, the manager responded.

“What did you just say??”

Ning Meng then took out a file with a contract from her bag.

“This is the contract designed for Lin Qingbei. He will be Huo’s ambassador soon!”


Everyone took in a deep breath. Usually, Huo organization would only hire famous international stars or top-tier celebrities to become their ambassador. All of them were wondering why they would choose Lin Qingbei as their ambassador.

“This will not be possible!” shouted Cao Xuehua.

“To you, it might sound impossible. After all, all you do is eat and sleep. There’s nothing else you are good at.” said Ning Meng with a smile.


Ning Meng felt happy once again after getting back at Cao Xuehua.

She left the meeting and walked towards the CEO’s office while everyone was still in shock. As she turned around, she saw Cao Xuehua, who was so furious that she was gritting her teeth. Suddenly, she thought of something and went after Ning Meng.

Ning Wentao was sitting on the chair, fast asleep, when Ning Meng entered the CEO’s office.

“Eh? Meng Meng is here?” asked a groggy Ning Wentao with his half-opened eyes who had been woken up by the sound of doors being opened.

“Dad! Look at her!”

Seeing that her father was half-awake, Ning Meng turned around and pointed at Cao Xuehua.

Cao Xuehua and Ning Wentao were left confused.

“I take back what I said earlier. Other than eating and sleeping, you are good at one more thing. Your look is scary enough to wake someone up!” proclaimed Ning Meng.


Ning Wentao was amused by what Ning Meng had just said. It was true that he was no longer sleepy after taking a look at Cao Xuehua. He shuddered at that thought and turned to look at Ning Meng.

“Why are you here at the company?”

“Just walking around…”

Then, Ning Meng’s attention landed on the documents on Ning Wentao’s table.

“Wentao, have you taken a look at all these documents?” asked Cao Xuehua.

“Yes. I have.”

“Which one do you think is better?”

“I think these few movies should be okay. You can head to the investment department and pick a movie.”

Cao Xuehua nodded her head was about to take all the documents away when suddenly, a pair of fair and elegant hands snatched them from Cao Xuehua.

“Meng Meng, there are movies in there that our company wants to invest in. This is super important for us! Don’t play with it! Give it back to me!”

“Calm down. There’s no need to rush.”

Ning Meng then rummaged through the documents. She was lit with excitement when she saw one title, Shifting To Mars.

“Dad! Invest in this movie!”

Word had been going around that the movie was going to be really successful this year.



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