Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine


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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 200: Feng Chaoge who is slowly getting used to it, Chen Wangchuan asked for marriage!

Shu Shi has been the villain in the book from time to time and had to play by the plot in order to become the protagonist in another book.

According to the plot, he must eventually die under the heroine’s sword.

When he was about to die, Zhan Qingchen stood up with her sword and asked him what his last words were.

Looking at the indifferent beautiful face, Shu Shi, who was lying in a pool of blood, was angry.

He pulled Zhan Qingchen down hard and gave her a forced kiss!

“This is the last time we meet anyway!”

Shu Shi closed his eyes in satisfaction.

Zhan Qingchen hated men so much and now her chastity had been taken away! This kiss was the best revenge for his nemesis!

After this he would be reincarnated and become the real ‘Favored son of heavens!’

But what Shu Shi did not expect was that Zhan Qingchen actually used the treasure to save him from the gates of death!

Now that they were sitting in silence, the atmosphere had become extremely awkward.

Zhan Qingchen: “Explain, why did you kiss me?”

Su Shi: “…”

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Chapter 1: You can only become the protagonist after going through a lot of hardship and hard work.
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Chapter 8: Medicine is bitter, while Chief Zhan is sweet!
Chapter 9: He is one of my people, not something you can kill just because you want to.
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Chapter 12: Everyone, long time no see!
Chapter 13: My rules are the rules!
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Chapter 18: Green Frost Sword, Heavenly Sword Draw Technique!
Chapter 19: Bai Qing wants to be with Master forever!
Chapter 20: Strong Su Shi!
Chapter 21: The Demon Extermination Division is everywhere!
Chapter 22: Heavenly Sword Draw Technique, Ye Xiaos Great Crisis!
Chapter 23: One of Constellations, Shenxiu! Ye Xiao, die for me!
Chapter 24: Chen Qingluans humiliation, total defeat of Righteous force!
Chapter 25: Shenxiu Shows Goodwill and Take Chen Qingluan Home!
Chapter 26: Why Dont You Just Tie Me Up If You Really Cant Help It!
Chapter 27: Broken Chen Qingluan!
Chapter 28: Chen Qingluans Big Decision!
Chapter 29: Bai Qings Determination, Qiu Aos Sincerity!
Chapter 30: Su Shis Credit, The Mistake of Netherworld Demon Empress
Chapter 31: Demon Empresss Sweet Gourd, Zhan Qingchen Comes Out!
Chapter 32: This annoying Su Shi!
Chapter 33: Censor Chen, you are smoking.
Chapter 34: A female cultivator friend of Shushis
Chapter 35: Cen Yiren, big ones usually have no brains!
Chapter 36: Facing the Demon Empress, you can go to hell!
Chapter 37: Su Shi, Lets eat!
Chapter 38: Su Shi becomes Chief Disciple, Are you sure youre alright Your Majesty?
Chapter 39: The Figure in White, the peerless genius in history!
Chapter 40: Su Shis helplessness? Cen Baihus bad idea!
Chapter 41: Heavenly Sutra, Yun Qiluos Sorrow.
Chapter 42: Yun Qiluos beauty trap!
Chapter 43: Foreign treasure in Tianqu Mountain, Cen Yiren becomes the guard!
Chapter 44: Sikong Lanyues Decision, Although Chen Qingluan lost but she was still honorable!
Chapter 45: A world where only Cen Yiren is injured.
Chapter 46: Zhan Qingchen was beaten back and then escaped, it was a fierce battle!
Chapter 47: Take Cen Yiren to visit a brothel
Chapter 48: Cen Yirens humiliation, I believe in Su Shi!
Chapter 49: Chen Qingluans Choice!
Chapter 50: Changes in Tianqu Mountain, Imperial Palace Rules!
Chapter 51: Tomorrow, half a day from now Tianyi Sect will become history!
Chapter 52: Tianqu Mountain Demon Beast Tide, the unlucky Ye Xiao!
Chapter 53: Who are you to deserve to join me?
Chapter 54: The world is shocked as the inheritance opens!
Chapter 55: Blockade Tianqu Mountain, I understand the Will of the Stars!
Chapter 56: Feeling the Stars Power, Ancient Emperors First Test!
Chapter 57: Ye Xiaos Big Plan!
Chapter 58: If you dont know how to refine pills, isnt it still possible by robbing?
Chapter 59: Walking the Labyrinth with Chen Qingluan!
Chapter 60: It turns out Su Shi likes me!
Chapter 61: True Dragon Qi Perceiving Technique, Cen Yirens Illusion!
Chapter 62: This illusion is too Exciting!
Chapter 63: Su Shi becomes a porter, Ye Xiao vomits blood!
Chapter 64: So you are in the same group from the start!
Chapter 65: Ancient Emperors Inheritance, who wants it?
Chapter 66: Lets watch the meteor shower together!
Chapter 67: Son of Destiny Killer! Destruction of the Secret Realm!
Chapter 68: Your Fox Tail is Exposed!
Chapter 69: Unfortunately, I have someone above me.
Chapter 70: The mere intention of killing is already a deadly crime, the majesty of the Demon Empress!
Chapter 71: Yun Qiluos cherished baby!
Chapter 72: I, fall in love with the Demon Empress?
Chapter 73: This Demon Emperor is so damn sweet!
Chapter 74: Su Shi smells good, if you dont believe me you can smell it yourself!
Chapter 75: The Netherworld Demon Empresss Persona Collapses!
Chapter 76: Su Shis female Fan Club!
Chapter 77: Your love will be taken care by me!
Chapter 78: Good people according to Yu Rener
Chapter 79: Yu Rener, Goddess of the weaboo!
Chapter 80: Brother Su Shi, I want to kill this guy!
Chapter 81: Your Majesty Empress and Little Fox, Su Shis Complicated Relationship.
Chapter 82: Ultimate counter-kill, Your Majesty is the cutest!
Chapter 83: Your Majesty, you are not jealous, are you?
Chapter 84: Demon Empress even confesses?
Chapter 85: Youre not allowed to call me Master!
Chapter 86: Demon Star ascends to the throne, and the world is astonished!
Chapter 87: The outrageous blind box, this time its really done!
Chapter 88: How dare you make me wear garment like that!
Chapter 89: You dont really want to be my concubine, do you?
Chapter 90: Hugging the wrong person!
Chapter 91: The same incident happened 3 times in a row, the girls fake friendship!
Chapter 92: Is this the strongest genius power in the Nine Regions?
Chapter 93: Happy Yu Rener, Formation of the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands of Blood Slaughter!
Chapter 94: I dont care about peoples lives, I only care about you!
Chapter 95: The method of breaking the formation, the little fox that suddenly appeared!
Chapter 96: Formation launched, wall of flesh and blood!
Chapter 97: Su Shis limit? An extremely terrifying fierce demon!
Chapter 98: You Jiao Long attacks, the Blood Slaughter Formation is unleashed!
Chapter 99: All of you, watch me pluck the stars and embrace the moon!
Chapter 100: Insulting Shengzi Su, seeking death!
Chapter 101: A revenge that must be avenged with a clan massacre!
Chapter 102: Demon Empresss hand manifestation, Tiger Clan, dies!
Chapter 103: I was so worried about you, yet youre instead sleeping peacefully in someones room?
Chapter 104: Cant bury Su Shis achievements
Chapter 105: Feng Chaoge and Sikong Lanyues Decision!
Chapter 106: Desolate Star God Flame, Yu Rener is crying!
Chapter 107: Old Fox and White-Eyed Wolf!
Chapter 108: Thank you Boss Yu! I love the little fox!
Chapter 109: The outsider race retreats, Shengzi Su is truly a blessing!
Chapter 110: Is this how a human hero is treated?
Chapter 111: A healers heart, Imperial Censor Chen please undress
Chapter 112: Su Shis Genius Plan!
Chapter 113: Asking you how much sorrow you can have, take cousin to the brothel!
Chapter 114: Oiran girl shows up and you ask me to write a poem for you?
Chapter 115: The final poem that will shake the world, the invitation of Oiran Meng Yueer!
Chapter 116: Fame and Feng Chaoges mind!
Chapter 117: Hao Ran Sword Intent, Chen Wangchuans Thankful Gift.
Chapter 118: Sword Shocks Imperial Capital, How Dare Su Shi Disobey Orders!
Chapter 119: Imperial Censor Chen Cant Bear Me? Enter the palace and meet the Empress!
Chapter 120: The richest woman in the Nine Regions, Ill give you a territory!
Chapter 121: Becoming a Duke? This salary is too low
Chapter 122: Su Shi who sees through everything! Hero? I will become a green mountain instead!
Chapter 123: Accidentally barging into the bedroom, the Holy Empress was taking a bath!
Chapter 124: Su Shi, give me a child!
Chapter 125: So what if hes the Prince? Conduct a search!
Chapter 126: Sorry, no one knows the formation better than me!
Chapter 127: Chu Yins Resistance!
Chapter 128: The capital shakes! What incredible luck for Imperial Censor Chen!
Chapter 129: Long Live Eunuch Wei! I am the person behind the curtain!
Chapter 130: A heart as hard as stone? I cant accept that!
Chapter 131: Linlangs secret, lets take a bath together!
Chapter 132: Bathing and sleeping! Is Her Majesty really going to have a baby with Su Shi?!
Chapter 133: Its so cool to be a stupid ruler! Feng Chaoge who is addicted to male sexuality!
Chapter 134: Unlocking new ways to spend money! First it was the red apron and now it was the black stockings!
Chapter 135: I like being held by you, a gift from the empress!
Chapter 136: Su Shis return gift, a black silk stocking for you!
Chapter 137: Another promotion! The Shang Fang Sword?!
Chapter 138: Emergency in the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect! The gentle and sweet Imperial Censor Chen!
Chapter 139: The Holy Empress is really wearing it?
Chapter 140: Demon Empress in red Apron and Holy Empress in black Stockings! A pact between sisters!
Chapter 141: Feng Chaoges jealousy, Sikong Lanyues curiosity!
Chapter 142: On a mission? Talking about Love in Fengsha City!
Chapter 143: The True Power of Eastern Saint Yu Jia Long!
Chapter 144: Yu Jiao Longs Big Secret!
Chapter 145: Underground City State, Cooperating to Kill the Enemy, Su Shis Way of Life!
Chapter 146: Please dont get angry later, Saint Yu!
Chapter 147: Two-layer illusion, suicide? Yu Jiao Long who has a strong will!
Chapter 148: Witness to History, Saint Yu, how warm you are!
Chapter 149: Even Saint Yu can be shy? Shengzi is here, youre all dead!
Chapter 150: The Power of the Divine Pearl! Yu Jiao Longs poison had attacked!
Chapter 151: Why this empress makes no sense!
Chapter 152: Fighting Cold Poison with Fire, Melting Glaciers with Body Heat!
Chapter 153: Yu Jiao Longs strange physique! Is this a sense of shy?
Chapter 154: A friend of Shengzi? Oppression from Cen Yiren!
Chapter 155: Making my daughter a concubine? I agree!
Chapter 156: Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl, Contemplating the Stars! Can Shengzi hug me?
Chapter 157: The wronged Yun Qiluo, sleeping with me all night!
Chapter 158: Big Sister? Yun Qiluo is shy! Stay in this seat tonight!
Chapter 159: Yun Qiluos Crisis Feelings, Whichever Choice You Favor!
Chapter 160: Exterminating the Demon Sect and seizing Su Shi! Yu Jiao Long is exposed again!
Chapter 161: My gift, is Shengzi satisfied yet?
Chapter 162: Her Majesty Preaches, What a breakthrough!
Chapter 163: Cen Yiren marries Su Shi? I, Yu Jiao Long, was the first to object!
Chapter 164: Cen Yiren also wants to live between Little Aunt and Suhis relationship!
Chapter 165: So Su Shi likes Auntie? So you really are the destined one!!!
Chapter 166: Cen Yirens heart falls apart and Yu Jiao Long becomes a concubine?
Chapter 167: Beautiful Big Sister, I want to see that apron! Sweet and well-behaved Bai Qing!
Chapter 168: Letter from Saxin Kingdom, you are under siege!
Chapter 169: I told you to catch someone to blame, but why did you bring home the real culprit?
Chapter 170: Frightened Mochen Kingdom, Shengzi Su, has your anger subsided now?
Chapter 171: Princess of Saxin Kingdom? What a coincidence that we meet again
Chapter 172: Alia and Little Fox are best friends?
Chapter 173: And the princess hiding in the wardrobe while the queen took a bath?!
Chapter 174: You dare to harass me? Feng Chaoges anger annihilated Mochen Kingdom!
Chapter 175: Fated Chartacter Alia? The king will die?
Chapter 176: Iron-hearted Shengzi Su? Shengzi, I was wrong!
Chapter 177: Crown Princess? Im going to marry Su Shi?!
Chapter 178: Su Shis Place in the Empress Heart! Thirty thousand black-armored troops!
Chapter 179: Three consecutive royal decrees! Did Su Shi really become His Majestys son-in-law?
Chapter 180: The First Princes Plan to Rebel? With 100,000 troops pressing down on the country, the Saxin Kingdom is in danger!
Chapter 181: Flesh and Blood Grinders, Terrible Black Armored Army! Surrender, or die!
Chapter 182: Thank you, Sir Duke, for your great generosity!
Chapter 183: Saxin Kingdom Rebellion, Desolate Star God Flame Transformation!
Chapter 184: After giving the dowry, I am yours!
Chapter 185: Im so worried about him, but he picked up a girl in the West?
Chapter 186: The bad woman Alia, the Holy Empress told me to go to Capital?
Chapter 187: Dont steal brother Su Shi! Sikong Lanyues curiosity!
Chapter 188: I want to take Su Shi as my disciple! Su Shi, I miss you so much!
Chapter 189: Feng Chaoge the childish demon! Your Majestys mouth is also sweet!
Chapter 190: Coaxing the Holy Empress, a small gift for Feng Chaoge!
Chapter 191: The Empress who cant be outdone! Enjoy the smoothness of Her Majestys silk stockings!
Chapter 192: Feng Chaoge is jealous? Such a sudden provocation!
Chapter 193: Spirit Severing Realm? Pressed and beaten as usual!
Chapter 194: Sneak Attack? A big crime! I want to make you feel better
Chapter 195: Her Majesty becomes Sugar Mommy? Like two opposite sides of a coin, Feng Chaoge is angry!
Chapter 196: A sharp sword for a brush, a poem that astonishes four armies! I am willing to die for Her Majesty!
Chapter 197: Xiaoqings big news! Zhan Qingchen is jealous!
Chapter 198: Blind box open, magic scroll! Hello Alia!
Chapter 199: Jealous little fox, I have decided to become your sugar mommy!
Chapter 200: Feng Chaoge who is slowly getting used to it, Chen Wangchuan asked for marriage!