Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

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The Latest Chapter:Chapter 200 - How Dare You Speak Ill of My Prince Charming!

She became the young mistress of the most powerful family in City T by marrying the young master in place of her sister.

He was cold to her on their first nuptial night. "Just because you played some tricks to get yourself married here, you still mean nothing to me!"

However, she was calm and heartless. "Young Master Mu, don't think too highly of yourself. I despise all that is you — your money and your very being!"

After the wedding, Young Master Mu lived lavishly by spending money like flowing during the day while working his nights away busily. "You said you despised me earlier. Well, which part of me do you despise exactly, hmm?"

Luo Chenxi could not bear the harassment any longer so she tossed out the divorce papers in rage. "I can't live like this much longer..."

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Chapter 140 - Little Xixi, You’re Really Famous Now!
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Chapter 142 - She’s Afraid That Her Handsome Boyfriend Would Be Snatched Away
Chapter 143 - Shamelessly Clinging Onto His Big Brother and Sister-in-Law
Chapter 144 - You Are Not Worthy of Being A Designer!
Chapter 145 - Could She Be Hiding in a Corner While Crying?
Chapter 146 - Go Back and Have a Nice Little Chat With Young Master Mu
Chapter 147 - Are You Pursuing My Daddy?
Chapter 148 - Did You Take the Wrong Medication?
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Chapter 162 - How Could She Possibly Be the Chairman’s Wife?
Chapter 163 - Since When Did He Become So Kind?
Chapter 164 - He Went Viral Overnight
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Chapter 166 - Who’s the Boss Here?
Chapter 167 - Big Sister Didn’t Sleep, Big Sister Is Bad
Chapter 168 - The Little Dumpling’s Complaint!
Chapter 169 - You’d Be Better off Withdrawing From the Competition!
Chapter 170 - Sing to Your Heart’s Content, or Go Home to Inherit Your Hundred-Billion Family Business and Assets
Chapter 171 - Xing Chen, You Forced Me to Do This!
Chapter 172 - Young Master, Please Don’t Misunderstand The Young Madam
Chapter 173 - Who Cares About Prince Charming? My Best Friend Should Always Come First!
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Chapter 175 - Yichen… He’s Here for Me Today
Chapter 176 - She Forgot That She Was on Stage!
Chapter 177 - The Contrast Between Them Spells the Difference
Chapter 178 - Get Lost!
Chapter 179 - My Wife Is So Darn Handsome!
Chapter 180 - Why is Young Master Mu Here?
Chapter 181 - Is That Outfit On Young Master Mu… A Work of Xing Chen’s?
Chapter 182 - Are You Sure He Isn’t Here to Flaunt Your Love for Each Other?
Chapter 183 - Is He Here for Xing Chen?
Chapter 184 - I’m Giving the Others Zero Points
Chapter 185 - My Dear Prince Charming, Have All My Votes!
Chapter 186 - Seducing a Few Million People All At Once
Chapter 187 - : Drop Dead, Wu Lingshan!
Chapter 188 - Off Her Reputation Goes Into the Sh*thole
Chapter 189 - Young Master Mu Seemed to Hate Him
Chapter 190 - Gripping Her Hand Tightly and Refusing to Let Go
Chapter 191 - Dogs Biting One Another While Getting Themselves a Mouthful of Fur
Chapter 192 - We’d Like to Invite You to Be Our Exclusive Ambassadors
Chapter 193 - Toxic Sisterhood
Chapter 194 - She Didn’t Check Her Fortune for the Day Before Heading Out
Chapter 195 - It’s Just a Disguise. Strip Her Bare and She’ll Go Back to Normal.
Chapter 196 - Big Sister! Tang Tang Missed You So… Eh?
Chapter 197 - Care to Explain What’s This Little Son-in-Law?
Chapter 198 - He’s the Head of the Family!
Chapter 199 - Chen Xiluo’s Fangirl
Chapter 200 - How Dare You Speak Ill of My Prince Charming!